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April, 2012  
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Houston - The Next Global City 
Jim McAlister By Jim McAlister IV, President & Chief Executive Officer

The entire state of Texas is greatly outperforming the rest of the country in terms of population and employment growth. The extent of this outperformance is pretty amazing.


Over the past 10 years Texas has gained more than 700,000 new jobs, more than the next 19 top job growth states in the U.S. combined! Additionally, Texas' growth projections for the next 10 years are even stronger than the past decade.


New Strategic Partnership
Beau Ryan By Beau Ryan, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Last August, Rockspring Capital's President and CEO Jim McAlister was asked to speak at a Land Forecast Breakfast hosted by O'Connor & Associates. The breakfast is part of an ongoing series of real estate forecast events where presenters share their thoughts on trends and outlooks for a variety of commercial land uses. As one of the few local experts on the Houston land market, Jim provided insights on land trends and transactions (read more about the breakfast in a story from Houston's Real Estate Bisnow here, and see some of Jim's thoughts on the market in a follow up story which ran on the front page of the Houston Chronicle's Business section in September 2011 here).



Safety, Growth and Income from Texas Land
Jim Hynes

By Jim Hynes, Managing Director


Rockspring Capital has a successful 40-year history of making land investments in Texas.


The company has historically provided its investors safety and growth by strategically acquiring land sites with all cash and then completing any necessary entitlements or other improvements that add tremendous value before an ultimate sale to an end-user.


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Rockspring's 2012 Begins with Flurry of Investment Activity
Michael Ross By Michael Ross, Senior Vice President, Asset Management & Entitlements

Rockspring Capital started 2012 with a bang, as we continued our aggressive cash acquisition program with a couple of very creative deals.


In January, we purchased a non-performing note from a national bank. The note was secured by a six-acre land parcel adjacent to a previous Rockspring acquisition in Houston's Texas Medical Center. By fully understanding the underlying value of the collateral, we were able to aggressively bid and ultimately acquire the note. Thirty days after the note was purchased, the borrower paid it off for more than a 200 percent annualized return.

Rockspring Capital Hires Sydney Jim as Vice President of Marketing   
Rockspring Capital recently announced the addition of Sydney Jim as Vice President of Marketing. In his new role, Jim will be responsible for developing new marketing opportunities, raising investment capital and cultivating investor relations for the company...