June 16, 2016
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Junipero Serra High School believes that students of all faiths and backgrounds deserve an academically challenging, spiritually enriching Catholic college preparatory education that forms them to become generous, responsible citizens and leaders
Classes of '53-'61 Reunion
Sat., June 25, 2016

Father Frank Prieto '55 will say Mass at 3:30 PM

Note: We have added the Class of 1961 to this reunion

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For Questions Contact:
Vince Kates '61
Thanks to:
Don Derouin '57
Bob Pelfry '56
William Zeason Jr. '56

Alumnus Zac Bose '82 accepts a check from the Wells Fargo Community Foundation on behalf of Serra High School. Thank you!
Please Pray For
Skip Matthews '58 who is undergoing cancer treatments.
In Memory Of
From Janet King Madden... My husband of 50 years, Mike Madden passed away on March 1, 2015.  He represented the goals and ideals of Serra High School in a way to be admired.

Jon Kenneth Rice '59 who passed away on April 13, 2016.
Add To The Author's List
At the '66 reunion we received a copy of
Japan: beyond the end of history by David Williams '66.

David joins
Dana Gioia '69, California's Poet Laureate
Jess Money '64
Bill McCann  '64
Mark Williams '67
among the Serra published  authors of the '60s.

To understand Serra in the '50s, '60s, and beyond, we suggest you read chapter's  2 & 3 of "Lives on the Boundary" by Mike Rose'62.

In Chapter's 2 & 3 Mike describes his experiences at "Our Lady of Mercy" from 1958-62. There are lots of copies available on Amazon.
A First?

Editor Skip Skirlick tells us that the inside front cover for the '66 El Padre contained the first color picture in any El Padre.   A small section is shown here with French teacher Charles Donovan.
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Class of 1976 Reunion
Save the Date
October 15, 2016
'57 C.S.F.

'59 Band

Fall '60 Football Team
First Serra Team to Beat Mt. Carmel

Alumni/Development Office

Joe Cormier '81
Development Director
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 1017

Vince Kates '61
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 3010

Zac Bose '82
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 1012

Jordan Bozer
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 1012
First Classes Party
The First Classes '53-'61 will be holding a reunion in the Gym Saturday, June 25. The reunion will begin with a Mass in the Chapel at 3:30PM.  Father Frank Prieto '55 will be the celebrant.
Does anybody recognize the gentleman on the far right hand side?

If you would like to join the party and meet men from Serra's first graduating classes, click this link to register online.

It's getting crowded, Joe Gallas '60, Mike Barry '60, Bob Pelfry '57, Joe Oliver '54, Don Smith '57, Dennis Renk '56,  James Bohan '60, Tony Yanko '60,  Frank McCargar '56, Helena Conley '98, Joe Cormier '81, Kayla Hailey '14, Jerry Uribe '55, Bob Fritzen '53, Tom Dempsey '57 are coming.

Senior Walk Tradition Begins
Class of '66 Reunion
The Class of '66 held its 50-year reunion at the beautiful home of Walter and Barbara Lack.  The reunion committee made up of Chairman Bill Makinney, Perry Even, Ed Simon, Val Schmiedeskamp and Mark Rutter (I think we have everyone) organized a remarkable event. 

Some of the happy attendee's included from left to right,
Rich Stevens, Ed Simon, Walt Lack, Bob Perez, & Tim Preach.

Sandra Even, guests Serra parent Susan Beck and Omarri Beck '18, Wil Des Lauriers and Perry Even. Susan spoke to the '66ers about her reason for choosing Serra for Omarri and Omarri followed with a brief on his experiences at Serra and his plan for the future.

Kenny McHenry '66, bottom left, with Dan Wedlock '66, bottom right, Steve Guerrero'66, upper left, and Sherly Fischer, on the upper right, are caught having a good time.

McFarland & Gallagher Report
Two former teachers of the Class of '66 sent letters to be read to the class. Click here to read Joe Gallagher's.  If you want to know why graduation from Serra always has produced a full house, click on this link and read " John McFarland Writes" to the Class of '66. Two lines from Mr. McFarland  "To its glory, Serra still educates the working class. It never gentrified."  And then the poignant, "And thank you for listening this last time."

Mark Rutter reading Mr. McFarland's Letter
From the January 2012 Newsletter

Tough Guys

This Serra Football Team of the fall of 1957 holds a distinction which will last forever. While their win-loss was 6 and 3, THEY WERE THE LAST CIF TEAM TO PLAY WITHOUT THE LUXURY OF FACE MASKS. These were tough guys!

Angie Kretzschmar
Every game the 1957 team played, as well as every game other Serra teams played from 1951 through 2000, they ran onto the field and  Angie Kretzschmar was there to support them.  After 2000, Angie attended games when she could.  The last game she was able to attend was Homecoming 2004.  Angie started coming to Serra games in 1951 when she enrolled her twin sons Frank and John.  Her third son, Bernard, followed in 1956.  Angie Kretzschmar was born February 2nd 1915 and passed away January 29th 2007.  As her birthday approaches, say a prayer.  If you don't know already, the next time you see the scoreboard on the football field, note you are in the Angie Kretzschmar Stadium. 
Alumni Council
After election were held, the Alumni Council posed for a picture.

Bottom row, left to right, Kenisha Danley '99, Austin Jackson '01, Secretary, Shamira Sadler-Brown '00, Vice-President. top row, left to right, Jerome Theirry '81, JeJuan Stoot '00, Treasurer, Vince Kates '61, Helena Conley '98, President, Kenae Danley '97, Brian Cooper '74, and Joe Cormier '81.

Absent, DeShawn Burton '88, Chris Calvin '06, Secretary, and Jerry Thomas '54.
Cavalier Code
Cavaliers have faith and integrity.
Cavaliers are humble and accountable.
Cavaliers are scholars who lead and serve.
Cavaliers are soldiers for Christ.
We are Cavaliers.
All Hail!
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