June 3, 2015
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Class of '75 Reunion
The Class of '75 reunion is on June 27th!
Here is the Invitation and Registration.
You can also register online at this link!

Mike Almaraz '75
(310) 850-4749

Leland Ratleff '75
(310) 614-9616

Vince Kates '61
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 3010

ATTN: '74 and '76!!!
Alumni from '64 and '66 joined in the fun and attended the '65 reunion. Mike and Leland are inviting '74 and '76 to attend the '75 reunion. 

Alumni Return: It Happens Every Spring

Deja Allison '07 and Jonathon Bailey '08 returned to campus. Deja, an entrepreneur, has launched Sunshine Cloth Diapers. Go to her Facebook page and buy diapers.

Stephen Schmitt III '64

Drummer Fyfer

Playing his Fyfe for some Cavaliers and Father Robert. Steven wants everyone to visit the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum, Wilmington, Ca


Charlie Brugnola,'65 is shown here with Maintenance chief Alberto Aldana  and Miquel Soto with Murphy an English Mastiff.

Charlie ex-airforce military handler/trainer, retired police dog handler /trainer now trains all dogs from his base in the antelope valley.  Have questions about training dogs, e-mail Brugnola@usa.com.

Charlie bought his Legacy Tile, but so did etc. etc.

Do you have yours?


 Najah Ha'san '09 returned to campus and is here with senior Alea Orange. Najah is joining the Serra Alumni Council and will be at the next Alumni Council meeting on June 16th.


Serra teacher, cheer coach, performing arts director Derrick Cooper came to campus yesterday.



Bill Knight '65 at the '65 reunion.

Torrey Crowe '91 got his Alumni Legacy Tile and Alumni Card

KB Homes (Andre Pettigrew '71)

Plus, 9 more tile buyers!

Thanks to Coach McKinsey Hadley, Father Ken Templin, Brother Dave Murphy, Principal Jeff Guzman, Alumni Council President Helena J. Conley, and Coach Zac Bose '82 for their help at the '65 Reunion.

 Visit Serra's Webpage

There is more information regarding just about anything Serra on the Serra webpage, check it out!

Alumni/Development Office
Joe Cormier '81
Development Director
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 1017

Vince Kates '61
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 3010

Zac Bose '82
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 1012

Class of 1965 Reunion

Saturday night,  May 30, the class of 1965 held an incredibly successful reunion. '65  filled the gym with 153 alumni, wives, guests, homecoming Queens, cheerleaders and more.  

Alumni who now live in distance lands like Belize,  Panama and  Nicaragua  set a a travel record.  People came from Oregon,  Idaho, Virginia, Illinois, Nevada,  Kansas,  Washington,  Az, Alaska, our Alaskan was fighting fires and did not make it.....but Willits was represented.


Are these people having any fun?


John McFarland and wife Joan drove from Sacramento.  Mr. McFarland  spoke of how Serra changed his life and the importance of perpetuating Serra and schools like it.   While here, John and Joan received their 10,002 club jackets and committed to return for the '66 reunion.    

A Special Serra Story at '65 That Began in '62


Eugene Thomas

In the fall of 1961, a young teacher and coach, Mr. Eugene Thomas, joined the Serra staff.  Mr. Thomas taught at Serra through 1969 and was an admired and respected teacher. Mr. Thomas was Serra's first African- American teacher. Reunion Chair Tony Mannara presented Gene's son, Gene Thomas Jr. '65  with an award honoring his Dad as a great teacher and a great man.


The Thomas Family

Gene Jr. is likely Serra's 2
nd most prolific author , hmmmm.....did Gene Jr. have Mr. MacFarland for English? Joining Gene Jr. was his brother David Thomas, his daughter Selina Thomas-Ross, her husband  and Mr. Thomas' great  granddaughter s  Madison, Morgan & Miya Wilson.



Serra Authors at '65

We displayed books by Serra authors. In addition to Gene Thomas Jr.'s books, we displayed books by Dana Gioia '69, Mark Williams '67, Lawrence Trice Jr. '06, Dennis Lockhart '64, Randy Hammond '69, Mike Rose '62, Bill McCann '64, James Kainz '65, Terry Chapman '60 and Jess Money '64. 


Bob Breen was especially impressed with the display. He wrote to ask about more information on some of the authors. If you are a published author, send us a copy.


Records Set at '65

The '65 reunion set an attendance record and they set a revenue record for a 50 year reunion. In addition, it appears that unless someone from 1961 comes up with a chunk of money before June 30, the Class of 1965 will stop the 1961 class leading donation streak at 5 years.

After serious consideration and much thought by many observers, we don't think anyone had more fun than the 1984 reunion last year.

Class of '84 Having Fun


Special Thanks

Tony Mannara, '65 Chairman, was superb.


The event would not have been a success without Tony's foresight, planning, and work.


Tony's planning brought back Homecoming princesses, queens, and cheerleaders



Special Thanks to DeShawn  Burton '88, Nia & Noe Burton for their help at the '65 Reunion Picnic.  More than special thanks to parent Velda White, James & Tina for setting up the gym. Lots of help came from Mike Almaraz '75, Parents Susan Beck, Tamara Nelson,  and Carla Bravo.


Photographer Curtis Haynes who donated his services.  Photo place.  If you need a photographer, Curtis Haynes is it.


Volleyball Fundraiser


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