April 28, 2015
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Junipero Serra High School believes that students of all faiths and backgrounds deserve an academically challenging, spiritually enriching Catholic college preparatory education that forms them to become generous, responsible citizens and leaders


May 2, 2015

Join us for the 4th Annual Dedication to Excellence Gala. Click here for more information and to order your tickets.


'65 Reunion 

May 30th & 31st

 The 1965 reunion will set a travel record.


 David Fortune '65 has registered for the '65 reunion and is coming from beautiful Delta Junction in Alaska. As reported, Dennis True will be coming from differently beautiful Alto Boquete, Panama.


Tony Mannara has told us that Eugene Thomas Jr. may be arriving from Belize. Serra's second Dedication to Excellence honoree is also from Belize and he will probably attend the '65 reunion.

Class of '65, watch your e-mail for a challenge. To register for the '65 reunion go here! 


'75 Reunion

June 27th

Mike Almaraz, Gene Simon, Leland Ratliff, Steve Rothans, Phillip Lange, are coming.


Go to this link to sign up for the '75 reunion.


'85 Reunion

Derek Knight, Zarak Cannady, and Benny Thomas are working on a date for an '85 reunion. They say it will be the biggest.

Thank you to some of Our Recent Donors

Bob Caniglia '61 DTE

Larry Valdez '64 DTE

Kevin Martin  '97 Tile

Steve Rothans '75 Reunion and Tile

Joan McFarland  Invest in a Student

And a lot more



Luann: Scenes in a Teen's Life"
Save the Dates!

The Comic Strip Luann is also a play. It is called

"Luann: Scenes in a Teen's Life." Adrianna Ercelon '03  (nee Gonzalez) is directing the Serra Players in this hilarious musical


Luann will be performed:

 Thurs, May 14 7:00PM

Sat., May 16 7:00 PM

Sun., May 17, 2:00 PM


Last Fall, we filled up the gym with alumni at the Sunday afternoon matinee, lets do it again!

 Visit Serra's Webpage

There is more information regarding just about anything Serra on the Serra webpage, check it out!

Alumni/Development Office
Joe Cormier '81
Development Director
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 1017

Vince Kates '61
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 3010

Zac Bose '82
(310) 324-6675 Ext. 1012

Dedication to Excellence 

 The  4th Annual Dedication to Excellence Gala is Saturday night, May 2nd, honoring Diana Murphy, the Director of  Loyola-Marymount PLACE Corps.  If you attended Serra and Loyola or Loyola Marymount University, you should attend. 

You still can .....click here.

Serra's Silent Auction has few parallels...Dodger tickets, Disneyland tickets and take a look at this...Yes, the silent auction includes a beach cruiser. Sophomore Kayla Jenkins, 4.70 GPA, is trying out the beach cruiser. Kayla is one of Serra's student ambassadors. 


The 5th annual Booster's Car Show

Quite a day.....Lots of alumni showed up with and without cars  Here are a few.  You match the name with the picture.  Dennis Waterkotte '69, Jim Valot '58, Al Smekal '67, Dan Meziere '67, Chuck Hohn '67, Benny Thomas '85, Kevin Boyer, 99. John Kretzschmar '55, Tiffany Maston '99 was here but left,  so her Dad is in the picture instead, Leo Biller '60, John Hynes '60, Tony Taylor '82,  Jim "Pedro" Patricio '68, Walter Wiggins '82, Levi White '80, Ted Bruey Jr. '55, Larry Valdez '66 (Larry is coming to the Dedication Gala).


Al Smekal '67 bought his Chevy while a senior at Serra and still owns it.  It looks better now. The Chevy won a prize. Marie Smekal is in the car.  Chuck Hohn '67 is on the left, John is next....on Marie's right is Darryl Brown, a Corvette Club member and Bobby Nash. If you weren't at the show, you did not hear John's 4 track tape player.


Benny Thomas '85 and Vincent Duarte '57 match Serra jackets in front of Benny's Mustang convertible.


On the left, Mt. Carmel was represented by Jerry Reine,  Mt. Carmel '64. On the right, Chuck Hohn is showing off his '67 class ring. 


Invest in a Student

We have our "Invest in a Student" program. (If you don't know about it, click here)  Like any class of investments, some investments do well, some do just ok, and, of course, some fail.  I think this one succeeds.


Following is a copy of correspondence we received between a student who received an "Investment" from a donor who, in this situation, happens to be a former teacher.


Dear  Investor in me,


I would like to give you  a big thank you for giving me the financial opportunity to get back into Serra High School.  This has been my choice of high school since fourth grade and I truly appreciate it and will make sure I keep my grades up by staying on top of them and putting business before pleasure.  I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and because of it, I will make it my job to not let you or my family down.




Congratulation Alexis '11, from the Serra Alumni office!

The President, Trustees, and Faculty of Howard University School of Communications announce that Alexis Camille Holliday is a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Journalism with a Graphic Design minor with a Specialization in Broadcast Journalism Magna Cum Laude on Saturday, the ninth of May two thousand and fifteen at ten o'clock in the morning Upper Quadrangle - University Campus Washington, District of Columbia.

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