March 31, 2014
 "And you shall be my witnesses..." Acts 1:8

Cavaliers at the Next Level

Click the link to see what your Cavalier Athletes are doing beyond the Serra playing fields. Information provided by Mr. Joshua Dabbs, Serra's Assistant Athletic Director.

Cavaliers The Week of March 31st 


 Dedication to Excellence

Lo and Behold!  Goodness Gracious! The Dedication to Excellence Gala is on track to become the biggest gross revenue event Serra has ever held.   You can be a part of it and not attend.We are listing all those who contribute to the Gala in a Special Page Insert into the Event Program.  Included will be those who sponsor a table, purchase a full page (sold out), sponsor a page (still 2 left at $201) purchase a ticket for themselves, to "comp" a teacher, a parent or just want their names listed on the Special Page.


If you want to be included, go to  go to the right hand corner, click on the Dedication to Excellence and purchase a ticket(s)  or click on the donate page and participate.  Whether your donation is $51 (minimum to be listed) or $5001, make sure your donation ends in a $1.00. 


The page will be posted to the website and included as a link in the post Gala newsletter.  More importantly, you will be assisting Serra High School in producing graduates such as Tatiana, Drea, Faye, Diane and Huy. 


4th Annual Booster's Car Show

Saturday April 12th.

10 am - 3 pm

Contact: Greg Sarpy




Alumni/ Development Office 

Vince Kates '61

Alumni Director

310-324-6675 x 3010

Joe Cormier '81

Development Director

310-324-6675 x 1017

Zac Bose '82

Junipero Serra High School Alumni Newsletter
Junipero Serra High School believes that students of all faiths and backgrounds deserve an academically challenging, spiritually enriching Catholic college preperatory education that forms them to become generous, responsible citizens and leaders

More Importantly

Shown here left to right are Mr. Norm Chavez, teacher with 25 years at Serra, Diana Villaroman '12, now at UCLA, Mr. Wissa,  Faye Villaroman '10, Stanford '14 and headed for Microsoft, and Huy Nguyen '12, another Bruin.


Tatiana Howard '13 (right), Seattle University 3.7 GPA last semester and a Biology - Criminal Justice double major, returned to campus along with Drea Toler '13 (left), University of Oregon 3.3 undeclared.  They are shown here with McKinsey Hadley who teaches Algebra & Geometry along with coaching a little basketball.  (Coach Hadley will be at the Gala)


We missed a current picture of Emmanuel Ndumanya '13 who is now at Santa Clara.


The Dedication

The Dedication to Excellence Gala is honoring just a teacher, Mr. John McFarland.   Teachers  have an immeasurable impact on the lives of their students and their peers.   The past few weeks we have had the opportunity to speak to a number of Mr. McFarland's Serra students.  The impact he has had on so many is stunning.  Serra has a number of young teachers.  They perform superbly.  In the last few days we've asked 2 recent transfer students,  "What do you think of Serra?"  In each case, the reply was the same.  "I like it."  The next question, " Why?"  The replies were the same.  "Because the teachers care about you and I'm learning stuff."   (only one of the respondents said "stuff.")

A good number of our teachers will be attending the Dedication Gala.  Come to honor Mr. McFarland, teacher.  Take the opportunity to meet Serra's teachers who "care" and teach "stuff."  Like John McFarland.  In 20 or 30 or 40 years, our teachers will come to realize the impact they are having on on their student's lives right now.



Getting Wealthy

There will be some great investment opportunities at the Dedication to Excellence Gala at the Silent Auction.  Serra's in-house artist, Tim Boyer '70  has donated 2 original pieces to the Silent Auction. Mr. Boyer's best student this year,  Zeyel Nash '15 , has already won scholarships at the Otis Art Institute. Zeyel has donated an original piece. Artist on the rise  Mikael Brinston is donating a print.  Mikael's work is displayed at the Mississippi World Trade Center in Jackson, MS.  She has won numerous awards and has sold and been commissioned to do many pieces.  Mikael is the cousin of Dawn Brinston who serves on the Program Committee for the Dedication to Excellence.


In the sports world, we have some exciting items.  For real risk takers, we will have a baseball signed by the Triple A Sacramento RiverCats. There may be a future Hall of Famer who signs that baseball.  Dominick Smith '13, the future first baseman for the New York Mets is sending 2 signed baseballs.  There will be more.


If you have something of immense value and you want to donate it to the silent auction contact Joe Cormier at 310-324-6675 x1017 or

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