Birth Blessings pre and post natal Yoga
Cape Cod, Ma 
 March 21, 2013
6 starters for the creator in you
     Time and again, I witness women's strength, an effort

 so fierce to give birth. I think "If I could just help them

bottle it and drink a cup a day like it

was their morning coffee,
they'd feel

so energized (without the crash when

the caffeine is gone), full of themselves and deeply

 satisfied"!  That's how it feels, when we push hard and

strong in a direction that makes room for greater

forces to move through us.  Do you remember?   Visit

my new blog and help yourself remember.
     It's not so hard, and just like when you gave birth,

you will not be alone, you'll have me, and the sun and

the moon and the stars and the sky. 
So please let me

help you and click below.

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