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COP21 Yields Ambitious Climate Agreement
More than 190 countries came together in December and adopted the most ambitious climate change agreement in history! We received several great blog posts from FIU's Juliet Pintoand Ryan Stoa as they reported from Paris on the events/meetings that occurred during COP21. Some of their individual posts can be found hereMore >
Study Shows Climate Change Rapidly Warming World's Lakes
Climate change is rapidly warming lakes around the world, threatening freshwater supplies and ecosystems, according to a new study spanning six continents. The study authors, including Karl Havens (UF), showed that lakes are warming an average of 0.6° F each decade, which is greater than the warming rate of either the oceans or the atmosphere. More >
Corals May Fare Better in Turbid Waters
New research from Chris Cacciapaglia and Rob van Woesik (FIT) shows that corals may survive better in warm oceans where the water is clouded by floating particles. The study shows that moderate levels of turbidity - cloudy water - could lower stress by shading the corals from extremely high light. More >
1/11: Lecture w/ Pedro Sanchez & Cheryl Palm of Columbia University's Earth Institute (Gainesville & Online
Cheryl Palm, Senior Research Scientist and Director of Research at Columbia's AgCenter, will discuss "Agricultural Intensification: Assessing Tradeoffs and Synergies." Pedro Sanchez, Director of the Agriculture and Food Security Center and Senior Research Scholar at Columbia, will discuss "Cuba's Search for Food Security." The event will be broadcast LIVE ONLINE
at 1:00pm ET. More >
1/21: Lecture w/ Susan Hassol: Telling the Climate Change Story (Orlando)
The University of Central Florida will host Susan Hassol, Director of Climate Communication, a non-profit that helps climate scientists communicate more effectively. Susan was the Senior Science Writer and communication strategist on all three U.S. National Climate Assessments. The event will be held 12:00PM - 1:00PM ET at the UCF Student Union, RM 218. More >
1/21: Seminar w/ Andrea Dutton: What the Past Can Teach Us about Sea-level Rise due to Polar Ice-sheet Mass Loss (Gainesville & Online)
In order to better understand the sensitivity of polar ice sheets to rising temperatures and to determine the potential rates of sea-level rise associated with ice-sheet retreat in Greenland and Antarctica, Andrea Dutton (UF) will draw on evidence from past warm periods in the geologic record when sea level was higher than present. Watch LIVE ONLINE at 3:30pm ET. More >

FAMU Promotes Climate Action Initiatives
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University President Elmira Mangum, Ph.D., recently sent a letter to President Barack Obama pledging to solidify FAMU as a leading university in climate action. As part of Mangum's climate leadership commitment, she pledged that FAMU will develop a Climate Action Plan by May 2016, make carbon neutrality and climate resilience a part of the curriculum, expand research in climate science, and establish community partnerships to implement strategies for reducing carbon dependency on campus and in the surrounding community. More >
Focus On South Florida: Climate Change Talks & Sea Level Rise
CBS Miami's Focus on South Florida segment recently featured Florida International University's Tiffany Troxler, Director of the FIU Sea Level Solutions Center, and Henry Briceņo, Associate Researcher at FIU's Southeastern Environmental Research. The discussion occurred during the middle of the COP21 climate change talks in Paris, after President Obama recently cited Miami Beach as a specific example of why the US should commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. More >
FIU Artist-in-Residence Brings Climate Change Talks to Hialeah
Xavier Cortada, artist-in-residence at FIU, has brought the climate conversation home to South Florida with CLIMA, his solo exhibit on climate change and sea-level rise at Hialeah's Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment. The exhibit included 12 days of panel discussions, which were well-represented by FIU faculty, including Tiffany Troxler, Director of the FIU Sea Level Solutions Center. The exhibit will continue until January 29, 2016. More >

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