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FCI Submits Legislative Budget Request to FL Board of Governors
The Florida CARES center will bring together universities, state and regional agencies, and the business community to create an economy more resilient to risks from hurricane damage, periodic droughts and floods, higher sea levels, and future climate trends. More >
Florida A&M University Joins FCI
The FCI is pleased to welcome FAMU as its 8th member university! We are working on finalizing approvals with branch director Dr. Odemari Stephen Mbuya of FAMU's College of Agriculture and Food Sciences.
Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise in Florida: Biological Conservation Priorities
This report was led by the FCI's Dr. Reed Noss and funded by the Kresge Foundation and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. More >

New Module for Climate and Sea Level Rise Education by UF/IFAS
The module includes a PowerPoint presentation, notes, lesson plan/facilitator outline, evaluation and post-test, action plan, and resources list. More >
White House Climate Data Initiative Includes AgMIP Program
The Agricultural Model Intercomparison & Improvement Program, co-led by FCI director Dr. James W. Jones, will be part of a new public-private partnership on open data and open-source code modeling to enhance the climate-resilience of food systems. More >
NSF Dynamic Earth: GEO Priorities & Frontiers 2015-2020
A draft document outlines imperatives and frontier areas for NSF's Directorate for Geosciences on a 5-year time horizon. More >

Register today! Last year's event sold out!

Oct 9, St. TeresaLecture with Dr. Tom Miller: Population Growth, Climate Change, and Fisheries
Other Events

Sep 8-10, Asheville, NC - Water Education Summit

Sep 24-26, New York, NY - Rising Seas Summit

Feb 23-25, 2015, Washington, DC - Climate Leadership Conference

Abstract submissions due Sep 30, 3014!

Funding Opportunities


USGS Support for the Scientific Research Activities for the DOI Climate Science Centers (Due Sep 30, 2014)


NASA ROSES 2014: Land Cover / Land Use Change: Multi-Source Land Imaging Science (NOI Due Oct 1, 2014 ; Proposal Due Dec 1, 2014)


NSF Paleo Perspectives on Climate Change (Due Oct 15, 2014)


NOAA Climate Program Office 2015 (LOI Due Aug 10/15, 2014 ; Proposal Due Oct 20/Nov 14, 2014)

FCI authors are in bold.


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