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2013 Hurricane Tracks
Wu et al

FSU COAPS Predicts Below Average Atlantic Hurricane Season
The 2014 forecast calls for a 70% chance of 5 to 9 named storms, including 2 to 6 hurricanes. The mean forecast is for 7 named storms, including 4 hurricanes, and an average accumulated cyclone energy of 60. More >
New Study Sheds Light on Global Warming Trends
New research by a team of Florida State University scientists shows the first detailed look at global land surface warming trends over the last 100 years, illustrating precisely when and where different areas of the world started to warm up or cool down. More >
Health Effects of Climate Change
Florida Atlantic University continues studying the effects of sea level rise in South Florida with a new focus on climate change related health risks. The Florida Public Health Institute serves as the lead on the project, made possible by a grant from the Kresge Foundation. More >
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Kathleen Ruppert Receives UF Champion of Change Award
The award recognizes her work in developing an Action Plan for promoting sustainability in extension offices. More >
EPA Report: Climate Change Indicators in the United States
The report pulls together observed data on key measures, including U.S. and global temperature and precipitation, ocean heat and acidity, and sea level. More >
Become A "Climate Voices" Speaker
If you'd like to share your expertise and engage citizens in meaningful dialogue about climate change effects, please consider signing up as a speaker with Climate Voices, a speaker network supported by NCAR and the UN Foundation. More >

Jul 14-16, Spain - Basque Centre for Climate Change Summer School: Climate Change, Understanding the Challenge

Jul 28-Aug 1, New Orleans, LA - Conference on Ecological and Ecosystem Restoration

Aug 10-30, Oxford, UK - Oxford Adaptation Academy

EPA Air, Climate And Energy (ACE) Centers: Science Supporting Solutions (Due Sep 4, 2014)

FCI authors are in bold.


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