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Volunteers planting living shoreline to protect Turtle Mound from water erosion and sea level rise.
Climate Change in Southeastern National Parks
A research and outreach project co-led by Shawn Smith is assessing climate change risks to cultural resources in Canaveral National Seashore and Everglades National Park. More >
ASK Florida Climate Education
Teaching materials are now available online from a NASA-funded project co-led by Drs. JoEllen Carlson and Mark Bourassa to advance middle-school student knowledge of climate change through teacher education. More >
PLOS ONE Call for Papers
The journal PLOS ONE is accepting submissions for a "Responding to Climate Change Collection" on reducing fossil fuel emissions and returning the Earth and its ecosystems to a state of energy balance. More >
Power lines
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Faculty Fellows Seminar - Jan. 16 (Gainesville & Online)
The FCI and the Water Institute are hosting a joint seminar in Gainesville and broadcast online on Jan. 16, 3-4:30p. Dr. Ellen Martin will speak on "From the Greenhouse to the Icehouse: Climate Change 33 Million Years Ago," and Dr. Rafael Munoz-Carpena will speak on "A Peep into Environmental Complexity and Resilience? Global Sensitivity and Uncertainty Evaluation of Mathematical Models." More >
New Translations from the Public Utility Research Center
As part of the Public Utility Research Center's initiative to expand global access to key studies on sustainability, energy, and water, the glossary for the Body of Knowledge on Infrastructure Regulation has been translated into Russian. In addition, Dr. Sanford Berg's Electricity Journal article on how sector regulators can promote renewable energy has been translated into Portuguese here.
Food Sovereignty Symposium - Jan 30 (Gainesville)
Leaders from Mexican, Canadian and U.S. affiliates of the dynamic international small farmers' and farm workers' organization, La Via Campesina, will gather in Gainesville to explain how the concept of food sovereignty informs their activism around social justice and development issues. More >
FCI authors/co-authors are in bold.

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Mar. 21-23, GainesvilleBard Center for Environmental Policy C2C Fellows Sustainability Leadership Workshop

Apr. 3-4, Gainesville - Charles Godfray Visits and Gives FCI Distinguished Scholar Seminar (Dr. Godfray is the Hope Professor and Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food)


Talking Climate Science in a Skeptical World. Presented by Dr. Peter J. Jacques, University of Central Florida (Woodrow Wilson Center Environmental Change and Security Program/National Communications Association 99th Annual Convention, Washington, DC, 11/22/13) 

Cómo mitigar y adaptarse a la variabilidad climática en el sector agrícola: la experiencia de Southeast Climate Consortium. Presented by Dr. Daniel Solis (University of Talca, Talca, Chile, 12/19/13). Click here for related news article. 

More >

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