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Green Infrastructure
11/25: FCI Distinguished Scholar Seminar w/ David Lobell
The FCI is pleased to welcome Dr. David Lobell of Stanford University as our distinguished scholar seminar speaker. Dr. Lobell will speak Monday, November 25, at 2pm in UF's Emerson Alumni Hall Classroom on "Feeding Nine Billion in a Hotter World." The event will be streamed live online here. Learn more.
Register for the 2014 Green Infrastructure Conference
This year's conference theme is "Green Infrastructure and Water Management in Growing Metropolitan Areas." Learn more.
Southeast Winter Climate Outlook
2013-4 winter weather patterns for the southeast US are prone to be more variable, with swings between warmer, colder, wetter, and drier periods throughout the season. There is also an increased risk of damaging freezes. Learn more.
Florida Events

Nov. 4, Gainesville
- Seminar: Climate CSI: A Geologist Reports from Greenland's Melting Ice Sheet. With Ellen Martin.

Nov. 6, Tallahassee & Online
- Lecture: The Obama Administration, Climate Change & the Clean Air Act. With Ann E. Carlson.

Nov. 14, Tallahassee - Environmental Forum. FSU College of Law.

Nov. 15, Gainesville & Online - Faculty Fellows Seminar. With Matthew Cohen and Timothy Martin.

Nov. 19, Gainesville & Online for those with GatorLink logins
- Seminar: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines. With Michael Mann.

Nov. 25, Gainesville & Online - Seminar: Feeding 9 Billion in a Hotter World. With David Lobell.
Smart Irrigation Apps
Researchers at the University of Florida are developing smartphone apps for crops and urban lawncare that can help increase irrigation efficiency and promote water conservation. Learn more.
What Does the New Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report Mean for Florida?
By Florida's State Climatologist, David Zierden (FSU). Learn more.
University of Miami Receives Funding to Measure Changes in Ocean Circulation
The National Science Foundation award will be used to delopy a new observing system. Learn more.
Sea Level Rise Summit A Success
Florida Atlantic University  hosted its 2nd Annual "Sea Level Rise Summit: Resilience in the Face of Change" October 16-17 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The event included exceptional speakers, panel sessions, film screenings, and an adaptation workshop. Learn more.
Wasterwater Policy & Climate Change in the Caribbean
The FCI's Kala Vairavamoorthy (USF) recently met with Caribbean water ministers to discuss critical issues on integrated water resources management at the 9th High Level Session Ministerial Forum. Learn more.
Hydrologic Risk of Extreme Events
The FCI's Jayantha Obeysekera co-presented a short course entitled "Quantifying Hydrologic Risk of Extreme Events in Non-Stationary Environments" at the 2013 ASCE-EWRI meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio; in South Korea; and in Peru. Learn more.
Job Opportunities

Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships (Columbia U. - New York, NY)

PhD Student Fellowships (University of Central FL - Orlando, FL)

Water Resources Engineering Faculty (University of Central FL - Orlando, FL)
In the Press

A year after Sandy, living dangerously by the sea (TIME, with the FCI's Len Berry)

Southeast climate note following global warming trend (Southeast Farm Press, with the FCI's David Zierden)

Rising Seas: A BURN Special (BURN Energy Journal, with FAU researchers)

The NOAA MAPP Climate Prediction Task Force (U.S. CLIVAR Variations Newsletter, with the FCI's Vasu Misra and Ben Kirtman)

With FCI authors/co-authors.

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