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 Nothing I like better than a smiling family ready to come out sailing.
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December 14 2014


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Captain Ed's Sailing will serve all of your sailing needs from helping you find a boat that will fit your needs to delivering and training you on that boat. 

Could you use a little refresher class or would you like to know how to change oil or winterize your boat. We do it all.


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People have mentioned that I have not been keeping up with my Archives. Those are old Newsletters that you could check out though my web page. I am going through the Archives and picking my favorites and now you can access old newsletters right here. If you have a favorite email me and let me know.


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 Sick of the dark yet? I know I am, it is the worst part of winter. You can almost tolerate the cold, go skiing, take a hike, even go to the mall.You just have to dress warm and your all set. Being dark at 4:30 in the afternoon is getting a little wearing, I took Mika The Wonder Dog out for a walk along the beach earlier today it was freaking cold, but I still could not help looking to see if there were any boats in the water, at least maybe a fishing boat, but there were none. Oh well the winter solstice will be here soon and the days will slowly start to get longer, meaning spring is on its way.

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Mika needing to pee
Bring me to shore captain I have to pee

Think of a ands on Family     sailing Adventure


Only 11 Shopping days until Christmas and if you are like me watching reruns of Family Guy is a lot more fun than Christmas shopping, so you probably have not started yet. All of us here at Captain Ed's Sailing are busy printing out gift certificates for sailing classes, and charters, but in this newsletter I would like to highlight my favorite offering, and that is The Hands On Family Sailing Adventure. During this charter I pick up you and your family at CashMan Park in Newburyport, Ma. We go out to the Bella Donna by dingy where I give an overview of the boat, the safety equipment, and the head (bathroom).


 The Gillis bridge opens on the half hour so while we wait for the bridge to open I take the Bella Donna off of the mooring and as the bridge opens I take her under. During low tides we just sort of sneak under without an opening. Either case going under the Gillis Bridge whether open or close is very exciting. Once under the bridge I hand the helm off to one of your family who then with my guidance takes the Bella Donna down the river and out to the ocean. It can get hairy at times on the Merrimack River so I am right beside you to take over if we get a little nervous.

 Once on the ocean we now raise the sails, and under my guidance  you take turns sailing the Bella Donna as a family, while you learn how to steer and do the maneuvers that are required to operate a sail boat. At the end of the day if the wind is favorable I take the helm and using your family as crew I sail the Bella Donna up the Merrimack River and back to its mooring. Bring some food or snacks and drinks, plan to work and come home tired. It is a lot harder than spending time with your family at the mall but I think you will find it much more rewarding.

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Captain Ed 



 If you have any questions about any of my classes feel free to call me at 508 451 0431

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I have made a link to Paypal for those who would like to pay with credit. You can save money by sending a check to PO Box 59 Amesbury, Ma 01913


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Save $100undefined

 Buy a four class session for $500 and save one hundred dollars over the individual class price of $150 per class. There is no schedule for the four class package, they will be held on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays spread through out the summer. For the details of the session classes check out the quick link section in this newsletter. For folks who wish to continue sailing we will be adding navigation, and Night sailing classes. These will be discounted for those who buy this class. 
also anyone who purchases a four session class is welcome to join us on the casual sailing trips at $100 per trip saving an additional $50 each time you come out sailing.
Offer Expires: January 1st 2015
Save $100undefined

This coupon will save you $100 of  the regular price of a Hands On Sailing Adventure. As I have said many times before, the Family hands On Sailing Adventure is  my favorite way of spending time on the Bella Donna, as you and your family learn first hand how to sail a boat.
Bring yourself some drinks and snacks and under my direction you will be operating a sailboat in no time. The trip is just about 5 hours long, during which time you might expect to see Seals, Sunfish, possibly a Whale, or a Dolphin. 
The holiday price for the Hands On Family Sailing Adventure is $350
Offer Expires: January 1 2015
Save $25.00undefined
I have repeat customers who rather come out sailing throughout the summer with me than have the expense of owning their own boat, We go out during weekdays or weekends if I don't have a scheduled class already full. During this class we don't learn much, we just sail. This would be a great  for someone who would like to try sailing to see if they like it, or for someone who knows how to sail who would like to sail and not own a boat. The regular price for this class is $150 and the Holiday price will be $125, buy more than one if you like.
Offer Expires: January 1 2015
Captain Ed's Sailing has been doing charters out of Newburyport  Massachusetts since 2005. Well over 200 people have gone through either a Basic Sailing , a navigation class, or a family hands on sailing charter. We offer hands on sailing instruction in a very relaxed easy to understand manner.


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