I am down in Charleston South Carolina for the week.
I miss my dog
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Well this week finds me in Charleston, South Carolina for the week, working on Dr john Savages Sail Boat the Ker Mor. Hope everyone had a chance to check out his health blog that I had posted last week.
John flew me down here this past Sunday with a laundry list of things to take care of on his boat from getting the engine maintained to getting the windless to work.
I brought my wool underwear just incase but I have been living In them for three days now, hoping that it will turn a little warmer tomorrow, although today was not really that bad as I was able to start washing and waxing his boat.
John is coming in from Potsdam NY, on Friday, and with nice weather predicted for Saturday we may be able to take a sail. Potsdam is in upstate NewYork so he is leaving behind some snow.
Two boats down from me is a couple that I met from Haverhill,Ma, I forget their names of course but they are friends of friends, and she apparently has been on the Sarah Maria, if I see them before I push the little button I will get their names
And finally I am trying to find away to drum up business for next summer in the way of gift certificates for Christmas, what I have so far with the session classes is not working apparently for my clients or myself so if you have any ideas that make sense drop me an email at edwardcasazza@me.com.
I will be back home this coming Sunday to join the rest of you in freezing our butts off for the rest of the winter, sailing season is only 6months away.
Just for a point of interest I am located right beside Patriots Point Park, home of the World War 2 battle ship Yorktown. Though I probably won't have a chance to visit I walk to the end of the dock to check it out, and it looks pretty interesting.
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