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May1 2014

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Mika looking for the bridge
  Captain I see a glism of spiring just over the port starboard bow
The never ending winter



So here is the story of the never ending winter. I was on the Sarah Maria working yesterday although it was so cold I did not get much done with the wind coming straight off of the ocean. I did start sanding the rails and organizing the inside of the boat. That is what you do when you are to lazy to get real work done. 

 The marina where the Sarah Maria is being kept is in a big rush to get the boats in the water because they are taking up parking spaces for a restaurant that they plan to open soon, so I will finish this weekend so the Sarah Maria will be in the water shortly. 

 My plans for the Bella Donna will be to start working on her next Monday. I plan on taking off the top rails and rebedding them and making the rest of the boat pretty for those who would appreciate that sort of thing. I plan to have the Bella Donna in the water by May 15 and to start sailing her as soon as possible. Even though it has been cold everyday that the sun comes out the calls start coming in for sailing lessons and charters from folks who have also had enough of this winter.

 So if you are thinking of taking a sailing charter or lesson this summer it is not to early to reserve a spot.

 Americas Cup held everyones interest for part of the season, and though I am not into racing I can appreciate the technology that had these boats sailing four times the speed of the wind that they were sailing in. We will discuss that during my many lectures up the river on apparent wind. A little comparison on sailing with Captain Ed and America's Cup racing team, I never saw anyone on their boat, when someone said ready to come about say we have to eat lunch first. Tennie Komar sent me a great link on the building of the boat, as she really got pretty involved in the race, and has also become a very accomplished sailor herself over the last few years sailing with us. to check out the link to America's cup Click Here

I had a real lot of fun last year with my last trip being out on a brisk fall day with Larry Jackson and Pennie Layne, (really). They came out and shot some footage for a music video.




  Many of you know that I have to follow the weather very closely and during the sailing season I get up in the middle of the night to check the RADAR and weather reports especially the Passage Weather site. The passage weather site is a site that we used, and found extremely accurate for the trip we made to the Virgin Islands in 2010. The passage weather site gives a seven day forecast but I think it is most accurate for a three day forecast. Pecking around the Passage weather site will give you a great idea what the weather anywhere is doing. The other site that I like to use is Maine Harbors, locally (New England) it will give an excellent report as well as tides and temperatures.

 Using these sites for the most part keeps out of trouble, although weather is weather, you just don't know. Check out these sites as well as the SPOT. I will activate the SPOT today, and again during my trip.


 Also think of taking a boating course through the Coast Guard Auxiliary, or through Boatwise, we can cover the stuff you learn during Captain Ed's Sailing classes. Stay warm think spring.


  If you are looking for a boat a client of mine Paul White now has his own Yacht brokerage so check him out as well. 


 Paul Nguyen Photography has provided me with some great photos for my news letter over the last year so check out his site as well, and while there make sure to sign up for his News Letter. Paul travels the world for his photographs, my favorite is Hawaii in the dark. 


 Make sure to sign up for Captain Ed's News letter, it is a $37.23 value, but free to anyone that is interested.

For even more savings forward to a friend.


Captain Ed's Sailing gets more popular each year, however there are always great weekends as well as weekdays available.

 At the end of the day you walk away from the boat and leave the cost of owning and maintaining the boat up to me.
Call or email to reserve your spot for this summer.  508-451-0431  
 If you like what you see feel free to forward it to friends and family no matter where, as my clients come from around the country, as well as from around the world.



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