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Issue: #93

November 20 2013

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Just in case you are thinking that I only have hot ladies sailing with me. We all enjoy Paul White when he comes out sailing with us.
  Summer is right around the corner.

 True we have to get through Thanksgiving, and Christmas, summer is really right around the corner. Every chance I get when the weather permits I will be down on my boats working to get them ready for next season.

 I have clients already in the process of searching for their own boats, right now, and while helping them in their decision making process I have a chance to see the boats that are out there. I have been seeing some great boats in the 28ft range between $10,000, and $20,000. Careful of those deals on Greg's list for cheap boats, there is no such thing.

 That 25ft Catalina selling for $5000, is going to cost you another $6000, to make it sea worthy, plus add another $6000 per year to own. Divide that cost by 10 which is the average number of days that you will get to use your boat. That is your true cost of owning a sailboat. 

 A better choice as you look for your new sailboat, would be to book a few trips with Captain Ed' Sailing through the summer, either as a package of sailing lessons or Instructional Hands on Family Sailing trips. Both great ways to see if sailing is for you, and your family as you search for a boat.

 fiveclasspackageCheck out the coupons below for some great deals at last years prices. If none of these deals suit your  needs give me a call and we can come up with something that does.

 If you happen to get that itch to buy a boat, remember there are many boats out there so don't jump without thinking. Also make sure that you have a proper survey done on the boat so that you know what you have.

 I can help you by helping you look for the right boat, doing a sea trial, finding a surveyor, as well as delivering and lessons on that boat.

 Stay warm, and have a safe, happy Thanksgiving


 I did not take the spot with me this week on our walk around the farm.



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  This is the time to start booking lessons and charters, Email me at Captain Ed's Sailing or give me a call at 508-451-0431


  I want to again thank everyone for their support of Captain Ed's Sailing if it is even just through reading my news letters.


Thanks Captain Ed's Sailing

Captain Ed's Sailing gets more popular each year, however there are always great weekends as well as weekdays available.
 At the end of the day you walk away from the boat and leave the cost of owning and maintaining the boat up to me.
 Call or email to reserve your spot for this summer.  508-451-0431  Captain Ed's Sailing
 If you like what you see feel free to forward it to friends and family no matter where, as my clients come from around the country, as well as from around the world.



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Get five classes for the price of four
This will be the only time this year that I will be offering this package, at
$500.With this package you have the option to bring a guest on any of your trips for an additional $100. Also with this package I will take an additional $100 dollars off of last years price of $350 for any family sail that you may want to take for this season. So a family will cost you $250 instead of $350  
Offer Expires: Janruary 1 2014
Save $50
Save $50 on the price of a Hands on Family Sailing Charter, by buying this package at last years price. A Family Hands on Sailing Charter is a great way to spend time learning the skill of sailing, while at the same time interacting as a family. Come out and spend the day sailing the Bella Donna along the coast of Plum Island or Salisbury Beach under my instruction. The Price is $350
After Janraury 1st the price of the Hands On Family Sailing Charter will Be $400 
Offer Expires: Janruary 1st 2014
 Need training on your own boat ?

Captain Ed's Sailing will serve all of your sailing needs from helping you find a boat that will fit your needs to delivering and training you on that boat. 

Could you use a little refresher class or would you like to know how to change oil or winterize your boat. We do it all.


Get a boat pick your crew and give me a call at



Captain Ed's Sailing has been doing charters out of Newburyport  Massachusetts since 2005. Well over 200 people have gone through either a Basic Sailing , a navigation class, or a family hands on sailing charter. We offer hands on sailing instruction in a very relaxed easy to understand manner.


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Edward Casazza
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