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Sunset in North Carolina
Issue: #86

September  24  2013

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Mika needing to pee
Mika says that we will hopefully turn the SPOT on this weekend
   Still going strong
 Even though the season is ending and it is a little brisk out there we had two great classes last week. 

 On Saturday we did navigation for the whole trip where, whenever someone would do a tack they would come down below and plot their course, and figure their speed, time, and distance while trying to make our way to Ipswich. We got in much tacking, Jibing, as well as navigation during that class. Furthermore we were able to sail up the river, one of my favorite things to do.

 Sundays morning class was to be working on man overboard drills, it was canceled because of weather. Cold, rainy, and cloudy, the three just don't mix well together. 

 We were able to get a class out for late in the afternoon with Michael Clarage and his son Aidan. They were able to sail out of the river with Aidan at the helm for most of the trip, we practiced tacking and jibing before returning home for the night. 

 The class on Sunday was the first late afternoon trip all year, making me wonder why I did not do more, since they are so relaxing, with so few boats around. It was a great night. 

 This weekend I have classes scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. Saturdays class will be a basic sailing class which will be good for beginner as well as advanced. We will be practicing some tacks and Jibes as well as holding our course.

 Sundays class is open for anything that you may want to do, I am thinking either navigation or man overboard drills. The weather looks great for the weekend, although it will be cool, so dress warm, give me a call and come on out sailing.



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