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Issue: #36

July 17 2012
Captain Ed's Sailing

Jay Michuad Marine surveyors

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Training on your boat
kimmy making captain Ed's jlelly
Kim at Kimball's jelly adding a little extra love to a batch of Captain Ed's Jelly

Captain Ed's Sailing 
   The folks at Kimball's Jelly Factory just made up a fresh batch of Captain Ed's Hot Pomegranate Pepper, and Peach Pecan Jelly as gift boxes. Kimball's Jelly are known through out the world as well as in our local farm stands and gift shops from Newburyport to Cape Cod and beyond.
 Now that you know this, you are probably asking yourself. How can I buy a gift box of Captain Ed's Jelly, handcrafted on a special order from Kimball's?
  The answer is that you can't, it is not for sale. The only way that you can get a hold of this world famous jelly is to book a family hands on sailing charter through Captain Ed's Sailing. After a great day of sailing, you will be able to go home, toast up some english muffins, and smother them with peach pecan jelly.
 Or take the  jar of hot pomegranate jelly mixed with cream cheese, or Brie and Wheat Thins to become the hit of any party.
 Buy the way both Tennie Komar, and Ed McCormack, each received a Captain Ed's Coffee Mug imported all of the way from China for successfully completing the Williamson turn during one of their classes. Sandy Navarro, as well as the famous Ed Ferris, also have brought the level of their sailing up to this bench mark.
 So sign up for a lesson or a family charter. I have hats, tee shirts, Jelly, and coffee cups and am looking for reasons to give them away.

This week I have a Family Hands on Sailing charter for Saturday however there are openings Thursday, Friday, and Sunday for lessons..
 Captain Ed's Sailing gets more popular each year, however there are always great weekends as well as weekdays available.
  At the end of the day you walk away from the boat and leave the cost of owning and maintaining the boat up to me.
  Please, please, please I beg of thee if you are coming sailing with us TAKE  SEA SICK MEDICATION. I can not stress this enough, you cannot believe how sick you can get.

  Call or email to reserve your spot for this summer.  

508-451-0431  Captain Ed's Sailing


If you like what you see feel free to forward it to friends and family no matter where, as my clients come from around the country, as well as from around the world.


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Mika the wonder dog
Mika the wonder dog

Things to do after sailing with 

       Captain Ed's Sailing


  A day sailing on the Bella Donna will take up to 6 hours of your time, at the end of the day, if you still have some energy, there is still plenty of other things to do around Newburyport.


 There are plenty of restaurants around town, such as the Grog, Michaels, The Black Cow, and Loretta's, restaurants. A great place to grab a Sandwich before a sailing trip is at the Warren street market

   Out towards Plum Island you will find Bob's Lobster. 

Make a trip more exciting on your way out to Bob's Lobster by renting an EZ pedal bike from EZ Pedaler of Newburyport

  If you are looking for a place to stay while in the area my client's have stayed at the Essex Street Inn,  The Blue out on Plum Island, as well as The Garrison Inn , and the The Compass Rose Inn

 We live in a great area to try out some salt water fishing as well. For short days I like Channel Edge Charters, or Flounder Fishing, from the Captains Lady . For Longer excursions check out The Clipper Fleet in Salisbury or again the Captains Lady out on Plum Island. 


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The McCormacks sailing
Sherry and Eddie Mccormack
Out sailing for the day

Friends of Captain Ed's Sailing


   I want to thank friends of Captain Ed Sailing which include all of you who faithfully take the time to read my newsletters. Listed here are friends with web pages that you should check out when you have a chance.


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 Ryder Classic yachts   



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Bob Mills
 Need training on your own boat ?

Captain Ed's Sailing will serve all of your sailing needs from helping you find a boat that will fit your needs to delivering and training you on that boat. 

Could you use a little refresher class or would you like to know how to change oil or winterize your boat. We do it all.


Get a boat pick your crew and give me a call at



Captain Ed's Sailing has been doing charters out of Newburyport  Massachusetts since 2005. Well over 200 people have gone through either a Basic Sailing , a navigation class, or a family hands on sailing charter. We offer hands on sailing instruction in a very relaxed easy to understand manner.


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Edward Casazza
Captain Ed's Sailing