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Annisquam Light

Annisquam light

Issue: # 8 1/June/2011
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John and Linda on the Ker Mor


This months photo Annisquam Light, was submitted by Paul Nguyen Photography. My next few news letters will highlight some of his photographs, which can be purchased at a very reasonable rate through his web page.
Click Here to visit his web page. 
 I am now back from sailing out of Port Royal Sound with Dr John Savage on his 37ft Etap, Ker Mor. We had  a great week, and sailed both Monday, and Tuesday as day sails. On Wednesday, Linda Merrit, a friend of his joined us as we went out to the gulf stream for an over nighter, as we practiced heaving to and, fishing before heading back in for Thursday evening. While down in Port Royal, friends Dr Lenny Block and his wife Sharon flew their plane down to visit with me for a while. I had dinner with them after arriving in Port Royal on Sunday.
  All and all it was just a nice relaxing week. This coming fall and next spring we will be chartering the Ker Mor out of Port Royal for day sails as well as over nighters, look for more details in future news letters as the time approaches.
Captain Ed
ME in the South Mills lock
Sailing lessons

Captain Ed's Sailing lessons are for the most part held at your convenience.

This is how it works. I schedule classes throughout each week, taking the best advantage of the tide. If you don't see a class that suits your needs you can pick a day and let me know what you are looking for,  I will put that day on my schedule . I look for three more persons that may want to take that class. I never have more than 4 people on the boat at a time. Classes cost $150 per person with discounts for persons coming as a couple as well as package pricing for those who would like to take multiple classes.

 The five class package is no longer available, however there are still packages that I can offer.

For more info Click here or Call me at 508-451-0431 

Bob Mills

Have you ever been in a real hurry to leave the house and nothing seems to workout . The phone rings, the dog won't come, in you can't find your socks. 

 That's life with Captain Ed's Sailing this year. Both the Sarah Maria , as well as the Bella Donna were suppose to be in the water for May 1st. Because of the weather neither boat is in the water yet. The Sarah Maria has a little fiberglass work that needs to be done, and the Bella Donna is getting new rigging. Hopefully one of the boats will be in the water soon. I am not overly happy about this however it is giving me more time to do some work on each boat that I would have normally done while on the mooring.

So the bottom line, summer is here and each boat will be in the water soon.

  In a rush to get to Newburyport to get out sailing? Stop in at the Warren Street Market and grab a sandwich, it is just a short walk from my boat the Bella Donna and  Cashman park.

                                                 Boat wise

 Although everything we do through Captain Edʼs sailing is  hands on and practical and we do touch on all aspects of sailing, seamanship, and navigation, it would be wise to take either a coast guard training class or a class through Boatwise before or after taking my class  either way it does not matter they, especially boat wise will get all of the class room material out to you in an interesting manner. You will bring this knowledge to the class or understand it better after taking my class.

Captain Ed's Sailing has been doing charters out of Newburyport  Massachusetts since 2005. Well over 200 people have gone through either a Basic Sailing , a navigation class, or a family hands on sailing charter. We offer hands on sailing instruction in a very relaxed easy to understand manner.

Edward Casazza
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Save $50 dollars off of a full day sail out to the isle of shoals or Rockport.

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