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Sunset on the southern cross
Issue: # 615 / April / 2011
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Sailing the Browyn C south
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Can you imagine being out on the ocean at night, sailing along out in the dark, with only the light of the moon or the stars. 

Scary isn't it 

 Not really, most of the time it is actually easier to sail at night than during the day. There are less boats, and the way that they are lit, provide us with  information that lets us know what they are doing and where they are going. 

  It is cooler at night, and we also get spectacular views of the coast lines and sunsets.

  If you are sailing to distant destinations, it is pretty neat at night to be able to pick out the sky lines of Boston, New York City, Atlantic City, or maybe even just the buildings of Newburyport, either case with the help  of radar and chart plotters sailing at night is a lot less stressful than it use to be.

During our Five class sailing package We will explore sailing at night, as we introduce the use of radar and the chart plotter.

Nice picture of a couple sailing
Plan a sailing trip this summer

This is going to be a great summer and I have some nice plans in the works for Captain Ed's Sailing.

  Two ideas are trips that we have done since the beginning of Captain Ed's Sailing. These are trips that my repeat clients have enjoyed for years. One of them is what we call Casual Thursdays. 

  Casual Thursdays is a nice relaxing day of sailing as we cruise along Salisbury Beach, or Plumb Island. Sometimes if time and  weather permits we go out to Isle of Shoals or over to Rockport. We may do some tacks and jibes however we don't do a lot of maneuvers. Basically what we do is sail as though we were out on our own boat for the day. We keep it nice and relaxing , we talk and eat.

 This year we are also offering sunset sails, which we have done for years as well. The difference this year is that we will have Carry out Cafe

cater our trips at a very reasonable cost for those who wish.

The sunset sails won't start until the weather at night improves. However Casual Thursdays will start right away as we will have people who will want to get out sailing as soon as possible

  Keep an eye out on details that will come through this news letter.


Welcome to North Carolina
Sailing South on the Browyn C

  As I write this article we are stuck at the Gilmanton bridge in Norfolk Virginia it was suppose to open for 1:30 pm  but so far is delayed until 2:30 pm because the railroad bridge beside it is stuck or something.

  We, Bob Mills and I left Maryland Yaght club (Baltimore) at 9 am on Wednesday April 6 and sailed to a nice little anchorage about 26 miles away on Lake Olgelton.

 Since then we have been traveling between 50 and 60 miles per day making a stops along Chesapeke Bay. In particular Smith Creek  Potomac River, then Chisolm Creek behind Hampton VA . Up until today, April 10 it has been very chilly however today it has been in the 70's. We have had some small over heating problems with the engine, and also the bilge pump was clogged. We were stuck in Smith creek for a day because of bad weather so we took care of those problems.

 The bridge finally let us pass at 2:30 PM  so we were able to make the the locks at deep creek in time for the 3 PM opening. Once in the lock we received a nice history lesson from the Robert the  tender as the water raised us up to the level of the Dismal Swamp.( 6 feet).

 Once through the locks Robert drove his car a few hundred yards down the river to open a bridge for us to pass under,  once under the bridge we pulled up along side a dock that was part of the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant.  From this dock we went and did some grocery shopping and changed the engine oil. We ate supper at the Mexican restaurant, and spent the night on the dock there. 

  On Monday April 11 we will have a short 17 mile trip to the visitors center, where will may hold for a couple of days because of weather, we could also use a rest. 

If you would like to follow more of this trip from Baltimore to Myrtle Beach you can through my postings on my facebook page. We will be out in the woods for a lot of this trip and may not be able to post everyday. 

Next month I will have a link to the whole log in my news letter.


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                                      Boat wise

 Although everything we do through Captain Edʼs sailing is  hands on, and practical, and we do touch on all aspects of sailing, seamanship, and navigation, it would be wise to take either a coast guard training class or a class through Boatwise before or after taking my class  either way it does not matter they, especially boat wise will get all of the class room material out to you in an interesting manner. You will bring this knowledge to the class or understand it better after taking my class.

Captain Ed's Sailing has been doing charters out of Newburyport  Massachusetts since 2005. Well over 200 people have gone through either a Basic Sailing , a navigation class, or a family hands on sailing charter. We offer hands on sailing instruction in a very relaxed easy to understand manner.

Edward Casazza
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