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Sunrise on the Chesapeake

Sunrise on Chesapeake Bay

Issue: # 7

Casual Thursdays
Sailing the Bronwyn C
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As you open this news letter I am probably in Logan Air Port on my way down to South Carolina to Sail with Dr John Savage on his 37ft Etap, Ker Mor. He has given me an idea of what he would like to do for the week , and has come up with some interesting ideas, one being, sailing out to the Gulf Stream and back . Cool for me as I have not done that in a while. 
  I have totaly run out of interesting pictures for my newsletters and am looking for new ones.  I know that over the years there has been a lot of photos taken from and on the Bella Donna. If you have a picture that you would like me to post in a newsletter send it to me and I will do that. 
Send in a picture and if I use it you will recieve an additional $25 off of a Family Sailing Charter or an individual sailing lesson.
Nice picture from bow back or Sarah Maria
Casual Thursdays

How casual are casual Thursdays? 

To start with casual a Thursday can be held during any day of the week. For instance. A person calls and would like to know which day of the week is not booked for a class or family charter, and says what day of the week best suits his or her needs. I in turn send out an email to people who are interested in a casual sail, to try and fill 4 seats of the boat. ( I have a group of people who like to go out sailing as often as possible during the summer.) 

We  usually meet at Cashman Park and may take either boat out and just have a nice. hopefully relaxing sail. If someone wants to work on navigation or some other skill we can accommodate that, but that won't be our main goal.

 If people are interested, we also may meet out at Bear Skin Neck (Rockport). Since I have not been able to enjoy the Sarah Maria as a cruising boat for the last few years I will be out sailing and come in to do classes. That would be my plan any way. 

If any one is interested in casual Thursday sailing let me know. The price is $150 per person with package discounts, as well as discounts for people coming as a couple available.

                            Sailing South on the Bronwyn C

 I am now back to Amesbury after my trip south , delivering the Bronwyn C , with Bob Mills. 

It was an interesting rest of the trip as we left Elizabeth City, and headed agross  Abemarle sound, Then down the Alligator river. We did not hit any bad weather ourselves, however it was the weekend that had all of those tornadoes all around us. During the storms we were anchored in Spooner creek and once we started dragging because of the heavy wind, we tide to an empty dock for the night. The next night we stayed in Top Sail Island, (SurfCity, NC) which was the last night on the boat for me as I had to catch a plane back the next day. 

To read the entire log of the trip Click Here 


                                                Boat wise

 Although everything we do through Captain Edʼs sailing is  hands on and practical and we do touch on all aspects of sailing, seamanship, and navigation, it would be wise to take either a coast guard training class or a class through Boatwise before or after taking my class  either way it does not matter they, especially boat wise will get all of the class room material out to you in an interesting manner. You will bring this knowledge to the class or understand it better after taking my class.

Amesbury Sports park

 Sailing isn't for everyone  however in our area there are many other ways to spend a day interacting with your family other than going to the mall. 

Just about six miles from Newburyport you will find the Amesburysports park.

During the winter months this is a snow sled hill. During the summer you can roll down the hill in giant balls. If you click on the blue link above you will find their web page. Their tel : is 978-388-5788



Captain Ed's Sailing has been doing charters out of Newburyport  Massachusetts since 2005. Well over 200 people have gone through either a Basic Sailing , a navigation class, or a family hands on sailing charter. We offer hands on sailing instruction in a very relaxed easy to understand manner.

Edward Casazza
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