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Sunset in North Carolina

Sunrise in North Carolina

Issue: # 71/May/2011
Five class sailing package
Sunset sails
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Girl Sailing Greetings!

Have you ever been somewhere such as Bermuda, the Bahamas, Florida, Cape Cod, or even the Isle of shoals when the tour boats came in? You may have looked from the tour boats at the people on smaller boats in the harbors as they seem to be having so much more fun and romance.  Well you can be one of those people on one of those boats if you sign up  for an all day sail out to the Isle of Shoals.

 A day out at the Isle of Shoals has to be so much better than being stuck in Bermuda.

Light house on Chesapeake Bay
Five Class Sailing package

 Summer is right around the corner and the chance to sign up for one of my five class sailing packages will soon be coming to an end.  Give a sailing package some thought, if you want to learn how  to sail this summer.

 Sailing is one of the most relaxing things you can do during the summer, as we sail quitely along without the sounds of a boat engine. As the boat adjusts to each wave, or blow of wind, your body does as well.

 For a moment our problems of work and home are left at the dock as we leave for a day of sailing.

 Through Captain Ed's Sailing you can take one class or many . You can take a class as an individual, a family or as a couple. I do what I can to make Captain Ed's Sailing one the best deals on the East Coast. One of the things that I offer different from other companies is that on the first class we are already on the ocean, we are already on a  cruising sailboat.  I have done a substantial amount of cruising and still do. 

 I am back home from my trip bringing the Bronwyn C from Baltimore to Myrtle Beach with Bob Mills and am now ready to get the Bella Donna and the Sarah Maria out On the water. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

   On May 15 I will be back down to South Carolina to give John Savage a little refresher class and who knows where that will bring us. 


Sunset on the southern cross
Sunset sails

 During my sunset sails I  try to pick up my clients at the board walk in downtown Newburyport. 

 The Sunset Sail last around 4 hours or so as we go out to the ocean and sail along the coast a bit before coming in.

 If we have any time and energy left, we sometimes make our way up the river towards Amesbury, as the sun is coming down.

 I save week nights for the sunset cruise as it will be a nice relaxing sail four up to 4 catered by Carry out Cafe in Newburyport if you wish.

 Keep an eye out for more details in up coming newsletters as we will be looking for the  nice weather of the middle to end of June to the end of August.

Save $25

Save $25 dollars off of a half day hands on family sail. The regular cost is $350.

You will pay $325

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Offer Expires: June 1 2011
Save $50

Save $50 dollars off of  a full day sail out to the isle of shoals or Rockport.

The regular cost for a full day sail is

$450. You will pay $400

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Offer Expires: June 1 2011
Save $250

Save $250 dollars  over the single class price by signing up for the Five class sailing package.

   The single class fee would be $750 . You will pay


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Offer Expires: June 1 2011

Captain Ed's Sailing has been doing charters out of Newburyport  Massachusetts since 2005. Well over 200 people have gone through either a Basic Sailing , a navigation class, or a family hands on sailing charter. We offer hands on sailing instruction in a very relaxed easy to understand manner.


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