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Sarah Maria
Issue: #51/April/2011

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 Preston Luce bringing the Ker Mor through the Dismal swamp

As you read this letter we are well on the way to having both the Sarah Maria and the Bella Donna Launched.
Within the next few weeks while I am delivering a boat from Baltimore to Myrtle Beach, the Bella Donna will be having her rigging replaced by Northeast rigging, and will hopefully be ready to be launched on May 1st. 
 This is an excellent time to start thinking of booking your summer charters, and lessons. This is also a real good time to be taking advantage of the coupons below.  
  Also during the evenings on our sunset cruises we will be partnering with the Carry Out Cafe  who will provide catered meals for those who want.
 More details on that to come as summer approaches. Make sure you join my mailing list so you don't miss out.
Sarah maria at the visit center

Sarah Maria at the Visitors center along the Dismal swamp

South Bound transit on the Dismal Swamp

 Bob Mills and myself should with any luck be leaving Baltimore around the 5th or 6th of April and within three days of that should be transiting the Dismal Swamp.

 The Dismal swamp is the oldest continually operating canal in the United States, it connects Virginia to the northeastern portion of North Carolina, and Elizabeth City North Carolina. 

 The swamp was explored by Colonel William Byrd in 1728 and deemed so miserable that he named it the Dismal  Swamp. George Washington surveyed the swamp and five fellow investors invested in the building of the canal in order to transport timber in 1764.

 The Canal was dug by hired slaves and was part of the underground railroad. There were communities of blacks that lived in the swamp and they were known to hide escaped slaves.

 Along the Dismal swamp about half  of the 60 miles there is a visitors rest stop. It is the only rest stop in the country where visitors visit by both boat and car.

  The canal through the dismal swamp was taken over by the 

United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1929. It  is now a national historic civil engineering landmark.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to transit this canal as it passes through this expanse of wilderness as often as I have the last few years and get to travel back through time a bit. I will be posting pictures in face book and keeping a log during this trip. If you would like you can join my facebook fan page. Also the web page for the Dismal swamp is  for more accurate information.  

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The details for the five class sailing package have for the most part been worked out. The first class will start during the middle of May. It will be held during Saturdays and Sundays plus the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.This will be a great class for someone that wants to get out sailing right way as well as someone interested  in getting their own boat out this summer.

 Class one will start on May14th and 15th as well as the following weekend of the 21st and 22nd. The last class will be the full day sail and it will be held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

 Class 2 will be held on consecutive Saturdays starting on Memorial Day 

 Class 3 would be 5 Saturdays in a row starting on June 4 th.

 Class 4 will be held on Thursdays for those who rather be out during the relaxing atmosphere of the week day. I have not added any classes for the month of August as I want to see how these classes work out first. However if there is any interest let me know and if there is enough interest I will plan a class for then as well as september.

Schedule for the 5 Class sailing package

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