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March 2014

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Tenso Professionals Meeting Berlin: register now!
Tenso Young Composers Workshop: call open until 1. April

Tenso Professionals Meeting 2014 | 8-9 April Berlin


From learning to practice - what does it take to create choral music?


The topic of this year's Tenso Professionals Meeting will be the education of singers, conductors, and composers in choral music. We focus on successful extracurricular initiatives such as le Jeune Choeur de Paris, der Deutsche Chordirigentenpreis, and the Rautavaara Chamber Choir Composition Workshop, and analyze what these add to the education of young professional artists.


In a conference which leaves plenty of room for debate, we invite all participants to share best practices, discuss which kinds of activities work well (or not) and why, and debate what we as organized music professionals can and should do to increase interest in choral music.


The conference will be moderated by journalist Andrea Thilo.

 key questions

  • How can we attract young artists to our profession?
  • How can we best organize practical exposure in our field?
  • Which aspects could conservatoires pay more attention to in their curricula? And how can the professional choirs help?
  • What is the role for professional chamber choirs, individually or united?
  • How can extracurricular activities gain a wider impact? 
Do you have a question that you would like to be addressed? Please share it with us, either via e-mail or our website.


who can participate?


The meeting is open to representatives from cultural organizations, institutes for higher education and interested representatives from other organizations. 


The registration fee (€ 300 / € 100 German residents / € 400 others) includes international travel (except for those living in Germany), one or two hotel nights, a concert of RIAS Kammerchor, one dinner, one lunch. For more information and registration, visit our website.




Tuesday 8 April

17:00 Reception, dinner (location t.b.a.) and a visit to a concert of RIAS Kammerchor at the Philharmonie Berlin.


Wednesday 9 April 


10:00 - 17:00 Conference | Mendelssohn Remise, Berlin


Session #1 - Competitions and workshopsDo they work? Why organize it? Why participate? How can we strengthen existing examples and support new ones?


Session #2 - Practical exposure: filling a gap: Are the existing extracurricular initiatives born out of necessity, or as a logical extension to skills development for music professionals? Should these be integrated into existing curricula?


Session #3 - Discussions, feedback, and conclusions.


More information about the program, as well as names of speakers and panel members will appear on our website.


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Tenso Young Composers Workshop: call open until 1 April


The next edition of the Tenso Young Composers Workshop will be organized during the Tenso Days Mechelen (16 and 17 May 2014) and Tenso Days Riga (October 2014). 


During two sessions, five young composers will work on (fragments of) a choral score with the DR Vokalensemblet, composer / conductor James Wood and composer Leo Samama.

Tenso wants to encourage young composers who have not written for choir, but who would like to do so. The selection procedure explicitly does not require choral works to be sent in; instead, we will select on the basis of promise shown in chamber repertoire (choral or not) and works for voice with accompaniment.
The call for applications will close on 1 April 2014. More details on the website.


Download the call as PDF. 

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The activities of Tenso Network Europe are supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union. 


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