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News from Tenso Network Europe 

May 2013

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Tenso Days Mechelen
MEN wanted for Tenso Europe Chamber Choir
EU grant for 2014-2018
Tenso Days Marseille
Dear all,Top
Last month we were really happy to organize the Tenso Professional Meeting in Barcelona, and provide all of us with an open forum for professional exchange, learning and growth. This event helps Tenso strengthen the sense of network among members and bring up real world situations, like that of interaction between our professional choirs and the amateurs. We worked together to address many issues around this topic, ranging from sharing the stage to selecting repertoire, and to get ready for many other challenges to come.   

Coming up next, all covered in this issue: Tenso Days in Mechelen and Marseille and the world premiere of our own choir, the Tenso Europe Chamber Choir. 

Hope to see you there!
Babette Greiner
Juanjo Morales

Tenso Days Mechelen - 17 & 18 May 2013


Tenso Days Mechelen coming up! The next edition of our international festival of contemporary choral music is part of Mechelen Hoort Stemmen - Festival van Vlaanderen (BE). Performing choirs: 

  • Eric Ericsons Kammarkör
  • Cor de Cambra del Palau de la Música
  • Cappella Amsterdam

Not only concerts : in workshops, seminars and more the Tenso choirs will show and discuss the possibilities of top level chamber choirs. All three choirs will bring their own premiere of a new piece of Belgian composer Joachim Brackx.





Tenso Young Composers Workshop


Three young composers will come to Mechelen to present new works, the results of the first round of the workshop in Stockholm in October 2012. One of them will go away with Tenso's Young Composers Award, consisting of a commission for a new work to be performed by the Tenso choirs, and a commission fee of € 1500.


Participating composers: 

  • Eugene Birman 1987 (LV / US - studies in EE / UK) 
  • Jamie Man 1987 (UK - studies in NL)
  • Mátyás Wettl 1987 (HU - studies in NL) 

See the videos of the first round of the workshop


Workshop leader: James Wood

coaches: Hans Koolmees, Leo Samama

with the participation of Eric Ericsons Kammarkör


Tenso Young Composers Workshop is organized with 

the friendly support of the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung  


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wanted : MEN


Meesters en Gezellen 2011

Earlier this year, we launched the Tenso Europe Chamber Choir: a new initiative to let young singers from all over Europe experience what it is like to work in a profesisonal chamber choir. 


The singers will be coached by Kaspars Putninsh and others during a summerschool in Riga, followed by a short concert tour. 


The news has reached young singers all over Europe, and an impressive number of female singers has applied to join. But, we need more men...... 

We have extended the deadline for application - spread the word !




Tenso Europe Chamber Choir  


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Last month, we received news that our project proposal Tenso 14-18 from poetry to music has been awarded a multi-annual grant from the EU Culture programme. We are very happy - and proud : only 14 out of more than 80 project proposals were selected. 


Tenso 14-18 from poetry to music takes poems from 1914-1918, one of the most turbulent periods in European history, and brings them alive in new choral music. Young and established composers are commissioned to write new music for chamber choir, based on these texts. The project will result in publications of poems, translations, recordings and scores, and a series of concerts and festivals all over Europe where the music will be performed. 


More news about this project in the next newsletter !  



Tenso Days Marseille 16-18 September 2013


After the summer, we will be back with Tenso Days in Marseille.  Focused on - and questioning - mediterranean tradition and culture, three days of concerts, workshops and open discussion sessions. 


Performing choirs:

  • Coro da Casa da Música (PT)
  • Latvijas Radio Koris (LV)
  • Musicatreize (FR)
  • Nederlands Kamerkoor (NL)

Also, the Maurice Ohana Competition jury's selection will be presented: three new choral pieces written for different levels of performers, from large amateur choirs to professional chamber choir. After the performances, the judges shall award a first prize of € 10 000 and a second prize of € 6 000.


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The activities of Tenso Network Europe are supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union. 


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