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Tenso Professionals Meeting, Paris

life after live music

16-18 June 2011



 Please plan to join us for the next Tenso Professionals Meeting 16-18 June in Paris.  The registration fee of € 250 for Tenso Members and € 350 for non members covers conference, travel, accommodation, some meals and more.  For residents of France the fee is € 100 and does not include travel or accommodation.  


The subject of the Meeting is "life after live music" - what do the professional chamber choirs do to keep their music alive after and beyond concerts? Traditionally, classical music ensembles have concerts recorded for radio broadcasting (nationally, or internationally via the EBU); and they make regular recordings, either in studio or in concert, to be released on cd's. But in recent years we have seen a drastic change in this process. Only a few select ensembles can count on a cd company doing the work for them. On the other hand the costs of self-producing have fallen dramatically, making self-released recordings a feasible alternative for most ensembles. In addition, technical improvements have allowed musical organizations to expand into video-recordings next to audio. That raises the question: what is the best way to capture a performance, and what is the best way to bring it to the public?   


Tenso Professionals Meeting takes place at the Centre de Documentation de Musique Contemporaine (Cité de la Musique) in Paris. It begins at 17:00 Thursday 16 June and ends at 13:30 Saturday 18 June, 2011.  



Results of the Pre-Conference Survey  

What are the current recording practices and how have the new digital recording opportunities affected the output? In the months before the conference, Tenso asks the professional chamber choirs in Europe to fill in a survey. The results will be presented at the start of the conference.


Panel 1 : Channels   

The fast pace of digital technology is providing more and more options for distribution (via the web, cellphones, social media, to name a few). During the conference, we will look at the different channels for bringing recordings to the public (cd's, radio, internet downloads, live streaming, podcasts etc.).


Panel 2 : Middle Man

Do we need a middle man - a producer, cd company, internet music site - or can we do it ourselves?


Panel 3 : Economics

What is the current economic picture - is there still the possibility of net revenue from selling recordings or is it a net cost?  How do we compensate the artists for our recording activity?      


Panel 4 : Web 2.0

Ready or not, the explosion of digital technology, the wide spread use of social media and the constant stream of new digital media innovations has created what is now know as Web 2.0.  Its basis is the ongoing two-way feedback/conversation between content providers and the on-line public. Many internet users no longer expect to be the passive recipients of the content you choose to make available, they can and are becoming a driving forces in the creation and presentation of your internet content.  


Please note, all programming subject to change. 

Who is Speaking?

The panelists will be made up of representatives from various producing and distributing organizations including Deezer.com, platforma.lv, Linn Records, InstantEncore, Klara, Mirare, Tenso ensembles, as well as experts from other fields. The diversity of panelists will provide a working knowledge of the various models of production and distribution of musical recordings.  Panels will be followed by question and answer periods


For more information on the confirmed speakers, visit:

www.tenso-vocal.eu/Tenso Professionals Meeting.  


The list of confirmed speakers will be updated regularly.

Save 50 Euros

Non-Tenso members can register on or before May 1 and receive €50 off the regular price. The registration fee covers conference, travel, accommodation, some meals and more. 


Tenso Members Registration: €250


Non-Member Registration:  €350

  • Pay €300 if you register before May 1  

Residents of France  Registration: € 100   Includes  conference, Friday night concert, one lunch and one dinner but does not include travel or accommodation.

Registration Limitations

Registration is limited to people working in the field of professional music in Europe and to two representatives from any given organization.  Tenso reserves the right to limit participation to persons who are, in the opinion of Tenso, qualified to attend.