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October 2012  

R2 Update
The latest information on the Responsible Recycling (R2) Standard 
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Welcome to the R2 Update!  This newsletter contains relevant industry information and news pertaining to R2 Solutions, and more importantly the R2 Standard, the leading certification program for the electronics recycling industry.
In This Issue
R2 TAC Meets in Chicago
Draft R2:2013 Available for Public Comment
R2 Education Series at ICRS
Certified Company Spotlight: RecycleForce
R2:2013 Preview - Certified EH&S Management System


R2 TAC Meets in Chicago


The R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) met in Chicago, IL on October 9th and 10th.  Members reveiwed and discussed each change of the R2 Standard recommended by the R2 Standards workgroup.  In addition, members of the public observed the process and were provided opportunities to comment.  Consensus was reached to move forward to public comment.    R2 TAC


According to Ann Hughes of MRK Group who attended the meeting as a public observer, "I think it was great that this meeting was open to the public and that we who are not the committee members had a chance to voice our opinions.  Although I can't say that I agree with everything, it is important that this is a transparent process.  There is a good mix of small, large, non-profit, government, and OEM companies participating."




R2:2013 Draft Standard Available for Public Comment


R2 Solutions has released the first draft of the R2:2013 Standard.  The new standard is a culmination of an industry stakeholder workgroup that has met regularly over the past year to review suggestions for updating the R2 Practices of 2008.  The recommended standard has now been reviewed by the R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).  The TAC is now seeking public comment on the recommended changes. 


In accordance with the R2 TAC Charter, a minimum of 45 days will be provided to seek and receive public feedback on the suggested changes to the R2 Standard.  Feedback will be reviewed by the TAC and responded to.  The R2:2013 Standard draft can be found here.  Feedback must be provided through the established form.  Any comments through email or other means may be considered, but may not be formally responded to.  Comments will be received until December 16, 2012.



R2 Education Series at ICRS


The next R2 training event is planned for the International Computer Refurbisher Summit (ICRS) in November.   The training will be held on Monday, November 12, 2012 in Glendale, AZ. The topic will be "The Value of R2/RIOS Certification for Refurbishers" and will be presented by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). This course is designed for refurbishers who want to learn more about R2/RIOS certification and its value to their business. It will provide basic information about the key provisions of the R2 and RIOS standards as well as the certification process. Also, certified refurbishers will provide their perspectives on the benefits of certification.


Additionally, recommended changes in the R2:2013 Standard will be previewed and discussed during a concurrent session on Wednesday, November 14 at ICRS. 


For more information about ICRS, click here

Information on this course can be found here



Certified Company Spotlight:  RecycleForce


From time to time, the R2 Update will be featuring an R2 Certified company. This article was provided by the RecycleForce. For more information, call (317) 532-1367 or visit www.recycleforce.org.


Where Electronics and People Are Recycled


At Indianapolis-based RecycleForce, they are fond of saying they'll recycle anything with a cord. But they also recycle people. RecycleForce, a 501(c)3 organization, offers comprehensive recycling services while providing life-changing workforce training to formally incarcerated individuals.


Individuals with a criminal record, have the odds stacked against them upon their release. Most have no job and no home to which they can return. Without these foundational elements, the rate of reoffending and returning to the criminal justice system is incredibly high. In fact, more than half of all ex-offenders returning to the Indianapolis area end up back in prison.


RecycleForce's workforce program, focused on transitional jobs, employability skills training and supportive services, has successfully placed more than 400 ex-offenders in full-time, paid jobs. The recidivism rate for these workers has been only 25% - significantly less that the local and national averages.


This statistic lends credence to RecycleForce President Gregg Keesling's belief that "Once we give a man a fighting chance to do the right thing, many, in fact most, will."


Since Keesling and co-founder Tom Gray created the social enterprise in 2006, the organization has also been committed to responsible recycling practices.


"Earning R2 certification is a testament to our commitment to best practices in electronics recycling and environmental stewardship," said Keesling. "These commitments are second only to our dedication to support men and women with their re-entry back into society."


RecycleForce is proud to be the first not-for-profit organization in the Midwest to earn R2 certification. It is the sixth R2-certified recycler in the state of Indiana and fourth in Greater Indianapolis.


RecycleForce's R2 certification also benefits partner organizations such as the City of Indianapolis Tox Drop program.


"Tox Drop is committed to diverting household hazardous waste and electronics from our city's landfills and waterways," said Nate Self, environmental resource manager for the City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works. "With partners like RecycleForce we know those materials are being disposed of with the utmost care and responsibility and can take pride in supporting this non-for-profit."


R2:2013 Preview: Certified EH&S Management System


To prepare for the coming transition to R2:2013, we are changing the monthly Conformity Review to cover new requirements under consideration.  The R2:2013 Standard is currently a DRAFT and can be found here.  Please use the public comment form to provide feedback before December 16, 2012.  


The R2 Standards Workgroup has recommended that the R2:2013 Standard require a certified Enivronmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) in Provision 1.  This is a change from the current 2008 Standard that simply requires an EHSMS be implemented.  During two TAC meetings in 2012, this requirement was discussed and affirmed.  It is currently a recommendation in the R2:2013 draft standard, which has not yet been finalized.


The change was recommended during the standard review process in response to concerns about the ability to audit the EH&S requirements during the R2 certification and surveillance audits.  Additionally, concerns were expressed over the consistency and validity of the  EHSMS established by each R2 Certified organization.  Although the additional cost of requiring an independent EHSMS certification(s) was heavily considered, the efficacy of the EHSMS was determined to be more important than the added cost of third party certification.  It is anticipated that an integrated audit of the multiple standards can be used to reduce the time and costs of auditing.


This change to mandate a certified EHSMS will require R2 certified organizations to be audited to an approved standard(s).  This may be completed simultaneously with the R2 certification audit or independently. The Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) is one approved EHSMS standard to meet this requirement.  In addition, a combination of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 is also acceptable to fulfill Provision 1. 


The R2 Standard Workgroup and the TAC both determined that a change needs to be made to improve Provision 1.  If third party certification is not required, the only alternative is to expand Provision 1 to include the specific requirements of an EHSMS.  This would be duplicative of generally accepted standards for environmental management systems, occupational health management systems, or a combination of both.  Thus, integration of other industry standards for EHSMS was the preferred direction instead of duplicating those requirements within R2:2013.



R2 Solutions eagerly seeks your feedback on this new requirement, as well as all the other changes within the R2:2013 Standard.  Public comment is currently being accepted.  Please see the draft R2:2013 Standard and provide feedback through the provided form. 




We want to hear from you!  Please send along any R2 related news or information that you think would be important to share with the electronics recycling community. 

Thank you!