I am taking the summer to read through the Bible in 90 days. Wow. It is quite an experience. Maybe you have read the Bible through at that pace...but for me, this is a big deal.

Several themes are jumping out to me as I am uniquely seeing the "big picture" of how God has dealt with his children over the generations. Here is one that hit me hard this week: 

NO matter how obedient and Godly one generation lived, the children's generation ALWAYS HAD TO DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES WHAT THEY WOULD DO WITH THE LORD AND HIS COMMANDMENTS.

Oh, if we could just decide it for them...that would make our parent hearts feel so much better. But that is not how it works. My children are still in their valley of decision as are yours. They have many years ahead of them to MAINTAIN THEIR FAITHFULNESS to the Lord. My grandbabies are stepping onto the beginning of their journey, and will likely only have the staying power IF their parents remain faithful. 

And my job? 
Faithful prayer
Fervent prayer
Not just causual assumptions and a wish. 
Contending prayer
for my seed ....and the generations that I will never know.

Lisa Cherry with the Next Generation

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