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Hurricane Sandy Recovery Resources and Information Update #5
The MTA/NJ website is continually being updated with new information and resources to assist those impacted by the storm. Please check the page often if you are in need of assistance or have questions. There are a few important updates included here:
DEP Enforcement Discretion for Vessel Washing  

Due to the impacts of the storm on marina facilities and vessel wash waste water systems, the DEP has officially implemented enforcement discretion, per the request of the MTA/NJ,  to allow the power washing of boats in an area outside of currently installed vessel wash pads. There are a few conditions that include:
  • No soaps or detergents are used
  • No raw sewage is discharged
  • No oils or fuels are discharged
  • Attempts should be made to prevent contaminants such as dirt, silt or paint chips from entering the water.  Efforts to control these contaminants could be accomplished by installing silt fencing surrounded by staked hay bales if possible.
This approval is in effect now and will expire on November 23, 2012. However, the MTA/NJ has requested that the enforcement discretion be extended to the end of year or longer and that special consideration be made for those facilities in which their vessel wash water systems have been destroyed.  We will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes available.  If anyone has any questions, please contact the office at 732-292-1051.  
Additional Resources 
NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development
BoatU.S. News Release
NJBIZ News: Insurance Assistance
Assessing Impacts
The MTA/NJ is continuing to contact every member to see how everyone is doing and to assess impacts and damage. We are preparing a brief to provide to the Governor's office now and would like to include as much information as possible  If you are able, please take just a minute to let us know how you and your business/facility fared. You can send a quick email to or call 732-292-1051.
Lost Boats
The State Police Marine Services Bureau stations are collecting information on lost vessels and contacting owners.  If you know of someone that is unable to locate their vessel, have them contact the station nearest to where the boat was located. Click here to Locate A Station.
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