November 2015
Enhancement Committee Update
By Kevin Stevenson, Enhancement Committee Chair
October was a busy month for the Ideas site with 18 new ideas posted!  To view, vote, and comment on an idea, visit it's community page on the Ideas site.  As a shortcut, you may enter the ID number in the search box on the main page of the Ideas site to jump directly to that idea.  Your votes are important - ideas with the most votes get the earliest review.

Customer Credit Hold Notification
Vendor Payment for Consigned Inventory
Recall Cash Discounts for Late Posting
One-Time Credit Card Entry in Eclipse Mobile
Inventory & Purchasing
"Item Is a Substitute" Flag
Inventory & Purchasing
Transfer Backorder Enhancements
Inventory & Purchasing
Buyer Visibility Improvements
Inventory & Purchasing
Direct Ship Item Flag Enhancement
Inventory & Purchasing
Delete PO Quotes Automatically
Order Entry
Add to Order Summary to Finish Orders from the Body
Order Entry
OE.OVERCOMMIT.STOCK - Add Levels and Split to Three Keys
Order Entry
Product Inquiry - Add More Info to Inquiry Screens
Order Entry
Customer Inventory History Ledger for Multiple Entities
Add Conditional Formatting to User Defined Queues
Add PDW Data Viewer Option in Inventory Inquiry
Pricing & SPA
SPA: Perceived Inaccuracy in Reporting Manual Overrides
Pricing & SPA
SPA: Update Extract File for SPA Analysis
Pricing & SPA
Cost Override Flag (!) for Class:All Records

Billtrust integrates three key areas of the invoice-to-cash process:  
presentment, payment, and cash application

Billtrust™ is the premier payment cycle management provider.Billtrust integrates three key areas of the invoice-to-cash process: presentment, payment, and cash application, helping our clients connect with their customers and cash. Our comprehensive suite of services deliver proven results enabling our clients to solidify customer relationships, increase productivity, improve cash flow, and seamlessly migrate to electronic channels. Billtrust has earned the reputation as a trusted provider of comprehensive, next-generation invoice to cash services for corporations in a wide variety of vertical markets. We have partnerships with more than a dozen software companies, buying groups, and trade associations who have selected Billtrust as their recommended billing service provider. 

For more information call (609) 235-1010 or visit

Billtrust will also be hosting their annual conference on February 21-23, 2016 in Scottsdale, AZ. Visit for more information and to register.

New to the Newsletter!  Users helping Users:  
This new section of the newsletter is dedicated to you!  We wanted to showcase some of the postings on the Bulletin Boards that we felt were great examples of users helping users.   So if you have not been on the Bulletin Boards lately hopefully this will help to stir your interest!

This post came in on 10/30 at 11am and was answered by a user at 3pm.  Support doesn't even work that fast :)
Does anyone know how to add a bank to the list under Cash Receipts posting?

Answer #1:   
If the bank GL account is listed in the GL Autoposting screen (System/System Programming/GL Setup/GL Autoposting Setup) as a Cash Account it will appear as an option in Cash Receipts posting.
Answer #2:
There is also a control file: Limit Bank Selection by Branch - If you have that filled in you may need to update it to have the bank display for that particular branch.

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Use SMP's "Bid Closer" to get Instant ROI from Your CRM investment!
by SMP, UFO Vendor Partner

When is the last time you ran the Unconverted Bids Report from Eclipse?  What's the total number of dollars on your Unconverted Bids Report - regardless of when you reviewed it last?  Wouldn't you like to close just a fraction of those bids and see how positively it impacts your bottom line?   Sales Management Plus has all the tools to allow you to do just that! 
With SMP Bid Closer, you can bring your bids directly into SMP, and all your high-value projects can automatically be converted into SMP Projects with associated follow-up Tasks to prompt your sales team reach out to their customers and find out what needs to happen to close those bids.  Think about it - how many high-dollar bids are your inside people entering on a weekly basis?  Do you have a process to notify the outside rep that the bid has been sent out and/or to notify them of any changes to the bid?  Do you have a process in place to trigger follow-ups to close the deal?  SMP can help you streamline this process.  It's easy, and here's how it works.  
  1. Determine your threshold.  Any bid entered that is in excess of $X dollars automatically triggers the creation of an SMP Project.  The SMP Project will contain all the bid details - such as customer, sales rep and ticket writer, in addition to products quoted, quantity, sell and cost values of each, key product attributes. 
  2. Talk with us about what you want your follow-up process to look like, what the follow-up steps should be, and ideally when you want them to happen from a process standpoint. The SMP Team can help you configure all of this to meet your team's specific needs.  And if you don't have a process today, we can recommend some basics to help you get started, then you can enhance the process over time! 
  3. Start closing more bids - simply following-up on the bids won't always result in more business, but showing the customer that you're engaged, paying attention to their needs and willing to go the extra mile with them can be the difference maker. 
 Contact Joe today to learn more about SMP Bid Closer, get a live demo of the process and see how he and The SMP Team can help make your team work more effectively and efficiently as a unit.  (949) 258-0414, or

 User Tip by John Heinzel of Revere Electric

If you know that you will be repeatedly shipping to the same address, you may wish to add an address to the Bill-
To/Ship-To Account in Eclipse instead of always editing the address or having a new Ship To account created.
The following explains the process in detail - step-by-step.

Adding an Address from Sales Order Entry
You should always start from a sales order for the Bill-To/Ship-To account.

1)  From the Body tab of the sales order, go to Maintenance>Customer Maintenance
2)  When Entity Type appears, select Ship To, then click OK. (Never select Bill To or you will not be able to use the new address).

3)  When Customer Maintenance opens, go to Orders>Alternate Ship-To Addresses, then click New

4)  Enter the Address,

The 2nd line of the address may be used to indicate a foreman or other site contact with their phone number.

5)  Enter the Zip code, then pick the correct City from the Valid Cities dialog.

6)  Check the Active checkbox. Without this box checked, this address will not display in Order Entry.

This address is now available from a new sales order for the Bill-To/Ship-To account. When you click the Edit button under the Ship To address, a list of saved addresses will be displayed:

Removing an Address No Longer Needed for Sales Order Entry

1)  From a sales order for the Bill-To/Ship-To, go to Maintenance>Customer Maintenance.

2)  When Entity Type appears, select Ship To, then click OK. 

3)  When Customer Maintenance opens, go to Orders>Alternate Ship-To Addresses.
4)  Find the address you wish to remove and select it.
5)  Go to File>Delete. This address will no longer be in the list from Sales Order Entry. 

To print this article in pdf click here.

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