September 2015
Enhancement Committee Update
by Kevin Stevenson - Committee Chair
24 new ideas this month!
Accounting: 3 new ideas: Exclude unprinted invoices from statements; Credit/rebill to separate ship to or another account (credit on one account; rebill on another), A/P vendor maintenance (add drill down to vendor maintenance from A/P entry screen)
Advanced Technologies: 9 new ideas: User defined queue "reviewed" ability; User report card to see system activities by user; 810 Queue - notes (to add your own notes to the 810 queue); 810 queue and document reviewer (select which vendors can be reviewed by a specific user); One time password in user maintenance (needs to have a beginning date, not just an ending date); Canadian chip and PIN; Canadian credit cards and chips (plans to adapt new technology, i.e. tap purchase options); Eclipse credit card phantom (extending support of multiple currencies to other key financial areas); Internationalization of credit card (support international credit cards and addresses)
E-Mobile & E-Commerce: 1 new idea: Search using relevance (develop a hierarchy of rules for displaying items that match search criteria in web commerce)
Inventory & Purchasing: 3 new ideas: Clearing all price fields (develop ability to clear all previous pricing on a product, regardless of date); Review PO Backorder queue view with additional vendor information, Seasonal min/max and service stock
Order Entry: 5 new ideas: Ability to select e-mail addresses for order acknowledgements; Nonstock keyword field (option to make mandatory when creating a new nonstock); Freight requirement (ability to make freight a mandatory charge in order entry); Sales order entry - info line at bottom of body (display when viewing the total and header screens); Price branch - when doing SO lookups (when pressing F10 or question mark in order entry, display both the price and shipping branches)
Sales & Marketing: No new ideas.
Showroom: No new ideas.
Solar: 1 new idea: Shift-F4 functionality to create a message not a job queue (similar to creating a job queue, except it would be just a message)
Systems & Utilities: 1 new idea: Change User (log when a user changes to another user and require them to enter a reason, also add the ability to specify certain users that others cannot log into)
Warehouse Logistics: No new ideas.
Job Management: No new ideas. It was reported that the vote totals have increased on some of the ideas from last month.
Pricing & SPA: 1 new idea: Print price tags based on QOH (add functionality to the price tag print queue to allow the user to print just one tag or one tag for each unit on hand)

The 2015 Insights conference resulted in several new volunteers for the Enhancement Committee.  We are pleased to welcome these new committee members:
Daron Brown
FD Lawrence
Inventory & Purchasing
Gary Bolduc
US Electrical Services
Warehouse Logistics
Charlie Connerly
E-Mobile & E-Commerce
Kathleen Cunigan
Dominion Electric
Job Management
Justin Gibbs
Crescent Electric
Job Management
Jamie Kolkman
Etna Supply
Advanced Technologies
Becky Whitehall
Stoneway Electric
Pricing & SPA
In the past two months, 27 new ideas were submitted to our team!  Five of these ideas were in the Solar community and included features such as expanded menu options, ability to print Solar screens, building sum and total functions on user defined queues, and updating conversation features in the Eclipse messaging system.  Four of these ideas were in the Inventory & Purchasing community and included additional view options in the inventory history ledger, a stock request queue, authorizations for transfer of surplus material, and an inventory rebalancing tool.  Visit the Ideas Site today to review all of the new ideas.  Remember, your votes help the ideas become reality, so as they say...  "Vote early and Vote Often!"

Mobile technology is an essential part of the way we do business today. Never in the history of technology have employees and customers been more connected and this trend is only going to increase. This connectivity provides major opportunities to engage customers, increase employee productivity, and reduce cost.
Innovo delivers a suite of mobile apps for all of your business needs. Our apps are fully integrated to Eclipse, making them easy to install and maintain, with blazing fast connectivity resulting in a productive customer and employee experience. Our subscription-based pricing model provides a low cost of entry and immediate ROI.
Innovo is made up of original Eclipse developers and architects with a combined 100 years of Eclipse experience. Our mobile app suite includes:
OE Touch: On Android and Apple phones and tablets, your customers and sales reps can easily create orders, search for products, and manage their account. All product data in your system is easily accessible including pricing and availability, images, spec sheets, and more! Our new Showroom functionality supports the ability to create room templates and customer-facing picture books.
Push Notifications: Imagine sending a push notification to the customer's device automatically when their order is ready to be picked up or when it's been delivered to the job site! Our customers are doing this today as well as sending marketing notifications about new products, promotions, and company events. 97% of mobile subscribers will read a text message within 15 minutes of receiving it!
Analytics: Our analytics platform provides the data necessary to help you understand what your customers are doing in OE Touch - products viewed, search terms, orders placed, and products viewed but not purchased. These analytics drive sales and increase customer market share and app usage.
StockRoom Management: Manage customer-owned or consigned inventory directly from a mobile device through automatic replenishment based on min/max settings in Eclipse or simply by placing orders. StockRoom also supports a Usage mode, allowing your customers to track on-hand inventory and create orders in Eclipse based on their usage.
Signature Touch: Capture signatures at your counter, will call area, or on delivery routes with the added benefit of displaying marketing videos and websites while idle at the counter. Signature Touch will download your Eclipse manifest, capture signatures, take photographs, access real-time mapping data, and provide estimated delivery times and delivery notifications.
Location Touch: Use low cost mobile devices for real-time cycle and physical inventory counting and track product movement in your warehouse. Location Touch supports RF and non-RF environments, providing inventory accuracy through barcode scanning and easy access to the Eclipse future and history ledgers and activity logs.
Info Touch: Access your business summary and general ledger information real-time from your iPhone and iPad! Create and save customized graphs based on sales source, product type, or any general ledger account. Drill into sales detail and build comparisons to analyze your business.
Contact us today to see how our suite of mobile apps can help you tap into greater profits and drive increased return on your Eclipse investment! or 720-328-3699 ext. 102
"The UFO Advice Column" 
  by 'Uncle' Frank Ousterhout

Dear Uncle Frank,
                Thank you again for your help with Bid Follow Up.  I am very pleasantly surprised by the results I get when I call a customer to follow up on a bid.  Sometimes they immediately give me the order because I just made life easier for them by reaching out to them.  Sometimes I get a chance to give a slightly better price to meet a competitor's offer and I get the order.  Sometimes I am told "I don't need that but here is an order for this other stuff I need". And sometimes there is no order but I have made an important customer 'touch'.  I get to promote something else like our monthly flier or an upcoming open house or even just thank the customer for their ongoing business.
                But each time I bring up the Bid Follow Up Queue Widget, the date shown is the date I set up the widget.  Then I need to change the date to today.  Am I missing something?
                Daron from Cincinnati, OH

Dear Daron,
                Let me explain what I meant last month about Variable Dating.  When I said to set up your Bid Follow Up Queue with the Cut-off Date of MO/DA/YR I did not mean to enter a real date but to use the actual letters M-0-/-D-A-/-Y-R (without the dashes.)
                When 'MO/DA/YR' is entered, Eclipse will run the queue or any report with the date of the day the queue or report is run.  This is a very useful feature across the system.
                Variable dating is even more powerful in that the letters can be replaced with the number of days offset, positive or negative.  To set a date exactly one month back from today you would use '-1/DA/YR'.  For one month forward from today it would be '+1/DA/YR'.  Similarly you can also substitute number offset for the day or year or any combination needed.  If you need an offset of more than plus or minus 9, you can use plus or minus A to Z for 10 to 36.
                Additionally, you can also substitute MO and/or DA with FB for the Fiscal Beginning of the month or day and FE for the Fiscal End of the month or day.  So for a report you want to run for data from the beginning to the end of last month you would use ''-1/FB/YR' to '-1/FE/YR'.  By using FE it does not matter if the month is 30, 31, 28 or 29 days long.  It will choose the last day of the month.
                For more examples, use the Eclipse Help system and find the document "Using Variable Dating".
                I am glad you are having success with the Bid Follow Up system.  It is a very simple but powerful sales tool built into Eclipse that too few people take advantage of.

                Uncle Frank 
Eclipse Support Corner News
by Camille Alberico, Senior Manager, Eclipse Software Support/Customer Support

It's housekeeping time!
How to add, change or delete a contact on the Eclipse Customer Support Site

When was the last time that you reviewed your company's isupport contact list ??  If you haven't done so in a while, your contact directory may be in need of some clean-up, and now is the time to tackle it!  Follow these instructions to add, delete or edit your contact list.
In order to add, change, or delete contacts, on the customer website - - you must have System Admin privileges.  If you are not sure who has System Admin privileges at your site, please send an email to and request your company's System Administrator's name. 
The Administrator will follow these steps:
1)    When you first enter the site, you are presented with the following screen.  At the top of this screen, you will see "My Account".  Click on this.

2)    Click on either of the User Maintenance choices:

3)    You will be presented with the screen below:

4)    If you need to remove a user, select "Delete User".  Then click on the drop down arrow to choose the contact:

5)   If you are adding a user, select "Add User".   The following screen appears: Epicor 

6)    If you need to edit a user profile, select 'Edit User".  You need to select the contact name from the drop down, and then you will be presented with all of the user's information, ready for your edits.
7)    If you recently added a new user, or need to modify a user's authority levels, select "Assign Permissions". The following screen appears.  You can select the level of authority for each user:
Kore Technologies Delivers the Best of Both Worlds: eCommerce and Enterprise Integration

 KommerceServer eCommerce Suite 
Release 5.4 Now Available
Key New Features:
  • Search and browse the product catalog up to 20 times faster
  • Coupon marketing and promotion system
  • Company truck freight management system
  • Search available inventory by branch location
  • Search for closest store based on customer location
  • Request for quote workflow for designated products
  • Lead generation and customer loyalty program
Electrical Distributor Implements Multiple eCommerce Websites with KommerceServer

When Womack Electric Supply chose Kore to expand its Web presence, the greatest challenge was selecting a partner with Eclipse integration experience. Womack found Kore's industry expertise and flexible solution, KommerceServer eCommerce Suite to be best-fit. With two eCommerce stores implemented, Womack is able to expand its geographic presence and market reach.  
"...We can then customize the website in numerous ways. It is very granular which gives us a lot of flexibility." - Robert Herring, Womack Electric Supply

Kore's SQL Integration and RESTful Interface Improve Customer Experience for Tire Company

Hercules Tire and Rubber Company turned to Kore Technologies to improve business analytics and to streamline the customer ordering process. Kore's Kourier Integrator mapped data from its Eclipse system to a Microsoft SQL database to drastically improve business intelligence reporting. Kore's RESTful interface delivers real-time inventory and availability from the manufacturer to Hercules' in-store and online system thus, improving customer service and experience.

"Kore's RESTful interface is faster and easier to implement, with an ROI measured in months, not years." -Hercules Tire Company
Read the Hercules story here 

 Kourier Integrator Release 4.2 - Key Features

KommerceServer's hybrid design and B2B/B2C architecture received attention when Database Trends and Applications magazine featured it in its "Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2015" list. 

Kore Technologies Earns Third-Consecutive Listing as Top 100 Company

Kore Technologies is proud to announce its third-consecutive listing in Database Trends and Applications' "Top 100 Companies That Matter Most in Data." The listing reflects companies that are innovating the way IT departments manage the prolific force of today's data ecosystem.

Learn More
866-763-KORE |
UFO Board Nominating Committee    
Letter to the Membership
 by Kris Hopkins, UFO Past President 

The Eclipse Users Group has been working hard for many, many years to influence the enhancement and future development of Eclipse.  We also take pride in providing our members with a valuable source for education, training and networking. In order to accomplish this we have relied on Mary Barlow (Executive Director), Suzanne Saltmarsh (Assistant Director), and valuable network of volunteers to staff the Board and various committees.

The Eclipse Users Group continues to have a need for volunteers to serve on the board.  Each member of the board brings with them valuable experience and expertise that enables us to work towards our mission and goals. 
Currently, we have one opening on the board due to term limits.

This article is an open invitation for our members to let us know of your interest to serve as a director on the Board of the UFO.

The commitment to the board includes a conference call meeting monthly for about one hour, and two yearly "face to face" meetings. The "face to face" meetings usually occur around the Insight conference and in October. A member of the board is also expected to participate in one or more committees.  These committees conduct monthly telephone conference calls about an hour in length.  When travel is required for the face to face board meeting in October or, when necessary, a committee meeting, the Eclipse Users Group pays for travel and lodging. This basically eliminates any financial obligation to your company. The October meeting usually last from 2 - 3 days. 

The term of service for a regular board member is a two year term. Of particular importance is that the company the individual represents be fully committed to allowing service to the Eclipse Users Group.

We recognize that there are many very experienced individuals with a broad range of expertise in our membership. We are looking for individuals that will commit to working hard for the Eclipse Users Group and will not hesitate to be active in sharing their experience and knowledge. 

It has been a very valuable experience for me to serve on the board. What I have learned from my networking with other board members as well as other member companies has been invaluable.  The relationships I have gained are priceless.  I trust that you will feel the same way if you serve on the board. 

If you have any questions regarding serving feel free to call or email myself or Mary.

To volunteer please email Mary Barlow your contact information, and a brief summary of what you feel your perspective can bring to the board and Eclipse. 
Mary's contact information is 813-643-1001 or
My contact information is 402-510-6552 or
Know someone that would make a great board member? Feel free to forward that name and contact information to myself or Mary as well.
To facilitate the process, I request that all applications be submitted no later than September 15.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Did You Forget or Never Knew??
By Elizabeth Richardt - CappUSA

How to Add Web Page Widget?

Create a Widget category for your web page/s.
I am giving you two examples for setting up a web pages.  One where the widget takes up the whole page and one where I have more than one web page in a category.
  • Right click on your mouse, select "Add Widgets"
  • Under the "Widgets" tab - select "Web Widget"

  • Widget Title field - enter the name of you web page widget
  • Widget Size - drop down box - you have to select one. If you select "FILL" - that will take your whole dashboard and you can only have one webpage for that widget screen.
  • Widget Background - select a color
  • Widget Icon - select an Icon
  • Widget Category - chose Web Pages category 
  • Bottom Right of screen is a large White area where you will enter the URL for your web page. I did a copy of paste for the web.

Click OK when finished

Example One:
I have a category called "GSA Web".  GSA Advantage is the only web page in that category. The size for the widget was "Fill" - Means to use the whole page. I can type in the product I'm looking for and see the information on my screen in Solar.
Example Two:
Category called 'Support / UFO" - I chose "Large" for the Widget Size.  This lets me have more than one web page in the category. Note: I do have the following examples normally in their own Category so the whole page displays. This is just to show how more than one web page displays.
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Hope to see you in San Antonio, TX
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