February  2015

Did You Forget or Never Knew??

By Elizabeth Richardt - CappUSA

These miscellaneous purges are only in Eterm. If you open it in Solar it will take you Eterm automatically, so your user must have Eterm loaded.

There will be five purges covered in this Doc. "Purge Recurring Journal Entries", Purge Activity Logs", Purge Fax Log" Purge Reminder Notes" and Purge E-Mail Log. The purges of these files are pretty straight forward and easy to follow.


To purge From Solar - Maintenance -> Merge/Purge




From Eterm

F1 - Files,  "U" Merge/Purge


"Purge Recurring Journal Entries" is available for housekeeping and for reclaiming disk space.   This purge is very simple and straight forward. Enter "Yes" to continue and purge any Entries that have expired. 



Purge Activity Logs" " is available for housekeeping and for reclaiming disk space. The Customer, Vendor, User, Product, System, and EDI files have Activity Logs that store trackers.

The utility uses the following two parameters to qualify log entries for purging:

  • A minimum number of days old.
  • A minimum number of entries to leave in the log.

The program purges a log entry only if it meets both requirements.



For each activity log listed in the Entry Type column, enter the following purge parameters:

  • In the Purge field, indicate whether to purge expired entries from that log.
  • In the Minimum Days Before Purge field, enter the minimum number of days the entry must be in the log before it qualifies for purging.
  • In the Min # Logs to Save field, enter the minimum number of entries to keep in the log regardless of age.

Use one of the following hot keys to run the purge:

  • Begin - Purges the expired activity log entries.
  • Schedule - Schedules the purge to run at another time.

The system returns you to the Merge/Purge menu. When the purge completes, then system sends you a message indicating the number of purged log entries.



"Purging Fax Log" " is available for housekeeping and for reclaiming disk space. Every time the system sends a fax, it creates an entry in the fax log.


  • In the Minimum Days Past Log Date Before Purge field, enter a number of days for which to purge faxes sent more than this many days ago.


Use one of the following hot keys to run the purge:

  • Begin - Purges the expired log entries.
  • Schedule - Schedules the purge to run at another time. 


The system returns you to the Merge/Purge menu. When the purge completes, then system sends you a message indicating the number of purged log entries.


"Purging Reminder Notes" " is available for housekeeping and for reclaiming disk space. These notes, which display when users log on or off the system, can have expiration dates.


  • In the Purge Reminder Notes with Expire Date Before field, enter a date. The system will purge all reminder notes that expired before this date.


Use one of the following hot keys to run the purge:

  • Begin - Purges the expired log entries.
  • Schedule - Schedules the purge to run at another time.


The system returns you to the Merge/Purge menu. When the purge completes, the system sends you a message indicating that the Purged Reminder Notes Report is in your Hold file.


"Purging E-mail Log" " is available for housekeeping and for reclaiming disk space. Every time the system sends an e-mail message, it creates an entry in the e-mail log. 


  • In the Purge As Of field, enter the e-mail sent date before which the system purges all e-mails in the log.

For example, if you enter 12/31/10, the system purges all entries in the e-mail log sent before December 31, 2010.


Use one of the following hot keys to run the purge:

  • Begin - Purges the indicated log entries.
  • Opts and then select Scheduling Schedules the purge to run at another time.

The system returns you to the Merge/Purge menu. When the purge completes, then system sends you a message indicating the number of purged log entries.

"A Good Webstore Levels the Playing Field in Your Favor"

By Rick Schmitt, Schmitt ProfiTools

As some of you may know, my daughter Jen and I write the lead column for The WHOLESALER, a magazine focused on plumbing, HVAC and PVF wholesalers. Jen is the VP, and I am the Executive VP of the marketing services company, Schmitt ProfiTools, Inc. (SPI).


Since developing our first webstore over 19 years ago, we've learned a lot! A very important reality we've learned is distributors and wholesalers need a solution that provides it all.  SPI has designed a solution that does just that: from full content creation services and software to full-functioning, highly customizable, best-in-market web & mobile stores to website design.  Please email joyce@go-spi.com to request for information.


But first, you DO have a webstore, don't you? If you don't have a webstore, you are undoubtedly falling behind your competition and probably losing sales.


If you DO have a webstore, having an average webstore is not the objective; you have to have a great best-in-market webstore. Below are lists of thoughts to consider:



1. Blocking and Tackling First: Having a 2nd rate store will not set you apart from your competition. A competent webstore will have the following things:
a. A Great Engine: The webstore needs to run on great software to manage it and guide the user through product selection and purchasing.
b. Great Content: A million-dollar webstore that uses sub-par content will look/work like crap.
c. Integration with Eclipse: Live connectivity with real-time pricing and availability.
2. Average is Not Good Enough: The big nationals and regionals are heavily investing, attempting to lure your customers away. Independents offer a personal touch and customer service that the nationals can't touch, and by offering a best-in-market store, you can trump the bigger investment of their larger competitors.
3. Outsmart, Don't Outspend Your Competition: Good webstores require an investment of money and expertise, but throwing money at the project will not supplant the need to invest your expertise.
4. Function First, But Looks Do Matter: A trade plumber won't stop using your site because it is attractive or unattractive - - but they will definitely abandon your store if it makes their job harder.
5. Mobile is Hot: Your mobile store has to adapt to specific device and screen sizes automatically. The best mobile experiences use mobile-specific code that is tuned to the smaller screen size for easier browsing, searching, selecting and buying.
6. Extras Sweeten the Experience: A site that provides collateral marketing materials, system matchups, diagrams, manuals, calculations, training schedules, parts lookups, inquiries into your suppliers' inventories, etc., allows a one-stop experience to customers who visit your site.
7. Punchout is on the Rise: Many companies are trying to get their procurement processes under control and make it more efficient. To increase efficiency, they are attempting to do so on the web.

If you would like to discuss these topics with us and see our solutions, e-mail  joyce@go-spi.com.

"The UFO Advice Column" 
  by 'Uncle' Frank Ousterhout

Dear Uncle Frank,


                I recently 'got some heat' regarding changes on an order BUT I DID NOT DO IT, even though my name was on the order log for the changes.

                 It turns out that I had left my screen open at my counter computer when I went into the warehouse to help a customer.  A fellow employee used my screen with my logon to do some order editing on his order. 


                Now I exit Solar each time I leave my counter computer so it will not happen again.  What a pain, especially the wait to get back on the system.  Is there a better way?


                Counter Chris from Pennsylvania


Dear Chris,


                Yes, the Order Log (and other logs) keep track of a lot of information and changes as they are processed.  They are very helpful to reconstruct 'what happened'.  And they dutifully label all actions to the user logged on.

                 No, you do not have to exit Solar each time you are away from your computer.


                First, if it is a short time, just LOCK your computer. It is on the FILE menu, listed as Lock Solar.  (ALT 'F', then 'L')  This will keep every window open but not let anyone work under your name.  If someone wants to use your computer, they can minimize your screen and start their own session.  This should be used for short periods of time as you look to others as if you are online and you will be consuming a user license.  When you return, you just enter your password and you are right back where you left off.

                 Second, you can close your open windows and then from the same FILE menu use New User.  (ALT 'F', then 'N')  This will shut down your session BUT let you get back on much quicker.  Your computer will not have to fully re-initialize Solar, as it will be still running but not as you and not consuming a user license.  This is great for when you go to lunch or leave for a period of time. 

                 Finally, of course you can fully exit Solar (after closing all windows) from the File menu (ALT 'F', then 'X') or click on the 'X' in the top right corner.  This should always be done when you are leaving for the day.



                Uncle Frank

Cloud LSI Introduction

by Second Phase

Second Phase, one of the leading firms in providing Customer Portals to wholesale distributors, is pleased to introduce Cloud LSI as a product data management solution for Second Phase's ecommerce platform (now used by more than 100 Eclipse customers).   As shown in this graphic, Cloud LSI is meant to be a complete product data and intelligent search hub coupled with a product information management (PIM) tool to be shared by all a distributors' branches, divisions, and/or members of a buying group.


Cloud LSI is a true SAAS solution in that it provides a completely turnkey solution based on the latest real-time scalable hosting platform*.  This means that for a reasonable monthly fee the distributor gets the following:

  • The distributor can use the Cloud LSI platform to create an open source data repository that dramatically increases the richness of each branches ecommerce and other apps/software experience.
  • Automatically collects data from all the typical sources for distributors including data service companies (like Trade Service (special pricing is available)), vendor provided data, and a distributors' PIM entered data on a daily basis and augments the data with real time pricing and availability from Eclipse or other ERP's.
  • Provides a very easy to use Product Information Management (PIM) tool for doing mass edits to the data, configuring auto data imports, setting security on data (private or shared), and indexing data for intelligent search capabilities.
  • Can be implemented at the Buyer's Group level so every member can add to and access data from a master catalog that benefits everyone.
  • Hosted on a real time scalable service that optimizes speed and security at all times.
  • Works directly with Second Phases' Customer Portal Solution, third party software and mobile apps needing product data through a REST API connection**.

Please contact Second Phase at 303-582-9326 to hear all the details and to see a demonstration of LSI and PIM, bringing the best data and ecommerce solution together as one turnkey solution.

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