January 2015
Welcome users to an exciting year for Eclipse.
Chris Bohn, President


2015 is shaping up to be a great year for your User's group and Eclipse.  First things first...as this is my first letter as your Eclipse User's Group President, or as I would like to be known, your Chief Eclipse Advocate, let me say a warm thank you to all of you that voted to keep me on the board and represent your interests over the next year.  I have some very large shoes to fill as Kris Hopkins steps down as President and I attempt to represent you as well as she has done for the last two years.  I'd also like to welcome Kevin Stevenson of Springfield Electric to the User's Group Executive Committee, replacing me as this year's Vice President and Enhancement Committee Chair.  I'd like to say he has some big shoes to fill, but....


In this opening letter, I'd like to highlight the TOP headline news worthy topics you can expect to benefit from this year.   


1)  Eclipse 9.0: ...Next Generation Solar....New Interface...  I can't imagine a larger change in 2015 than the upcoming release of Eclipse 9.0 in the February(ish) time frame.  You can expect 9.0 to dominate conversations, presentations, upgrades, and I expect training in 2015.  If you haven't seen previews yet, I promise you will like what you see.  9.0 is only the start of what I expect to be the modernization of Solar, as the new user interface will mostly relate to the main Solar screen and messaging.  Expect the UI to trickle down to other areas of Eclipse in future releases.



2)    Visioning Deep Dive:  The Enhancement Committee will be sponsoring a Visioning and Planning gathering at the end of February in Colorado.  It has been several years since representatives of the user's community gathered together with a blank slate and threw ideas up in the air to see what big future trends fall out.  The last session resulted in very large improvements to Eclipse over the following few years.  Specifically, the Product Life Cycle tools and the dramatic improvements to purchasing and forecasting came as a direct result of the last visioning deep dive.  We are looking forward to a productive session and are excited about the possibilities for future modifications. 


3)    Training - You continued to speak loudly regarding training in 2014.  The decision to sponsor free online training classes as part of your dues continues to be a success as the number of attendees has increased in 2014.  Expect that to continue in 2015.  For those of you that don't take advantage of the classes, you are missing a golden opportunity to improve your company's efficiencies by using Eclipse to its fullest potential....and did I mention, 

t h e y   a r e   f r e e e e e e!   


4)    Encounter 2015 - Our second annual Encounter in Atlanta in 2014 was again a huge success and was significantly larger than the first one.  Expect Encounter 2015 to be even larger and more jam-packed with classes and expanded tracks.  If you only have enough funds for one external training event this year...look no further.  Encounter is an inexpensive way to gain top notch Eclipse Education along with a great opportunity to network with other Eclipse users with similar challenges. Encounter 2015 is set for September 14 & 15 in San Antonio, TX, with registration and Welcome Reception on the 13th.  Mark your calendars now!


While these are the big headline items, you can expect much more this year.  There is a lot your User's Group has to offer, and I hope you will make a commitment in 2015 to take every advantage the User Group offers you.  You can expect to hear a recurring drumbeat from me this year as I will continually be asking what you are doing to help your company take advantage of all Eclipse offers your business. That is one of the primary reasons this User's Group exists.   We are here to help you implement Eclipse successfully and to make Eclipse a better product tomorrow than it is today.


Thanks and welcome to 2015! 




Pricing Hierarchy and Best Price Check

by John Heinzel, Revere Electric


With the right combination of control record settings and matrix creation, you can get Eclipse to price items however you want. The key is in understanding HOW Eclipse pricing works, and setting up your pricing to work within that framework.


The Pricing Hierarchy:

If you have the Control Record "Best Price Check Through Matrix Cells" set to All, then when Eclipse is calculating the price for an item on a sales order, it looks through all the matrix cells that apply to the product and product Sell Group for the Ship-To customer and Bill-To customer and any contracts saved to those customers. The order in which it looks through these is important ONLY if Best Price Check is unchecked (set to No in Eterm) for more than one matrix. If Best Price Check is set to Yes (checked) on ALL matrices, then the system uses the lowest price. If Best Price Check is set to No (unchecked) on a single matrix out of all matrices that could be used, Eclipse will use THAT one.

With the previously mentioned control record set, Eclipse will go through ALL the matrix cells in the order listed in the Pricing Hierarchy, but it will STOP at the first matrix it hits with Best Price Check set to No (unchecked in Solar). You can find a complete table showing the pricing hierarchy in the Eclipse Help (search for Pricing Matrix Hierarchy Details). I'm not going to include it here. Instead, I'll give you this simple rule: The hierarchy goes from smallest to largest. Smallest is on an individual sales order and product. Above that is an individual order and a product group. A product is always before that product's group. In the same way, a customer specific matrix is always before a contract. A Ship-To matrix will be hit before a Bill-To.


The Pricing Dilemma:

For YEARS we had Best Price Check set to No by default on all matrices. Because of that, there was much confusion over why one matrix was used over another. With Best Price Check set to No, the first matrix hit will always be used. This is usually OK because it will be a product specific over the group matrix, or a customer specific over a contract saved to customers. But then there were times we did NOT want the higher priced matrix to be used, so people would manually change the Best Price Check flag to Yes on the Product matrix so the Group matrix was used instead. So we then had some set to Yes and some to No. Another problem was when there were multiple groups specified in a contract. A product may have several Sell Groups, and there may be a different pricing formula for one group vs another. With Best Price Check set to No on the Matrices, Eclipse will stop at the first Sell Group listed in the Product file. We were then struggling to load the Sell Groups in the right order so the first one hit would be the one we wanted to take priority. When we had contracts that "MUST" be used regardless of the resulting price, we would load them as Customer Specific so they would be hit before the contracts, but sometimes those overlapped with other customer specific contracts, and when they did we wanted the best price to be used, but had no way to make that happen.

The Pricing Solution:

So we changed all matrices via Mass Load from Best Price Check set to No to setting it to Yes. Then on an individual contract basis where there were exceptions for products, we set those to No.


Here's a BIG FAT WARNING: If you want to report on, or mass load to, the MATRIX file, please note that the BEST_PRICE dictionary is BACKWARDS! 1=NO (unchecked) and 0=YES (checked), unlike every other Y/N dictionary in Eclipse.


Here's what we at Revere consider to be the best practice:

  1. Control Record "Best Price Check Through Matrix Cells" set to All
  2. By default, load ALL matrices with Best Price Check set to Yes.
  3. For Exceptions, where you want to be sure a matrix is used, even when it results in a higher price, set Best Price Check to No on those cells.

Having it set this way, maintaining pricing is much easier. We don't care about the order of Sell Groups in the Product file. We know the best price will always be used unless we specify otherwise.


Assume you have a contract that includes both sell groups and individual products. Some of the products may be included in one of the groups. The matrix for the product may result in a higher price than the matrix for the group. What do you do to make sure the Group level matrix is used instead of the lower priced Group matrix? Uncheck the Best Price Check flag on the Group matrix.


Support Corner
by Epicor Eclipse Support

Copy to Clipboard feature in Solar Release 8.78 and higher


In order entry, you can right click on the order number at the bottom of the order.




You will then be able to select copy order ID to clipboard.


Coming Soon Vendor Partner Forums
by Mary Barlow, Executive Director UFO

We have added a new Vendor Partnership Level which enables those Premium Vendor Partners to have a Forum on the Bulletin Boards. Now don't worry, they won't be able to see any Forum but their own.

These Vendor Forums will allow all of the membership to see and post questions or comments to the specific Vendor Partners concerning their product(s). All Vendor Partner Forums will be open to all logged in members. 

The Vendor Partner will receive an email when someone posts a thread, just as you do if you have subscribed to a Forum. They will be able to post threads to their own Forum and of course answer threads posted by members.
This should be very helpful to both Vendor Partners and the members which are using products from our Vendor Partners. 

Our goal is to have the Forums for these new Premium Level Vendor Partners up and running by the end of January, if not sooner. Please Note: Not All Vendor Partners have become a Premium Level Vendor Partner so not all third party products will have a Forum. I can tell you that as of this printing there will be eleven Vendor Forums.

We hope that everyone will find these new Forums useful.

How Would You Like to be a Media Star?

Epicor is looking for a few users who are willing to be interviewed on camera about their successful use of the Eclipse software.


People who have done this before tell us that you don't need to prepare anything just answer a few questions about your everyday experience of using Eclipse. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. Just a short Q&A with you and the Epicor person, no big production.


These interviews are done during Insights so you would have to be planning on attending. Insights 2015 will be in Nashville, TN on May 18-21, 2015.


If you would like to volunteer please send Mary Barlow an email with your contact information, company name and position in the company. We will forward it on to the Epicor contact for you.


This could be your 15 minutes, more like 2 minutes, of fame! Like any business a good reference from a current users helps to promote a product to new sales. We all want continued growth for both Epicor and Eclipse because that helps our business' to be more productive as well.


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