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December Web Sessions
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Dec 1, 2014
New Hire #1 Eterm Basic System Navigation 
Webinar - Zerion
Dec 2, 2014
New Hire #2 Eterm Basic System Navigation Sales 
Webinar - Zerion
Dec 2, 2014
Why Tour de Force CRM?

Vendor Presentation - Tour de Force
Dec 3, 2014
New Hire #3 Eterm Basic System Navigation Purchasing 
Webinar - Zerion
Dec 4, 2014
New Hire #4 Eterm Basic System Navigation Warehouse
Webinar - Zerion
Dec 11, 2014
Cut Product 
User Led Roundtable 
Dec 16, 2014
Sales Tax Processing Simplified: An Introduction to Tax Connect 
Vendor Presentation - Avalara 

Happy & Safe Holiday Season to all of our members!
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Support Corner Important for Rel 8.7.8 Upgrade Customers
by Camille Alberico, Senior Manager, Eclipse Software Support/Customer Support

Important reminder for customers upgrading to Release 8.7.8:


Material Return Control Enhancements

Rel 8.7.8 - Support Documentation 

In Release 8.7.8, new authorization keys and return controls for returning material for customers.


Authorization Keys - Review Required

As of this release, only SUPERUSERS can process credit return generations. This means any non-superusers cannot use the Pick Up Now status or directly invoice the credit sales order generation. In order to process a credit return generation, users need the SOE.RETURN.PROCESS authorization key.


Authorization Keys - Review Recommended

While not required, we recommend reviewing the following authorization keys in connection to the material return process:


Users must have the SOE.RGA.REQUIRED authorization key assigned to process a credit generation without having an RGA number defined for the product being returned.


* SOE.ALLOW.NONRETURN (new)- Allows users to enter a negative quantity for items set to Never in the Customer Return Allowed column in Product User Control Parameters in Primary Inventory Maintenance. For information about marking products as non-returnable, see Setting Product User Control Parameters in the Forecasting online help documentation.


* SOE.NONRETURN.PROCESS (new) - Allows users to process credit return generations with items that are set to Never in the Customer Return Allowed or Vendor Return Allowed columns in Product User Control Parameters in Primary Inventory Maintenance.


* SOE.RETURN.ALLOWED - Allows access to return a product after the time limit specified in the Maximum Number Of Days Allowed For Returns On Nonstock Items and Maximum Number Of Days Allowed For Returns On Stock Items control maintenance records. * Level 1 - Allows the user to make a return after the return time period for stock items. Assign this level to return stock items without an original sales order number.

* Level 2 - Allows the user to make a return for all items, regardless of time. Assign this level to return stock or non-stock items without an original sales order number.



Control Maintenance Records

If you have the Disable Phantom Processing For Credit Sales Orders control maintenance record set to No, the system processes the credit order regardless of this authorization key assignment. Not required for users with the SUPERUSER authorization key.



For Eclipse Element customers

A recently discovered security vulnerability (known as POODLE) with SSL v3.0 protocol triggered Element Payment services to announce on 10/23 that they will cease supporting SSL v3.0 for secure transaction processing. Eclipse was connecting to Element using SSL v3.0 so a programming change was required to switch to TLS 1.0. Thus, Patch DNV616 was created, and tested by Eclipse to use TLS instead of SSL v3.  To continue successful Element transaction processing this critical patch was automatically applied to your system on the evening of 10/28/14.

Trade Service e-Commerce Content Services
Trade Service Vendor Partner


It seems like everyone's talking about e-commerce and for good reason.  Amazon, Alibaba, Grainger, and a host of other competitive threats are targeting the traditional distribution channel, and our industry needs to be taking appropriate steps to ensure competitiveness going forward. 


Many distributors are already working on e-commerce sites that offer shopping cart and customer-portal capability, and we applaud those efforts.  But many distributors hit a snag when it comes to acquiring the enriched content they need:  complete descriptions, images, specification pages, feature/benefit text, and even logistical data for calculating point-of-sale shipping cost. 


That's where Trade Service comes in.  We have an affordable service that can create all the rich product content you require, in the formats you need, and in a time frame that enables you to respond quickly to emerging threats.  Our Custom Content Service helps launch a site to take care of your existing customers, appeal to new customers, and even go after the consumer market where it makes sense. 


Our content already load seamlessly into the Eclipse PDW module, and from there, this same content can be leveraged to enrich the Eclipse enterprise, as well as popular 3rd party applications like Second Phase and Innovo. 


Here's some of the basic fields supported by our content services:


e-Commerce Content Data Elements


Logistical Fields

Package Weight     Package Height  
Package Length Package Volume
Package Width        



Descriptive Fields 

Product Name (single word or short phrase that identifies item - i.e. Power Receptacle)
 Long Description (concatenation of selected technical attributes)
Invoice Description (limited to 35 characters with abbreviations)

 Marketing Text (major product benefits separated by semi-colons) 


Attributed Content 

Four-Level Categorical Drill-Down Structure 

Level 1 = Level 2 =  Level 3 = Level =4


Product Images (captured as JPEG)

Product Image (Hi-Res) -
Pixel Size: 500 x 500 300 DPI
Product Image (Lo-Res) - 
Pixel Size: 500 x 500 72 DPI


Information Attachments (captured as .PDF) 

Catalog Cutsheet (manufacturer page(s) on which item is described)MSDS Sheet 

Installation Instructions 


Spec Sheet (Additional data sheet, especially if needed for submittal process)


Although not every e-commerce application will need all of these content elements, our programs can capture and deliver the exactly what's needed for any project. 


For more information contact: Bob Stone, Director of Business Development

Trade Service, A Trimble Company Phone: 317-733-8939

Calling all Volunteers....the Enhancement Committee needs you! 

by Chris Bohn, Enhancement Committee Chair, VP Eclipse Users Group (UFO)


We currently have the following open positions on the Enhancement committee:


Advanced Technologies- Lead and Co-Lead positions 

E-Mobile & E-Commerce - Lead and Co-Lead Positions 

Sales & Marketing - Co-Lead Position 

System & Utilities - Co-Lead Position 

Warehouse Logistics - Co-Lead Position 

Job Management - Co-Lead Position


If you have a passion for any of these areas, please contact Chris Bohn at<> and put your name into the mix to be part of an exciting committee to help Epicor develop Eclipse for the future!


Here are the general "obligations" you must fulfill if you are part of the committee:

  • Enhancement Committee Roles:  There are two types of positions:
    •  Lead = the primary person responsible for the Community. Primary person invited to annual face-2-face meetings.  Primary spokesperson on the monthly committee calls
    • Co-Lead (Your position) = Person to cover the tasks of the lead if the lead is absent from the meetings.  Provide feedback and input to committee questions.  Would move into the Lead position if position is vacated.
  • Enhancement Committee Roles, Tasks, and Activities
    • The Lead and Co-Lead meet independent of the Committee to discuss the ideas on the community prior to the monthly committee meeting.
    • Attend monthly Committee conference calls.  (Scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00pm Eastern)
    • Review the Ideas Site Community Ideas and make comments, seek clarification from the authors, and represent the user in any committee discussions.
    • Discuss any idea that sparks an interest or want others feedback in your reviews at the Monthly meetings.
    • Interface with Eclipse Program Development for any ideas that are unclear or if you are unsure if the ideas is already
    • Respond with workarounds to the user's idea if you know of any.
    • Attend and provide feedback on periodic webinars / demos from Eclipse on the latest product developments and upcoming enhancements on the next Eclipse point release.  We are helping to steer the enhancements and providing clarification on how an enhancement / features are implemented.


Let me know your interest in joining the team!

Chris Bohn, Enhancement Committee Chair


Did You Forget or Never Knew??

Purging Expired Matrix Cells and Purging Rebate Detail 

By Elizabeth Richardt - CappUSA


Purging Expired Matrix Cells is only in Eterm. If you open it in Solar it will take to Eterm automatically, so your user must have Eterm loaded."Purge Expired Matrix Cells" is available for housekeeping and for reclaiming disk space.  Before doing this purge, verify that the Valid Customer Price Classes control maintenance record defines all customer price classes used in the cells. The program does not purge matrix cells that use undefined price classes.


To purge From Solar



From Eterm

F1 - Files    "U" Merge/Purge  "C" Purge Expired Matrix Cells

  • Purge All Matrix Cells that Expire Before prompt - enter the date of the expired matrix cells that the earliest matrix cells you want to KEEP.
  • Then Type "Delete" to start the Purge.
  • When prompted for "Reason for Change" - Enter your reason for deleting. (Note: This will be recorded in the Change Log.) Press Esc to begin deleting.
  • The system deletes the expired matrix cells, displays a message noting the number of deleted cells, and prompts you to press Enter to continue. 

Purging Rebate Detail File is only in Eterm. If you open it in Solar it will take to Eterm automatically, so your user must have Eterm loaded.

The Rebate Detail file stores data for the Customer Sales Rebate Report when you run the report using the Book Letter of Credit option, which automatically creates a purchase order for the requested rebate.

Use the Purge Rebate Detail utility to purge canceled purchase orders or orders that have been claimed from the vendor.

Eclipse recommends purging the Rebate Detail file once a month. Use the scheduler to purge this file on a regular basis.

To Purge from Solar



From Eterm

F1 - Files    "U" Merge/Purge  "D" Purge Rebate Detail File


Purge Rebate Detail File as of field,  

  • Enter the date on or before which the system should use to purge all canceled purchase orders or orders that have been claimed from the vendor.
  • For example, if you enter 12/31/2013, the system purges all canceled purchase orders created on or before December 31, 2013.
  • Do one of the following to run the purge:
    • Begin Purge - Purges the expired rebate detail information immediately
    • Opts and then select Scheduling - Schedules the purge to run at another time.
  • You will receive a message when the Purge is complete.

Marketing Committee Update

by Robert Hascall, Marketing  Committee Chair




The Marketing Committee is looking for member companies and their associates who are willing to contribute their time each month to help with the newsletter.  If you're looking for way to get involved with the UFO, this is the perfect point of entry!  Helping with the newsletter involves 2-3 hours each month ensuring that content from various contributors is received, proofed and organized for distribution.  The final task is to proof the newsletter itself before being sent to the membership.  If you're interested, contact Mary Barlow at


Web Development

Keeping stride with the onward march of web-technologies is an ongoing and involved process.  It seems that with each passing year, new advancements promising improved efficiency, effectiveness and user experience require review.  The technology used to power the UFO site is no different.  Because of this, we're currently evaluating the UFO website and how maintenance, integration and add-on functionality can be improved by newer technologies.  More to come...



Are we still waiting for you to Like us?  If so, head on over to and like us right away!  Facebook is just another way that we reach out to our user community and so we hope you'll like us soon!  We're also working on adding our reach to Eclipse customers through LinkedIn.  If you're an Eclipse user, we'll do what we can to go where you are and remind you of the importance of membership.  Keep an eye out for this coming soon. 



Well, Encounter 2014 was a great success and planning for Encounter 2015 has already begun!  But our next opportunity to meet up and network will be Insights 2015 in May 2015 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville Tennessee!  Rest assured that we're working hard to help ensure your experience will be a productive one as well as a great opportunity to network and gather productive takeaways. 


See you soon!


Robert Hascall

Marketing Committee Chair

We wish all of our members a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season! 
We hope to hear you on a Web class or see you at a Local On-site or at Insights or Encounter 2015! 
May your 2015 be Healthy, Happy and Prosperous!

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