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Nov 3, 2014
New Hire #1 Solar Basic System Navigation 
Webinar - Zerion
Nov 4, 2014
New Hire #2 Solar Basic System Navigation Sales 
Webinar - Zerion
Nov 5, 2014
New Hire #3 Solar Basic System Navigation Purchasing 
Webinar - Zerion
Nov 6, 2014
New Hire #4 Solar Basic System Navigation Warehouse
Webinar - Zerion
Nov 13, 2014
Physical Inventory Prep Eterm
Webinar- Zerion
Nov 19, 2014
Contacts - Why Use Them?Eterm & Solar Presented
User Led Roundtable 
Nov 20, 2014
Webinar - Zerion

Happy Thanksgiving
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Canada's Thanksgiving was Oct. 13th. Hope it was a great day for you all!
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Did You Forget or Never Knew?? - Purging Expired Price Sheets

By Elizabeth Richardt - CappUSA


Purging Expired Price Sheets is only in Eterm. If you open it in Solar it will take you to Eterm automatically, so your user must have Eterm loaded.

I know we all have old price sheets that set out there forever; but there is a "Purge price sheets" available for housekeeping. Purging price sheet with old effect dates will also reclaim disk space.

To run the purge, you need to specify the following parameters:

  • A cut-off date.
  • The number of price sheet effective dates to keep regardless of the cut-off date.

Note:  Price sheets must meet both criteria before they will purge.

I.e. Price line "Delta" has a price sheet with the following three effective dates: 04/25/2006, 05/10/2007 and 04/30/2010.

  • If you enter 01/01/2009 in the Purge Price Effective Dates Before field, and 3 in the # of Price Effective Dates to Keep field, the system does not purge any of the sheets because none of the existing price sheets meet both criteria.
  • If you enter 01/01/2009 in the Purge Price Effective Dates Before field, and 2 in the # of Price Effective Dates to Keep field, then the price sheet with the effective date of 04/25/2006 will be purged.

Note: The number of days entered in the Purge Age (days) field on the Price Sheet Entry screen does not affect this purge routine when creating a new effective date.

 To purge expired price sheets:

  • Solar - Maintenance->Merge/Purge-Purge Price Sheets (Eterm - F1 "U" "S")

  • In the Purge Price Effective Dates Before field, enter the cut-off date before which to purge effective date prices for the specified price sheets.
  • In the # of Price Effective Dates to Keep field, enter the minimum number of price sheet effective dates to maintain for the indicated price sheets regardless of the cut-off.
    • In the Price Line field, enter the price line or leave blank to purge ALL price sheets.  If you have multiple price lines, use the Price Lines hot key.

Note: By default, the system displays *ALL* in the Price Sheet field and deletes all expired price sheets in the designated price lines.

  • To delete a single expired price sheet, enter the price sheet ID in the Price Sheet field.
  • To delete multiple expired price sheets, use the Price Sheets hot key.
  • Press Alt "B"egin hot key to start the purge routine.
  • The system returns you to the Merge/Purge menu. When the routine completes, the system notifies you with a message.
  • To verify that all price sheet purges are complete:

Solar - Maintenance->Merge/Purge-Purge Price Sheets (Eterm - F1 "U" "S")

  • Use the Check Incomplete Purge hot key to list the purges that aborted before completion or are still running.

You can run the purges again, as needed.

  • Press Esc to exit the Purge Price Sheets screen and return to the Merge/Purge menu.

Before Purging Price Sheets Make Sure You Don't Have Contract Pricing Using Those Sheets

Phocas Software Tops Thirteen Categories in World's Largest Business Intelligence Software Survey

Phocas Software - Vendor Partner Phocas_logo


Global business intelligence (BI) software firm  Phocas Software has ranked on top of its competitors in 13 categories and scored outstanding results in 26 others in the latest findings from the world's largest survey of business intelligence software users.

The BARC BI 2014 Survey findings ranked Phocas on top in key areas in the visual discovery peer group including:


* Business benefits - such as increased employee satisfaction and better business decision making

* Mobile BI use - how many sites use Mobile BI with their business intelligence tool

* Cloud BI - access their data from a secured internet environment

* Project Length - how long it takes to implement the product

* Performance Satisfaction - top ranked Visual Discovery Vendor in performance satisfaction

* Recommendation - reflecting satisfied users willing to endorse the product to their peers


"Our strong performance in BARC BI 2014 demonstrates that Phocas is an innovative business intelligence software solution which continues to evolve and set the standard", Phocas Co- Founder Myles Glashier said.


"Our aim is to provide a simple BI tool that allows our customers to increase their profits, uncover new sales opportunities and make data driven business decisions. Our results in BARC BI 2014 are testament to the fact Phocas is returning excellent value to our clients".


Phocas Software's Mobile Business Intelligence tool was particularly successful, leading the field in both the ad-hoc reporting and visual discovery categories.


"We decided in 2012 to focus on creating an innovative and accessible mobile BI solution. We were quick to respond to the emergence of tablets in the marketplace and these results are indicative of our dedication to create a high performing mobile BI tool", Glashier said.


BARC's research found that "Phocas customers rate the tool very highly across a number of categories in The BI Survey 14, and are willing to recommend it even more frequently than users of rival data discovery products such as Tableau and QlikView".


Founded in 1999 in the United Kingdom by Chairman Paul Magee and Australian Myles Glashier, Phocas serves over 1,000 customers across the globe. In the 2013/2014 financial year, Phocas grew by 47% in the United States and by 20% in the Australian and United Kingdom markets.


To download the full ratings for Phocas Software BARC BI 2014, click here


For more information, contact Jamie Brooks on 1-877.387.4004 x711 or

The UFO Advice Column
by 'Uncle' Frank Ousterhout



Dear Uncle Frank,


                I recently started using the Bulletin Boards on the UFO website.  WOW!  I asked a simple question and had several experienced Eclipse users give me some great advice.  One 'veteran' even communicated privately to me with an extended explanation.


                I also used the Search feature to seek out topics and I found a lot of valuable information.


                However I was a bit upset with myself when one of my threads had a new posting but I did not see the response in a timely manner.  Is there some way for the Bulletin Board to reach out to me with new thread updates?


                'Short-Circuit' Mike from Chicago, IL




Dear Mike,


                I am happy that you 'discovered' the UFO Bulletin Boards.  With over 36,000 posts to more than 8,700 threads there is a tremendous amount of Eclipse knowledge available to you AND for all employees of UFO member companies.  As you have found out, the topics are organized by categories into Forums.  Often I will go to the Bulletin Boards first before contacting Epicor support when an issue arises or if I need more information on some Eclipse topic.


                To answer your notification situation, check out 'Thread Tools' on each thread.  Clicking on it will give you a drop-down menu that includes: Show Printable Version, Email this Page, and Subscribe to this Thread.  When you start a subscription to the thread you can choose how to be notified.  Choices include Control Panel, Instant, Daily, or Weekly.  For the threads I am watching, I chose Daily and an email arrives (only once a day) if there are any new posts.


                Similar tools are at the Forum (topic) level and you can also subscribe to any Forum .  That way you can get all posts from a Forum that represents your specific interest or Eclipse function at your company.


                There are Search tools at both the Forum level and at the Thread level.  You can do simple searches or very detailed searches.


                Finally, on the left side of the Bulletin Board Screen are tools to manage your subscriptions (and other tools.)



                Uncle Frank 

Focus on serving customers, not entering orders

by Auto Order Conexiom - ecmarket


Whether your organization needs to accelerate sales order processing time, improve order accuracy, or lower costs, you can drive higher rates of customer satisfaction using 100% data-accurate sales order automation with Epicor AutoOrder powered by Conexiom.


AutoOrder quickly and accurately processes orders from your customers. Now, your employees can focus on delivering customer service and support, instead of manually entering faxed or emailed orders. Further, customers won't complain about dealing with dual entry - keying orders into both their purchase order system and again into your self-serve e-commerce or web order entry system.


AutoOrder converts inbound purchase orders from each customer's unique format into standardized, structured electronic orders which are automatically processed into Epicor Eclipse with 100% data accuracy. AutoOrder fills a gap not served by current EDI, ecommerce (self-serve web order entry), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions. It is simple and cost effective, plus there is no need to make any process changes, implement specialized IT infrastructure, or provide ongoing maintenance.


Learn more by watching our short animated video below, just click the picture.:




















Delivered as a companion to Epicor Eclipse systems, AutoOrder seamlessly imports order data from printed or emailed orders into Epicor systems. This inbound order automation solution can be easily deployed, is end customer operation system agnostic, and leverages existing people, processes, and systems.


Discover the Top 5 Reasons to Automate Order Processing by downloading your free eBook:


About Epicor AutoOrder


Epicor AutoOrder powered by Conexiom allows Epicor Eclipse users to focus on serving customers, not entering orders. The patent-pending Conexiom sales automation solution was created by ecmarket inc., a cloud solutions developer. Epicor AutoOrder enables printed or emailed customer purchase orders to be converted to electronic sales orders automatically, eliminating manual entry and allowing distributors to better serve their customers.


With 100% data capture accuracy, Conexiom has become a reliable business solution that helps customers to maintain a competitive edge. Conexiom is used by some of the world's most innovative companies including 3M and Fabory (a Grainger company). For more information visit


Enhancement Committee News

by Chris Bohn, VP UFO and Enhancement Committee Chair



As we approach the end of the year, I thought I would give you an update on some of the statistics related to enhancements.




The attached chart shows a comparison of 2013 ideas vs 2014 ideas as of mid-October.  The numbers are not easy to read, but what I would like to point out is that the number of ideas that are now GENERAL AVAILABLE (GA) jumped from 20 in 2013 to 60 in 2014 which is a change of 40 for those of you math challenges!  For a comparison, when I presented this information in 2013 at Insights, the difference was four (4).  Your ideas do matter!  This improvement is as a result of two parts.  First, we have had an increased focus on every ideas on the Ideas site based upon the Deep Dive session the enhancement committee has been performing with the Product Managers (well, specifically Bill Wright!) to try to bring more visibility to the ideas and squeeze more enhancements into the release.  The Second part is more accidental, in that as we go over the ideas, we discovered that many ideas were implemented but we, i.e. the committee, didn't realize the ideas had become a reality!  Part of our action items from our Face to Face meeting in September is to develop better communications with the Eclipse Product Mangers to determine what was completed.  At face value, this doesn't seem like a big task, but in reality is does take a lot of coordination and effort to match ideas to new code.  Again, we will attempt to streamline this process and provide better feedback to you.


I mentioned in the last article about an Ideas Innovation Summit.  We are still planning to hold that in February.  As a reminder, Product Life Cycle and the Purchasing Enhancements in 8.7.9 were born from the last Innovation Summit we help a few years ago.  We are still working on the specific date in February and will gather a team to represent a broad spectrum of users to determine some of the "next big things" to enhance your business.    


I continue to be excited and encouraged by the real commitment and investment Epicor is making into Eclipse.  The User's Group Board of Directors held a meeting in October at an Epicor office in Pennsylvania.  At that meeting we had presentations from the key Eclipse divisions -Support, Development, Professional Services, Education, and Sales.  We also had an opening session with Donna Troy, the head of Epicor Distribution in North America.  Across the board we heard that Eclipse is a go forward product and that they will continue to invest in Eclipse.  One of the big numbers that jumped out at me in regard to enhancements was that Eclipse now has 41 developers working on code.  That is a HUGE number when compared to just a couple of years ago when it was approximately a third of that.  We have heard from many fronts that with the quantity of enhancements being released, it is hard for many companies to implement them before the next wave of enhancements come out!  Expect more of the same with Eclipse 9.0 due out in the second quarter of 2015. 


As always, don't forget to vote!


Christopher Bohn

Director of Information Technology

(P) 717-274-5999 Ext. 1061

(F) 717-273-2749

2014 Has Been an Exciting Time for the Vendor Relations Committee!

by Bill Fitzgerald, Vendor Relations Committee Chair


Happy November!  Before we all take a much-deserved break with family and friends we'd like to update you on what has been happening with the Vendor Relations Committee in 2014. 


The number of vendor partners is at its highest ever!  We currently have 26 vendor partners and 20 of these partners participated in the very successful Encounter event in September.  Both vendors and attendees agreed that the training and opportunity to interact face to face was well worth the time away from the office.  Our vendor partners offer everything from product/pricing content to mobile solutions and the dues paid by vendor partners allows the User's Group to offer free training to our members.  If there is a vendor you've worked with that you think offers a product or service that our members would value, please email and we will send them an application package. 


With the addition of so many new vendors, the Vendor Relations Committee needs to grow to support the responsibilities of having 26 vendor partners.  These responsibilities include, onboarding new vendor partners, scheduling presentations, reviewing presentations, etc.  Our original members include Randy Collins, Veronica Guillen and I, and we are fortunate to have the following folks joining the committee...

  • Daron Brown - FD Lawrence
  • Page Schrock - Trade Supply Group
  • Alison Levy - Needham Electric Supply
  • Andrew Pearan - Spaenaur Fasteners
  • Daniel Willison - USESI

If you want to learn more about the vendors that will add value to your Eclipse experience and be the first to learn about new vendor partners, I encourage you to volunteer for the committee.  If you are interested in participating on the committee, please email me directly at

On behalf of the Vendor Relations Committee, we would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season.


New & Returning Members October 2014
Company Name
Johnstone Supply #45
Tri Star Industrial
WA Birdsall & CoLindenNJ
United Electric Chino
Eclipse Users Group/UFO | 813-643-1001 | |
1104 N Parsons Ave
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Brandon, FL 33510
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