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March Web Classes Posted - New 4 part New Hire!
Class TitleFormat / Presented by
March 3,, 2014
New Hire #1 Solar Basic System Navigation 
Webinar - Zerion
March 4, 2014
New Hire #2 Solar Basic System Navigation Sales 
Webinar - Zerion
March 5, 2014
New Hire #3 Solar Basic System Navigation Purchasing 
Webinar - Zerion
March 6, 2014
New Hire #4 Solar Basic System Navigation 
Webinar - Zerion
March  13, 2014
Detail Scheduling Eterm 
Webinar --  Zerion
March 18, 2014
Innovo's Mobile Apps Brings Eclipse Back to the Future 
Vendor Product Webinar - Innovo
March 19, 2014
AP-Reconciling Purchase Orders To Invoices Eterm 
Webinar - Zerion
March 20, 2014
AP-Reconciling Purchase Orders To Invoices Solar 
Webinar - Zerion
March 20 & 21, 2014

Solar-The New Frontier-It's What You Make It! 


On-site - Tampa, FL - Zerion
March 25, 2014
"How Eclipse Users Overcome the Biggest Barrier to Higher Margin" Profit2 
Vendor Product Webinar - Profit2

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Insights 2014

by Cyndi Skweres, Electrical Distributors


So it's that time again!!! Have you signed up yet????

You know you should!



Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. The Extended Classes that are being offered on Saturday and Sunday!  Yes, they're an additional fee, BUT you get a full 4 hr. class on many topics such as Advanced Purchasing, the new Purchasing enhancements coming in 8.7.9, ICE and Eclipse Reports.
  2. This year the classes or breakout sessions on the agenda are far reaching ... they even have some great accounting classes this year and it always seems like accounting is left out at conferences.  So check it out if you're a bean-counter!
  3. The Eclipse Users Group (UFO) will be having their breakout session on Tuesday April 29th at 8AM to update you on all that is happening with the Users Group.  Come learn how to get the MOST out of your membership dollars.  Mary and Suzanne will be available in the UFO booth to talk to you about the website and how to go about getting your enhancement ideas onto the IDEAS site.  Please stop by and talk with them and meet your UFO board members.  They will have some neat giveaways and as always will have a couple of drawings for prizes; be sure to come by and enter.
  4. Networking!  One of the biggest "takeaways" you will get at Insights is the people you meet. Whether it be one of your peers who may be dealing with some of the same issues you are, or you're looking at adding companion product or need help with one.  Heck, you may even have the opportunity to rub elbows with an Eclipse Product Manager.  In any case, we're talking face-to-face interaction with those in the know.  One thing is for sure, learning is at every corner!
  5. At the Solutions Pavilion you actually get to see those new products you've been hearing about and speak to the third party vendors about how their products can add to your Eclipse solution.

Okay, there's actually one more reason...HEY it's Vegas!

Sign up today and make sure you bring LOTS of business cards!

The UFO Advice Column
by 'Uncle' Frank Ousterhout


"Uncle Frank" is on vacation this month. He was spotted in the Bahamas! Unfortunately, our shrewd spotter wasn't fast enough with his camera and captured only a photo of his chair while "Uncle Frank" escaped.

If you happen to spot "Uncle Frank" please contact us so we can get him back to work!

I Really Miss the Snow


Why Add the Thrive Technologies System to your Eclipse System?

 b Rick Morris, President 


Because Thrive's award winning system will add 5 points to your profit margin by increasing the sales and profits you are currently getting from your inventory investment. 


So exactly how does Thrive do this?




Every decision that you make in regards to your inventory is based on a forecast (or at least an educated guess) of how much you will sell in the future of each of your products.  Think about it.  If your current system estimates you will sell 5 units of one of your products next month when you really sell 20, you will probably lose some sales.  Vice versa, if your current system estimates 20 units next month and you sell 5, you will have more than you need.  If this keeps up, you may end up with dead stock that you can't get rid of.


Yet most distribution companies don't measure their forecast accuracy, and our experience has been that the forecast accuracy in Eclipse and other ERP systems is typically less than 50%.  No wonder companies constantly struggle with the double whammy of out of stocks and dead stock!


Thrive's patent pending forecast engine increases forecast accuracy to 90% or more, so you have the products your customers want to buy in stock, and not the ones that no one is buying.   




Thrive also leverages the latest in inventory replenishment science to guide your buyers to optimal inventory orders.  Since Thrive projects your 52 week inventory plan for each SKU at each warehouse every day, it can uniquely alert your buyers to potential issues before they occur. 


For senior managers, Thrive is a platform for strategic control of your inventory.  Thrive can simulate proposed changes to examine the impact before you put them into place.  For example, managers can easily modify inventory policies to change strategies (eg. increasing service levels on your most profitable items). Thrive also provides managers with a multitude of metrics and projections that shows how the company is doing against their inventory goals.  


Through improved forecast accuracy and proactive inventory intelligence, our customers have reduced lost sales by 70%, cut the buildup of dead stock, improved service levels by 5%, and increased turns by 20%.


Please email David Walker, for more information.

Thrive logo 

Support Corner
by Camille Alberico,
Senior Manager, Eclipse Software Support/Customer Support


There is a new Month-End procedures document found on the Customer website, under Documentation > Solar folder. The file name is: GL_SolarEclipseMonthEndProcedures.pdf. 




Page down through all the documents under "G" and you will find it!!



Growing your TOP Line in 2014! SMP Logo Lg

by SMP 


I was on a recent call with a group of distributors and asked them if they were interested in growing sales this year. I wasn't joking and it wasn't a rhetorical question. Of course, they all said yes. Quite honestly, I would have been shocked if anyone had said no. Every wholesaler wants to increase sales, right? However, most wholesalers don't have a solid business strategy to yield the sales growth they've set for their business.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have customers that are buying products from competitors that YOU could be selling?
  • Do your sales people walk by product sales opportunities at existing customers every day?
  • Do your inside sales and counter personnel neglect to add items to customer orders that they could really use?
  • Are you missing product sales opportunities with your suppliers at key customers?

If you answered yes to most of these... you need to take a hard look at what your sales growth objectives are and how you're going to achieve them. Execution is critical.


There are best practices that your competition is using that are helping them be more effective in these areas. 

Here are some ideas to start with:

  1. Analyze the mix of products you're selling by customer and identify complimentary products are that you currently aren't selling
  2. Analyze sales trends for customers and identify which accounts are trending down [year over year] by X% (<50%?) and make sure your sales team starts having conversations with them. Is this business going to the competition now?
  3. Leverage your suppliers! Share with your key suppliers sales [by customers, by sell category] for their items. Plan joint calls to help your sales team grow those categories.
  4. Share strengths across your team. Take a look at product or customer segments by rep and identify your superstars. Allow those reps to share what they are doing differently with the rest of the team.

Most of you probable already know this, so the big question is... are you doing this consistently to get the most out of your customer base?

If you are interested in how SMP can help you with your sales organization and growth objectives please email us at or visit


About SMP:
Sales Management Plus is a Cloud-Based CRM & Business Intelligence software program designed specifically for Eclipse users. 

Did You Forget or Never Knew??

By Elizabeth Richardt - CappUSA


Superseded Product Maintenance - SOLAR Only


I.   Superseded Product Maintenance - when you receive newer model products or replacement products for discontinued items. Superseded Product Maintenance makes processing updated products easier than managing each product through the product file one at a time. You can set all the required flags, such as adding PIL or demand, and find all the places that the original product was located. i.e. The product may be part of a kit or a work order template. You need to make sure the product that supersedes the original product is replaced in all the isolated areas.


Superseded Product Maintenance can give you a working list of products. You can enter all products to be replaced and do a mass update. Or you can save your list so that you can drill into the Product Families, Work Order Templates, or other areas that display at the bottom of the table. You can also recall your list if you do not want to manually update all the historic items. By creating a saved list, you do not have to go back and create a history report again. All the settings you create are housed here so you can reference them at a later date, if needed.


Note: The same logic for substitute, required, and related products apply. Make sure you have the new product set up prior to using the superseded products process.


For users to be prompted in order entry when an original product is available and allow them to sell the replacement product, assign the SELL.SUPERSEDED authorization key. If a user has this authorization key or is a Superuser and tries to sell a product that supersedes an older product and the older product still has remaining inventory, the user will get prompted to sell the original product instead of the replacement.


a.       On the Main Menu - select Maintenance->Merge/Purge->Superseded Product Maintenance


b.        Product List ID - (optional) - Enter your existing list name or use the drop down to select from previously created list. Select "New Product List" if you are creating a new list, - a box will open -enter your List Name. (Note: If not using a list, go straight to "Original Product" field

c.     Original Product field - enter your old product
d.     Replacement Product field - enter you new product
e.     Use the remaining columns to define how to handle the new product




f.      To apply settings to your list, from the File menu, select Update Products.
g.     To save your list settings and revisit them later, from the File menu, select Save.
h.     When you have finished entering the products and checking the boxes - 
      1. Click on the "Green" arrow for the system to for "Check original product location" information. i.e. Product Families, Work Order Templates, Kit Products, Matrix Cells
      2. If a box opens asking for "Product List ID" create one now
      3. You will get a message telling you Eclipse is retrieving the product history....
4.  When the information comes back - you will be able to drill into those areas listed at the bottom and make changes.


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