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Eclipse Users Group (UFO) Newsletter                                                                                          December   2013
December Web Classes Posted
Class TitleFormat / Presented by
December 4, 2013
New Hire #1 Eterm-Introduction To Eclipse 
Webinar - Zerion
December 5, 2013
New Hire #2 Eterm-Beyond The Basics 
Webinar - Zerion
December 12, 2013
SOE Advanced Eterm 
Webinar - Zerion

New & Returning Members in November

Atlanta Electrical DistributorsDuluth, GANew
BAC SalesHudson, NYNew
Todd Pipe
Anaheim, CA

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What's in a name?


The Annual Training and Networking Conference, now that's a mouth full!

Now that you've shown there is a need and desire for an annual Eclipse-only conference, we need your help with one more thing-naming the event!

Faster than you can say, "Contest with prizes," we'll send you a $100 American Express gift card for your winning idea.  Well, okay, you'll need to wait for the ever-reliable United States Postal Service.

Here are the rules & details:

  • The name must be a one-word title
  • Entries must be received by Monday December 16, 2013
  • Email your entry to Mary Barlow at edufo@eclipseuser.com
  • The winner will be chosen by the Eclipse Users Group, Training and Marketing Committees
  • If a name with multiple entries is selected, the winner will be determined by a blind drawing
  • The winner will be notified on Wednesday December 17, 2013 and announced in our January Newsletter


The UFO Advice Column
by 'Uncle' Frank Ousterhout


Dear Uncle Frank,

                I was hired originally to work in the warehouse at my company because of my past experience.  But now that they've realized I have other skills, I am spending most of my time on the computer. 


                I never took a typing (or keyboarding) course and so I frequently have problems with keyboard mistakes.  But when I try to change some existing data, I sometimes totally mess it up and then I am stumped trying to at least get back to the original data.  Does Eclipse have an 'undo' button?



                Fumble Fingers Fred



Dear Fred,

                Absolutely!  Eclipse has a feature that few are taught and few know about.


                When you are changing data in a field and need to restore the original data, just HOLD DOWN THE CONTROL KEY [Ctrl] AND TOUCH THE 'z' KEY.  That's for Solar, for Eterm it is Ctrl plus 'r'.


                In Solar, this works in many places.  Not only when changing an existing data field in a file but also for example when you are customizing your toolbar and have to retype the menu description. 


Try this technique wherever you need to 'bring back' data that was already there.  Please note this works only when you are still in a field.  You cannot go back to a previous field and bring back old data.



                Uncle Frank



Welcome Alison!


The UFO Board would like to welcome its newest addition to the Board; Alison Levy.  Alison has been appointed by Kris Hopkins, our President, and we know that Alison's contributions and expertise in the information technology field will benefit the entire UFO user community!


Alison is the IT Director for Needham Electric Supply.  Needham was founded in 1958 as a family-owned wholesale electrical distribution company serving commercial, industrial, educational and healthcare institutions in New England. This business grew steadily for 40 years, through dependable, on-time delivery of quality electrical and lighting supplies.


In 1990, the company entered a new, more aggressive growth phase, developing a more extensive regional wholesale business and a new National Accounts business, reaching its present size through organic growth and acquisition.


Alison began with Needham in 2011.  She holds a BS in IT and also a MBA.  As the IT Director she is responsible for all aspects of Information Technology.  Needham uses many of Eclipse's products including EDI, Outbound Email, Credit Card Processing, Web Integration, ICE, PDW, VSI Fax, Bill Trust, Starship, Signature Capture & Routeview.

Did You Forget or Never Knew??

By Elizabeth Richardt - CappUSA


Comment Types (Solar and Eterm)

Order Comments

Product Comments    


We all know that you can add a "Comment" on the body of your Sales Order, Purchase Order or Branch Transfer;  but did you know that you can control where Comments show, if they print and on what form? My examples will be in Solar but these options are also in Eterm.

  1.     Order Comments
    1.     Main Menu Bar -> System->System Files->Order Entry Comments Maintenance
2.      Click on the "New Comment" button to create a "New" comment
3.      New Comment Description box opens
a.      Enter the "Comment" type to be seen. Click on the "Ok" button

                       i.      Note: Maximum of 30 characters - I would suggest that if the comment is for a specific module; add the module name as part of it.

1.     ie. "S/O INTERNAL ONLY"



4,.   You will now see two columns;

a.      Left column - "Display Allowed" determines in which module the "Comment" will Display and if the "Comment" will print. If you don't select one of the "Printing" options, then the "Comment will only show on the screen

b.      Right column - "Entry Allowed" - select the box to enable entry and editing of the comment

5.       In my example I have selected for the comment to display in Sales Order Entry "SOE" only. No printing on any forms 


 6.     Header Comment box - This will be the first line of your comment which displays on the body of the sales order. 

a.      I would suggest that if the comment is an "Internal Comment" only, start the heading with asterisk and IC (**IC .....)

7.     Exit and Save your comment.

8.     From the body of SOE - select "Comment" - you will see your different types of comments.  Make sure you are sitting on the "Comment Type" you wish to use and then type your comment in the box on the right side. Exit and Save your comment back to your SO.



9.This is the way my comment displays on the body of my SO 


II. Product Comments

1.      Product comments are great to use for those times when you have the same information that is being used over and over on orders and you don't want to have to type the information every time. Product comments will display and print just like any other product, but should never have a value.

a.      Product File Maintenance - enter the Product Comment the same way you would any product, except for the "Status" type - select "COMMENT"

2. From the Body of your order enter a Qty of "1" and type in the information needed to find your comment just as you would for any product.

Support Corner

By Camille Alberico

Senior Manager, Eclipse Software Support/Customer Support


Java/Solar Update

Starting with release 878, which is due out in early calendar year 2014, Solar Eclipse will be compatible with Java 7 update 45.  From release 878 forward, we will use the latest version of Java that is available when we create our new development environment, and when the Eclipse release is complete, that will become the certified Java version.  Any Java versions that are released during our 3 -4 month development cycle, will be certified in our next release iteration.  As always, we highly recommend that you obtain the Java version from the Solar Webstart page.

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