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Has your company been taking advantage of all the benefits of membership in the Eclipse Users Group (UFO)? Take a glance at the article right below this section, just look at all of the FREE web training sessions we offer. Then look just below the table of classes to see the latest FREE recordings we have posted in just this last month. Training and cross training is very important to companies today, why not consider setting up a schedule for your employees to watch videos on other work areas so they get an idea of how the work flows from one department to another. Of course having employees participate in training within their own work area for FREE is a no brainer!
Don't forget the Bulletin Boards practical answers to your questions or thoughts by other Eclipse Users. The Ideas Site is where Enhancement Ideas are posted, sometimes after they have gained some support on a Bulletin Board. Users can log into the Ideas Site and vote for the ones they like. Epicor works with the Enhancement Committee to select enhancements for future releases based on the voting by users, so why not have some say in what is enhanced?
These are just a few of the benefits of membership available to any of your employees which are set up as contacts for . It's easy to set them up, read over the FAQs the link is from the main menu About Eclipse Users/FAQs or in the bottom border of any page on the right hand side FAQs.

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August Training Classes Posted

Check out the details on all of these June classes and presentations on our website Click Here 


Aug 7th & 8thNew Hire #1 & #2 EtermWebinar Zerion Group
Aug 15thAccounts Receivable Basics Eterm &  SolarWebinar Zerion Group
Aug 21stManaging Transfers (rescheduled from July)Webinar Zerion Group
Aug 22nd
Cash Receipts / Cash Box Eterm & Solar  
Webinar Zerion Group
Aug 28th
Eclipse Reports Solar - Roundtable
Webinar User Led Roundtable
Aug 29th
Month End AR - Eterm & Solar 
Webinar Zerion Group

Videos added to the website during July, 2013
Control Files Never to be Forgotten - Eterm & Solar
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The Fast Paced and Changing B2B eCommerce Environment

by Computer Pundits 

The way customers purchase online is one of the fastest changing factors of doing B2B business in today's world. Not only are 90% of businesses researching and purchasing online, the preferences of the buyers are also changing. Accounting for the changes in buyer usage and preference is critical to the success of your business in the long term. This year alone, B2B eCommerce is expected to reach nearly $559 billion, more than half of all eCommerce revenue; claiming your portion of the $559 billion requires a proper eCommerce solution.


As the demands from customer change, so does the type of eCommerce solution required. The first generation of eCommerce solutions offered little more than an online order system with limited images, navigation tools and product specifications. As eCommerce evolved, the second generation of eCommerce offered more rich and complete content that could be searched in a variety of ways to expedite the sales process. However, the second generation of eCommerce lacked intuitive navigation features like those found on or, in addition to suggestions that assist customers in locating what they want to buy. As eCommerce enters its current phase, eCommece 3.0, web-storefronts are much more sophisticated offering dynamic search features, product filters, drop-down menus and many other features aimed at increasing customer experience. Offering customers what they want, an eCommerce 3.0 experience is one of the most effective ways to create repeat business.


The growing popularity of B2C eCommerce and the evolving tendencies of buyers are beginning to carry over to the B2B environment and are changing the way businesses sell. The preferences of buyers have changed as they have become more accustomed to the polished eCommerce storefronts and features of B2C retailers; buyers now expect the same experience from B2B eCommerce. There are many eCommerce solutions on the market today, but not all eCommerce solutions deliver the same features and results.


Commonly, the intuitive search features and easy navigation tools found on B2C storefronts are among the first things buyers now look for in a B2B web-storefront. Buyers look for webpages that allow them to quickly and efficiently locate products using their search criteria, intuitive product filters and site navigation tools. The inability of buyers to quickly and easily locate product information and details using a web-storefront will result in the loss of a sale and the buyer's unlikely return to the webpage. 



Another factor of B2B eCommerce that can be attributed to B2C tendencies is the push toward smartphone and mobile applications when purchasing or conducting research. The growing presence of smartphones and tablets in society, in addition to the increased capabilities of mobile devices, put mobile storefront applications on the leading edge of sales. Smartphone usage is expected to increase by over 50% to 176 million users in just three years. Likewise, tablet usage is expected to grow over 60% to 82 million users in the same time period. Among the users of smartphones and other mobile devices, 79% of users shop, research and purchase using their mobile device. Delivering a meaningful, effective and useful mobile eCommerce application means eliminating unnecessary scaling of webpages on mobile devices by simplifying content to optimize customer experience. Failing to capture the mobile eCommerce market can have a profound impact on the sales of your business.


The personalized look and feel of B2C web-storefronts is one thing that many eCommerce solutions have trouble replicating for B2B users. The ability of an eCommerce solution to deliver customer-specific information and a personalized feel is crucial to customer experience. The customer-specific look and feel can be accomplished through differing static content based upon the type of user, message boards and customer-specific discounts and offers. Delivering personalized service whether it is in person or through a web-storefront increases customer experience and loyalty.


When looking at potential eCommerce solutions, be aware of how the navigation and search criteria are being created because it will greatly effect on the customer experience. eCommerce solutions that build navigation and search criteria directly from your ERP system data have the potential to create issues for customers when navigating the web-storefront. Constructing a list of features you have seen, liked or have used on other web-storefronts is a good way to compare and evaluate the potential eCommerce solutions you are considering. Integrating back-end ERP and accounting systems into an eCommerce solution allows you to present real-time information to customers, which increases customer experience. Choosing the proper eCommerce solution requires consideration for customers experience features, navigation, implementation and the capability to integrate ERP information into the eCommerce solution in real-time; thus, ensuring you are utilizing the full complement of feature found in today's third generation eCommerce system. The future of business is eCommerce, take hold of your future by utilizing the type of eCommerce solution your customers demand for the 21st century.



Computer Pundits Corporation

5001 American Blvd. W

Suite 310 

Bloomington, MN 55437



E-mail:  Website: Phone Number: 952-854-2422


10% discount if purchase of 
Computer Pundits Product made in August 2013
Purusharth Batham

5001 American Blvd. W

Suite 310

Bloomington, MN 55437

952-854-2422 Ext - 303

Offer Expires 08/31/13 Contact Parusharth Bathan 952-854-2422 ext. 303

"The UFO Advice Column" - User to User We All Improve

by 'Uncle' Frank Ousterhout

Dear Uncle Frank,

                I have a complaint about Solar.  When I was in Eterm and I was done with a look-up I would hit the 'Esc' key and I was automatically ready for a fresh search.  I could then start a new inquiry if I wanted or I could hit a second 'Esc' and the inquiry would close.  But in Solar when I am done with my search and hit F12 the entire inquiry screen is closed.  This is a big pain-in-the-neck since I have to go back and re-open the window again.

                Grumpy George from Galveston


Dear George,

                Don't be grumpy and don't close the window!  When you have more work to do in the same window don't close it with an F12 (OR by clicking the X in the top right  OR  by selecting File>Exit  OR  by pressing Alt+F4.)

                Instead hold down Ctrl and touch the . (that's the period).  It will A) save your information B) Clear the information from the window and C) Keep the window open to enter new information.



                Uncle Frank


Mobile Apps will help you Tap into increased Sales and Profits from your Eclipse System!

by Innovo LLC

The prediction that Internet traffic originating from mobile devices will eventually exceed that of desktop computers connected to the Internet is on its way to a reality.  Mobile devices, which include smartphones and tablets, now account for 20% of traffic on the Web.  In the next two years mobile apps are forecasted to represent over half of Internet traffic while PC usage continues to decline.


The concept of the PC as the center of one's computing experience is outdated.  Powerful low-cost mobile devices have completely changed the business landscape and they are still in their infancy. Companies who continue to regard tablets and smartphones as disconnected peripheral devices need to rethink their strategy and start building plans to take advantage of the changing mobile business environment. 


Innovo delivers mobile apps that drive sales, increase productivity and improve customer service.  Our apps are fully integrated with Eclipse making them easy to install and maintain.  Our connectivity with Eclipse is blazing fast, resulting in a productive and intuitive customer and employee experience and our subscription-based pricing provides low cost of entry and immediate ROI.


Innovo is made up of the original developers and architects of Eclipse with over 100 years of Eclipse Experience.  Our Mobile App Suite includes:


  •         OE Touch provides real-time Eclipse Order Entry, Pricing, Availability, and Account Management for your Sales Reps and Customers.
  •          Stock Room Management provides automatic replenishment and management of Customer inventory through inventory ordering and/or stock level orders based on min/max settings in Eclipse.
  •          Info Touch provides real time access, analysis and graphing of the Eclipse Business Summary with access to the GL detail inquiry and the ability to select by branch, sales source and product type.
  •          Signature Touch captures signatures at your counter, in your will-call area or on your delivery routes using a tablet device with the added benefit of displaying marketing information on the devices while idle at the counter.
  •          Location Touch provides real time cycle & physical inventory counting as well as product movement and inventory tracking in your warehouse for both RF and Non RF locations


Contact us today to see how our suite of mobile apps can help you "Tap" into greater profits and drive increased return on your Eclipse System investment: 720-328-3699 ext. 102.

Innovo LLC  


Free Innovo 

Info Touch User License  


Innovo is excited to let you test drive one of our apps!  


We are offering a One Year Subscription for a Free Info Touch User License (installation additional) allowing you to access your real-time Eclipse Business Summary information on your iPhone or iPad.


Innovo's Info Touch Promotion is only available until the end of August so order today!

Offer Expires 08//31/13  Contact: Drew Mapplebeck 720-328-3699 ext. 102

Did You Forget or Ever Know - Solar Tip

By Elizabeth "Sis" Richardt - CappUSA



Cust Search Solar Article 1

There are great features in the "Quick Sales Order Entry" Widget.  Some have always been there and others have been added. 

Let's look at an original feature first.  Under "Highlighting", you will see "Bill-To", "Ship-To", Bill-To & Ship-To" and "Order". If you double click on one of these fields, a color pallet will open. Now you can have a different color fo

r the type of customer. This will help some select customers faster in the look-ups.  I made "Red" for "Bill-To" only; you can't select an Entity that is a Bill-To only, so you can easily recognize that type of customer. "Green" for "Bill-To & Ship-To" and "Yellow" for "Ship-To" only.







Cust Search Solar 2
Without "Highlighting" this is the way the customer look-up will show: Dollar Bill=Bill-To/Ship-To     Truck=Ship-To & Dollar sign $=Bill-To Only. You need to pay attention to the icons for correct selections. 


Now with the "Highlighting"  Cust Search Solar 3





Cust Search Solar 4

ADDED feature - you can start all Orders as Bids - I would also change the Widget Title when creating a Widget to start as Bids all the time.





Cust Search Solar 5.
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