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Enhancement Committee Update
By Chris Bohn, Enhancement Committee Chair

In consultation with Eclipse Product Development, the Enhancement Committee has made some changes to the Ideas Site.  First, for all members that are using the Job Management Companion product, we now have a NEW Ideas Community for you to record your enhancements.  As Job Management does not fit neatly into any other category, we decided to make a new one! 


Second, we all know that mobile is the future for all of us so Eclipse is very active in updating the Eclipse Mobile Companion product.  Historically, we have not had much activity in the E-Commerce Community so we are combining both into one.  On the Ideas Site, you will now find the Eclipse Mobile & E-Commerce Community.  Please direct all your Eclipse Mobile enhancements to that community!


As always, don't forget to VOTE!


Enhancement Spotlight - just select the community and search for the subject to vote.


Order Entry Community:  Display Contact Email in Header of SOE

On the Header tab in SOE and POE there is a Phone field, but no Email field. Email is just as often used for communication as the phone is in our business.  Without the Email field displayed, how do you know if you have a customer or contact's email address? It takes many clicks to get to that information. If this field were on the header you could ask for an email address while still on the phone with a contact that has not yet provided one.


If the customer has an email address, we would want the field populated from the email field in Customer Maintenance. We have the Ordered By field validated against customer contacts, so after choosing a contact we would want the Email field populated by the email address as saved in Contact Maintenance, just as the Phone field is filled by the contacts phone number.


Finally, to make it easier to save the information where it belongs, perhaps if you enter an email address in this field in SOE it would be saved to the entity, or if you validate the Ordered By field against contacts in your system then the email address would be saved to the Ordered By contact.


 Systems & Utilities Community: Call Tracking Update Utility

This utility would be nice to use when a user leaves (or just doesn't close queues properly) and has a large quantity of open User Job Queues. It can be used to remove the specified user from the forward list (and force closed if desired) all queues older than a given date.


However, the way it's programmed, the utility looks at the "follow-up date" on the queue (which is hardly ever used in our environment) and, if there is no follow-up date, goes ahead and deletes the queue. This causes even brand new queues to be deleted regardless of the date.


If there is no follow-up date (most common in our world) it should then look at the "last activity date" and, if that's newer than the date specified, NOT delete the queue.


Eclipse Mobile and Web Commerce Community Add Ability to Edit Bids in Web Integration

Currently, Eclipse does not give the ability to edit bids through the Web Integration product. This seems like a big deal to some customers. This functionality is available in the Eclipse Web Commerce website product, but not in Web Integration. I think that all the functionality that is available in Web Commerce should be available in Web Integration.

Business Value: Gives Eclipse customers the ability to customize their own e-Commerce site instead of being tied to the only Eclipse website solution.

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Distributor Pricing Science

A Pricing & Gross Profit Optimization Software Solution built by Distributors...for Distributors


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Pricing is one of the most critical components in your ability to drive profits for distributors. Distributors can add 2 to 4% or more to their gross profits by making pricing strategy a core competency of their business.


With epaCUBE's Distributor Pricing Science Software you can develop in-house pricing expertise:


*  Develop your own "pricing core competency" for 2-4% additional gross profit.

*  Visualize and Understand the reasoning behind the pricing recommendations to ensure they blend with your market strategy

*  Blend science and art in your pricing optimization process.

*  Optimize your customer and product segmentation for more gross profit.

*  Involve your sales team to drive adoption.

*  Network with distribution industry peers on best practices through your involvement with the   epaCUBE Masters Pricing Group

*  epaCUBE Pricing Experts to help you every step of the way.


Cloud-based Solution for Reduced Costs and Scalability

epaCUBE Distributor Pricing Science Software is offered as a CLOUD Solution. That means an affordable monthly Subscription with no upfront capital outlay for hardware, software or IT management.


epaCUBE's Distributor Pricing Science Software thinks of pricing like a distributor. We understand the reasons products are grouped together when establishing prices, and how consistency helps in developing relationships with customers. Let epaCUBE Distributor Pricing Science Software and assistance from our industry pricing experts guide you to more gross profit through strategically optimizing your pricing matrix.


Without software like epaCUBE, some companies had felt the math is too complex or requires a higher level user (which they may not currently have on staff) to operate their own pricing optimization software. That's why epaCUBE's team, with vast experience in distribution, built the software to do the hard work for you.


 Distributors can now get sophisticated pricing science in a software solution which "guides" them through the process. All while helping to drive adoption (internally and with their customers) by clearly understanding the supporting data and logic for maximum gross profit gain. 


epaCUBE Distributor Pricing Science Software is focused on the industry with "Embedded Distributor Pricing Intelligence" to guide the more novice user through the process while making the experience pricing professional more productive. One epaCUBE customer, starting with a new employee and inexperienced user, immediately was directed to thousands of dollars in gross profit opportunities within the first 45 days using the Distributor Pricing Science software.


Video Overview

Click on this link for an (8) Minute Overview Video on epaCUBE Distributor Pricing Science:  

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  • 50% Discount on First 6 Month Subscription Fee
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  • On-Line training courses included at no additional charge.
  • Incentive offer available by signing 36 month agreement with 6 month opt out provision.

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Searching for an Order, Bid or Invoice
by John Heinzel, Revere Electric

Some of the best customer service experiences are those during which the person you are speaking with knows how to quickly find information, even with very little to go on. You can provide more of these great experiences to your customers by learning how to find a bid, order, or invoice when the customer has limited information. The following tips will help you to find a bid or order when all you know is the customer and part number, or find an invoice when all you know is the customer and a general idea about the part number, or just have the invoice total.



A)  Type your customer's name in the Quick Sales Order Entry widget, or if you have their account number type it in using a period in front, like .12345.

Eterm users, create a new bid for the customer, then skip to step D)

B)  If it is a recent order, or invoice, click the Open Orders or A/R Orders + sign to expand those. As you hover your mouse pointer over the orders, the first 10 items on the orders will be displayed below. You may be able to quickly find the order this way 


Searching Bid Order Invoice Solar screen shot

C)  If you don't see the part, click on the customer's Name in the widget - this will create a new Bid

D)  On the Sales Order Entry window, enter Qty of 1 and tab to the Product Description field.

E)  Enter the part number that you are looking for 

F)  While on the line item right click and select Inquiries>Future Ledger, or in Eterm do Alt+Q then Alt+F. The Future Ledger shows FUTURE shipments. The default view shows purchase orders that have not been received, and sales orders that have not shipped.

G)  Make sure the Branch matches the customer's branch

H)  Change the Show Only field from ALL to Bids (Alt+S in Eterm), then hit Enter to select All in the next window. Now you can see all open bids for the part.  Find your customer in the list and double-click on the Bid Number (Alt+V in Eterm) to open the bid. If you can't find a Bid for your customer and the part, close the Future Ledger window.

I)  Maybe the part you are looking for has already shipped. Go to Inquiry>History Ledger, or in Eterm Alt+H from the Sales Order Inquiries screen.

The Inventory History Ledger shows receipts and shipments of the product over time.

J)  To limit the results to just your customer, enter the customer name in the Entity field. If you know your customer's account number, you can enter that here starting with a period. 


(Invoiced orders only - no bids)

How often do we get those calls where the customer doesn't know the exact part number- just that they bought it from us before?

A)  From the Main Eclipse Menu Bar select Orders>Inquiries>Customer Inventory History Ledger

B)  At the top of this window you can select the customer, then click the Update button

a)  The list that results shows all invoiced releases for the customer.  To filter the list by part number go to Selection>Select Criteria (Alt+S in Eterm)

b)   In the Select Pattern field enter a term to search for that might appear in the Product Description, for instance RED LED

c)   After clicking OK the list is reduced to items that have 'RED LED' in the Description



Customers who paid with a credit card may not receive an invoice for the transaction, and will call to get one. All they have is the amount that was charged to their credit card and the date. 

A)  From the main menu, go to A/R>A/R Ledger. If you don't have the A/R menu in your main menu, start a new sales order for the customer, then on the Body tab go to Inquiries>A/R Ledger (in Eterm Alt+Q then Alt+R)

B)  Go to Selection>Select Criteria.(Alt+S in Eterm). Here you can specify a date range, a dollar range, a PO number, etc. to filter the view. 


Searching Eterm screen shot -a 

Searching Eterm screen shot -b  


"The UFO Advice Column" - User to User We All Improve

By "Uncle" Frank Ousterhout


Dear Uncle Frank,

                Now that I am working in Solar I am having problems seeing my comment lines in order entry.  If I add a stand-alone comment line I can plainly see it.  But when I add a comment line to a product description, it does not show on my screen.  I see it when I print the ticket (or if I sneak a peak in Eterm.)  This does not seem right.

                Counterman Charlie from Chattanooga



Dear Charlie,

                Take a close look at the lower portion of the body screen for order entry.  In the area that shows Price Branch, Ship Branch, etc; to the far right is a button that says either "Synopsis View" or "Expanded View".  As you toggle between these two views you will see that in Synopsis you see only one line per item on the order.  Extra description lines or comment lines do not show.  This is useful for very large orders or ones with multi-line descriptions.  When in Expanded view you will see all lines of an item's description AND your 'missing' comment lines.



                Uncle Frank 

Why Add the Thrive Technologies System to your Eclipse System?


Because Thrive's award winning system will generate unprecedented measurable efficiencies in your inventory purchasing process.


Specifically, Thrive will add 5 points to your profit margin, transform your inventory buying process from a labor intensive subjective process to a strategic streamlined intelligence based workflow, and permanently strengthen your company's operations giving you an edge over your competitors.


So how does the Thrive system do all this?

Efficient inventory management starts with an accurate forecast but most companies use the basic forecasting science in Eclipse or other systems, unaware that there is a much better alternative.   Industry analysts estimate that Thrive July 2013 Article pica there is a 2% margin increase for every 1% increase in forecast accuracy.  So improving your forecasts is definitely a worthwhile project with a large payback considering the small effort required.


Most distribution companies don't measure their forecast accuracy, but our experience has been that the forecast accuracy in Eclipse and other ERP systems is typically less than 50%.  No wonder companies constantly struggle with the double whammy of out of stocks and dead stock!


Thrive's patent pending forecast engine significantly increases forecast accuracy to 90% or more, so you have the products your customers want to buy in stock, and not the ones that no one is buying.


A large automotive distributor reduced lost sales by 70% using Thrive's demand forecasting to supplement their existing ERP and replenishment system.  With Thrive's 95% forecast accuracy, this company eliminated the buildup of dead stock due to normal replenishment.  Reducing lost sales and dead stock generated a measurable 5% improvement in profit margin.

Thrive transforms typical inventory buying from a reactive subjective process into an intelligent proactive workflow based on strategic goals.  Our experienced replenishment consultants start our structured implementations by understanding our clients' strategic goals so that we can set the parameters in the software to support those goals.


For example, we set the software up one way if a company wants to maximize profits (which will strategically allow some items to stock out).  And we will set it up another way if a company wants to maximize service level (which increases the amount of inventory that must be carried).  Either way, we provide the projected dollar impact of the settings so the client can make intelligent educated decisions on their strategic inventory policies.


Once the system is configured to align with the company's strategic goals, the buyers get trained on the new exception based workflow in Thrive which alerts buyers to issues before they occur, and creates optimal order quantities that become purchase orders and transfer orders.

Thrive is designed specifically to support the distribution buying process.  It automatically pulls data from Eclipse, gets latest inventory balances, open PO's, etc.  Then it guides the buyers through the various buying decisions they make on a daily basis such as optimal deal buying from vendors, automatic buying to pricing tiers, overstock transfers, new item supercedes, buying to vendor minimums and filling out trucks / containers.


Thrive provides the buyers and senior management with visibility to projected forecasts, inventory balances and purchases so everyone is better equipped for planning purposes, and issues can be proactively addressed before they occur.




Once the inventory purchasing process has changed to Thrive's optimal buying workflow, the benefits continue to strengthen your company's competitive advantage.  Senior management will have the ability to modify future inventory levels by easily changing the inventory policy in Thrive.  If you service large clients, Thrive will analyze your inventory cost and profitability for each key customer and provide accurate projections by customer.

 Thrive generates analytics and provides high level simulation capability.  For example, managers can simulate warehouse additions or subtractions and impact on inventory levels.


Ongoing financial benefits that Thrive provides include improvement of service levels by 5 to 10 points, increase on inventory turns by 20%, reduction of your interest costs and cash flow / credit line requirement.

 Thrive logo


No Obligation Free ROI  Analysis  


Improve your profit margin by at least one 

point­--before the end of the fourth quarter 2013

By looking at the valuation of your existing inventory and the number of items and locations that you stock, along with a few other factors, our specialists can quickly estimate the inventory savings that you will realize with Thrive's system without any commitment.


As a way to help Eclipse users identify the financial impact that Thrive's system generates, Thrive will offer a free ROI evaluation specifying where you will increase your profit margins.

Special for Eclipse User Group Members only, in the month of July. 

Contact: Bob Feldman - Solution Sales Executive (770) 222-8599, x102 

New and Returning Members in June - Welcome!
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