Kris Hopkins
Kris Hopkins, President
VP of Information Technology
Echo Group Inc,
Council Bluffs, IA

  I would like to thank everyone that voted for me to become the President of the Eclipse Users Group. I appreciate your faith in me and will strive to lead this group to the best of my ability.

   I would also like to thank Terry Kin for his leadership of the Group during his term as President. Terry will remain on the Board in the position of Past President. This position is of great importance to me and the Group since it allows us to create continuity in the Board and allows us to draw from his experiences or insight in the future.
The Eclipse Users Group is made up of several committees that are hard at work to accomplish the mission of our Group.   This year the Training Committee has once again decided to offer all of the webinars at no cost to our membership. In 2012 there were over 63 training webinars given. The schedule for 2013 is still being finalized but there are some classes posted out there now.  Be sure to maximize your membership benefits by taking advantage of these free webinars. I encourage all of you to post these classes out to your company so that anyone can register.   I know personally I am going to put a link on our Intranet site to allow employees to see the classes being offered. Here is that link in case you would like to share it with your employees as well: 

The Enhancement Committee has been actively working with Epicor to help guide the future development of Eclipse. The Product Life Cycle/Dead Stock Module in Release 8.7.5 is a prime example of this.   That module included several ideas from the Ideas site around substitute products, replacement products, and customer demand just to name a few. Be sure to login, comment, and vote or share an idea that you have. We have quite a few out there still in the queue for Eclipse to complete but we are continuing to work with them to get them done. If you have any questions on how to access the site feel free to contact Mary Barlow at 813-643-1001 or read the FAQ's.


 Epicor is working on the 2013 Insights Conference. The schedule is not posted as of yet, however from what I hear they are listening to feed back.   They are planning on having a more track type approach that would be two classes in a row on the same or like topic followed by a third class that is more of a roundtable open discussion on that topic. When we have more information on the conference we will make sure you are updated as well. The website for the registration is: 

We have been told they are still offering a discount to anyone that would like to teach a class. The information is not on the website about that as of yet, but if you are interested please contact Mary Barlow and she will pass your interest along to the right people at Epicor.


The Board of Directors will be meeting with Epicor as well as our membership at the Insights Conference so we look forward to seeing you there.



Kris Hopkins


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