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Eclipse Users Group (UFO) NewsletterDecember, 2012

For those of you who don't know (Hopefully you knew because you just voted on the officer slate!) my tenure as the Eclipse Users Group President will expire at the end of 2012. It has been a great experience for me and I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part and lead the Users Group. I have been fortunate enough to have other great volunteers on the board who also care about the software we all share. Mary and Suzanne are the true lifeblood of the Users Group and nothing we do would be successful without them.

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to further the Users Group and the Eclipse software platform. I'm asking that each of you personally take the time to be part of the Users Group and continue to help the group remain a strong and vigilant voice for Epicor.

I will still be on the Board for two years as Past President and still invite anyone to contact me as needed to help you or your company. Kris Hopkins will be taking over as President and I'm confident she will be a very capable and successful lead of the Users Group.

As always, I invite any feedback be sent to Mary Barlow or myself. Also if you want to be part of the Eclipse Users Group and want to help further improve the Epicor Eclipse system you use daily, volunteer and be part of the Group.




Terry Kin, President
Eclipse Users Group/UFO Board


Newly Elected Officers & Directors
January 2013 Training Classes
Mobile Apps.. They are here today, are you ready? Vendor Partner
Enhancement Committee Update
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New UFO Members
Welcome Your Newly Elected Officers and Directors
Officers of the Eclipse Users Group (UFO) for 2013 :
President - Kris Hopkins, Echo Group, Council Bluffs, IA
Vice President - Chris Bohn, APR Supply, Lebanon, PA 
Treasurer - Debbie Hudec, Electronic Custom Distributors, Houston, TX

Six Directors, new and returning in 2013, for the Eclipse User Group (UFO) were elected:

Mike Prepelica, Revere Electric, Chicago, IL
Chris Thorpe, Patene Building Supplies, Guelph, ON, Canada
Randy Collins, Western Extralite, Kansas City, MO
Bill Fitzgerald, Hajoca Corporation, Ardmore, PA
Robert Hascall, MSI HVAC, Fontana, CA
Bob Keeran, North Valley Distributing, Redding, CA

By-laws Amendments Accepted:
Article V - Officers & Directors, Section 2
Article IV - Dues, Section 1

If you wish to know the actual vote count please contact Mary Barlow, Executive Director
January 2013 Training Classes Posted
Check out the details on all of these 1st Quarter classes and presentations on our website.
  • Jan 9th - New Hire 1 Solar - Webinar  
  • Jan 10th - New Hire 2 Solar - Webinar
  • Jan 17th - Sales Order Entry Advanced Solar - Webinar 
  • Jan 24th - Faster More Efficient Solar (Navigation) - Webinar 

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Mobile Apps.... They are here today, are you ready?

By Innovo LLC

Today Business and Customers are a completely connected environment and not just through the Desktop Computer. Smart Phones and Tablet devices are everywhere and people are now using all three devices to transact business. These small, powerful hand held devices do it all: pictures, music, videos, games, email, Internet and the fastest growing segment: Apps. More and more Apps are being used everyday which offer everything from making restaurant reservations, to on-line banking to checking price & availability and placing orders on your Eclipse System.


What is an App? A mobile application (or mobile app) is a software application designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. The American Dialect Society listed the term "App" as "Word of the Year" in 2010. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced this year (2012) that the App Store has 650,000 available apps to download as well as "an astounding 30 billion apps" downloaded from the App Store since it first opened in July 2008.

Your customers are expecting to do business through their mobile devices. Apps that provide your customer with the ability to connect to you are not just a competitive advantage, but more and more are a requirement of business. Unlike a web-based solution, much of the data is stored on the device in an App. This allows for the user to move through screens much more quickly and efficiently resulting in a much more positive user experience.


Innovo is a Mobile App company with our motto "Innovation at your fingertips". We offer true Mobile Apps that are integrated to Eclipse and designed for your customers to transact business with you in an easy and intuitive way. Our OE Touch Product allows your customers and sales reps to easily shop for product, place orders, and manage the order process. The Innovo Stock Room Management Product manages customer inventories via inventory counts and automatic order replenishment. These Apps may also be "Branded" with your Company Name and Logo, where your customers download them from the App Store and start transacting business with you - tying the customer to you!

The other major advantage of the Mobile world is price and functionality. These devices are "smart" and offer much more in functionality and mobility at a very low cost. Think of your managers analyzing sales data with our Info Touch Product on an iPad with an easy, intuitive interface while sitting in the airport? Think of your counter sales and capturing customer signatures. With the Apple iPad or iPad Mini at your counter (the same cost as a passive signature capture device) not only can you capture signatures but now your customer may see the items and pricing they are signing for. You may also have Interactive Marketing displaying on the device while sitting idle at the counter. And what if your customer is in the parking lot? Just walk the device out to them!

Apps are part of business today, your customers expect them, your competition is going to offer them and it will be no different than fax or email, it will be part of doing business.  Our goal is to develop and support Apps that will increase sales, productivity and reduce your costs.  Our monthly subscription pricing also allows you to implement these products with no upfront costs, and the ability to cancel the subscription if you are not driving the expected ROI!  To learn more about Innovo and our Mobile Apps, please send an email to or check out our web site at


Innovo LLC  

Free iPad


As the original developers of Eclipse, Innovo is excited to offer one free iPad with the subscription to any Innovo Mobile App(s) signed by January 31st 2013.   If you are interested in taking advantage of our UFO special please send an email to 

Offer Expires: January  31, 2013

Enhancement Committee Update 

 by Kris Hopkins, Enhancement Committee Chair, UFO Vice President

Release 8.7.5 is in its final sprint as we end 2012. Beta for this release will start in January.

There are quite a few items in this release, but as always I wish we could have gotten more in.

Here is a link to a list of items in this release: All Release 8.7.5 Features


This will be my last update as the Enhancement Committee Chair. I have really enjoyed my time in this committee. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the programming process of Eclipse. I always used to think "this is such a small thing they should be able to crank it out quick", but there is so much more to it then I ever imagined. I understand now why sometimes it takes so long to have an idea become reality. There are many things to consider when updating a system that so many people use and rely on. Any change needs to be flexible so that users have an option, not all of us run our businesses the same. I also applaud Eclipse for taking the time to look at an idea to see the big picture; so many times a small idea turns into something much larger. While we would all like the little things fixed that bug us daily, when it comes down to it, those are not always the things that will make our company's more profitable. The product development group at Eclipse understands that and tries to get us the most bang out of every idea they program.


I encourage you to utilize this IDEAS site to its fullest potential. The more you are on there voting and commenting the better your chances of being involved in a steering committee for future programming. Not to mention we need to keep fresh ideas flowing!


Login on the UFO website and click on Ideas Site link in the main menu. 

UFO Top Menu after Login

Here is a chart of the Enhancements on the IDEAS site as of 12/10/12: 

   Enhancement Chart 121012

Read an outline of what's coming in Release 8.7.5 click the link for a PDF document   Release 8.7.5 Features

"Add 2% to 4% to your Bottom Line with epaCube

epaCUBElogo It's possible NOW with epaCUBE Distributor Pricing Science Software Guiding You All Along the Way...


What's all the Buzz about Pricing Optimization?

Distributors have spent many years implementing both technology and processes to reduce the cost of doing business.  Often the goal is to improve productivity, customer service or create a competitive advantage. Until recently, software has not been on the market to help distributors implement their own program specifically for pricing optimization.   While pricing, cost and rebates are the most significant variables affecting business profitability, relatively less attention has been paid on automating a process that has the largest impact to the bottom line.

And now, epaCUBE offers a complete pricing & gross profit optimization software solutions to guide distributors in building their internal core competence in pricing and gross profit optimization and adding profits to the bottom line.

 For sustainable realization of additional profit, a holistic sustainable approach to increasing gross margin must go beyond simply applying math to raise prices and needs to consider the distributor's markets, objectives, cost and vendor supporting programs (special pricing agreement and rebate) sides of the equation.   In reality, price optimization is more accurately defined as "one" (but not the "ONLY one") component of your overall Gross Margin Optimization strategy.     


Read on for more information...however, if you are short on time or done reading, click on the following link for an (8) Minute Overview Video on epaCUBE Distributor Pricing Science:


epaCUBE Optimizes All Aspects of Gross  

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epaCUBE's team, with vast experience in distribution, built the software to do the hard work for you. Distributors can now get sophisticated pricing science in a software product which "guides" them through the process. All while helping to drive adoption (internally and with their customers) by clearly understanding the supporting data and logic for maximum gross profit gain.  In addition, epaCUBE software considers the whole equation of gross profit optimization by helping to optimize pricing, net into stock costs and special pricing agreement negotiation with suppliers.   

epaCUBE software is focused on the industry focus and includes "collective distributor pricing intelligence" to guide the more novice user through the process while making the experience pricing professional more productive.  One epaCUBE customer, starting with a new employee and inexperienced user, immediately was directed to hundreds of thousands of gross profit opportunities within the first 45 days using epaCUBE.    

No one can make pricing decisions relative to the market, customers and products like the distributor themself.   With epaCUBE, users are guided through a process to quickly understand gross margin performance and review optimized pricing guidance for pricing and gross profit optimization.

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In addition, Gross margin improvement can be gained through managing or fixing customer & product segment mistakes, special pricing Agreements or rebates, over-rides analysis and simply fixing errors in the data or calculations. epaCUBE simplifies the process and guides the user to discover pricing opportunities for gross margin improvement buried deep in data.  

Like never before possible, with epaCUBE you can manage all aspects of the profit optimization equation.


 And, with epaCUBE, you own the software with no limits and can run your analysis as frequently as required.   As strategies, market conditions, customer or products change, you now have a software program available in the epaCUBE Distributor Pricing Science Suite as a guide in your gross profit optimization efforts.


 Our goal at epaCUBE is to help our distribution customers build their own "core competency" for long term success in their pricing and gross profit optimization initiative.



Click on the link below for an (8) Minute Overview Video on epaCUBE Distributor Pricing Science:  

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Aquaflow Pump and Supply, Bear, DE - Plumbing

The Membership Renewal Invoices have been emailed. Please note that our payment terms are Net 10 days from invoice date. We hope you and your company feel, that with all of the benefits the Eclipse Users Group (UFO) offers, renewing is a no brainer! 



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