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January 2015

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Delegation 2.0

There is a leadership opportunity in crafting specific messages to individual team members who are at different levels of readiness to take on assignments that push them into leading at higher levels of organizational complexity. 

Four Leadership Messages  
Low performers with low potential - need a message of direction to alert them to unacceptable performance.
High performers with low potential - need a message of affirmation to challenge them to continue to perform beyond expectation.
Low performers with high potential - need a message of correction to determine if they can improve performance.
High performers with high expectation - need a message of expectation to challenge their capacity, setting a new standard for best practice performance.
                                Leadership Debrief
Leaders who fail to delegate become the bottleneck to organizational growth. Leadership conversations reflect the art and the science of crafting messages uniquely tailored to the delegation readiness of each team member.  Give emerging leaders the opportunity, the time, and the resources to master the next set of workplace competencies and everyone wins.
Learning and Leading with you,
Dick Daniels 
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