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Thanksgiving 2013

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Dick Daniels

Four Declarations of Every Leader

Leadership combines positive influence and effective action.  The words you speak can define positive influence.  Say them often and they become part of your pathway to effective action.    

Dick Daniels   


Just Mean What You Say
The world of Hospice reminds us to speak four sets of words to our friends and loved ones when they are in their last days or when you are:
  Thank you
I'm sorry
I love you
Good bye  

The human challenge is to learn to speak these words throughout life not just at the end of our days.  These words apply to everyone who leads.  Senior leaders must step away from the hard skills of leadership (Results) and also step into the soft skills of leadership (Relationships) to combine positive positive influence and effective action.  

A Culture of Gratitude 
Saying Thank You has a profound impact on your team.  The assignment includes team members, customers, investors, and vendors.  Find regular opportunities to catch people doing something right.  Then say Thank you!  Those eight letters express gratitude that drives commitment and productivity.  Whom will you thank today?  Do it in person.  Say it now.

A Culture of Humility
There is a difference between arrogance and confidence.  Arrogance is the opposite of humility.  Confidence is not.  Arrogant leaders have a hard time saying, I'm Sorry.  Confident leaders have the ability to realize their mistakes, the humility to say I'm Sorry, the willingness to learn from their misstep, and the intuition to share the lesson learned.

A Culture of Esteem
Typically leaders do not use the "love" word with team members, but they do have the opportunity to demonstrate genuine love in valuing the uniqueness of each team member.  Appreciation communicates that someone notices exceptional work and a positive attitude.  Not only do leaders notice but they offer respect and affirmation.  The esteem of a team leader reinforces the productivity, potential, and personal drive of each employee.

A Culture of Transitions   
Leadership has its seasons.  There may be an appropriate time to move on and say, Good Bye.  Leaders may recognize the need for a seasonal transition before others do.  They understand when it is best for the organization to get a fresh perspective in redefining its purpose and strategy for a new generation of impact.  These leaders also appreciate the need to leave well and give the successor every prospect of a smooth transition.
Leadership Debrief  
Do you know how and when to make each of these four statements?  Look for the occasions and find the right words to speak personally and genuinely. 
Learning and Leading With You, 
Dick Daniels 

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