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2nd Quarter, In the News
July 2014

Forum in the News

  • Forum President Rob Henken appeared on WUWM's Lake Effect on June 24 to discuss the 2014 Salute to Local Government winners. The event also was highlighted in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profile of Norman N. Gill Award winner Kevin Shafer on June 23.
  • The Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee ran an article on the Forum's new cultural and entertainment research endeavors on June 4.
  • The Forum's 2015 MPS Budget Brief was the subject of news articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Biz Times on May 23, and a news segment on WUWM on June 30.
  • Wauwatosa Now covered the Wauwatosa Common Council's deliberations on the Forum's Milwaukee County water utility research on May 14.
  • Forum Researcher Anne Chapman appeared on WUWM's Lake Effect on May 2 to discuss the Forum's arts education research.
  • The Forum's December 2013 report on options for improving transit service to suburban job hubs (Getting to Work) was prominently featured in a special section of The Business Journal Serving Greater Milwaukee on April 4.
  • The Forum's body of research on the structure of Milwaukee County government was highlighted in a feature story in the April edition of Milwaukee Magazine.