February 2014 
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Initiates National Diabetes Prevention Program in
rural South Central New York

Thanks to a grant from the New York State Health Foundation, the Rural Health Network is now able to offer the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP). In 2014, the Rural Health Network will offer NDPP at two rural locations in South Central New York. One class will begin in March in rural Broome County, at a location to be determined. A second class will be offered in either Tioga or Delaware County, later in the year.


NDPP is an evidence-based lifestyle change program for preventing type 2 diabetes, and is designed for individuals who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Classes are led by a Lifestyle Coach certified in the NDPP curriculum. Watch a brief video about the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program.


"Our ultimate purpose is to empower rural people with self-management tools and resources to be their own best health advocates," said Pamela Guth, Director of Community Health Services at the Rural Health Network.

Health care providers and individuals interested in program and enrollment information may contact Pamela Guth at pguth@rhnscny.org or call (607) 692-7669.


Learn more about the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Donna Wickham (L), certified NDPP Lifestyle Coach, leads our first group of participants in March 2014, pictured here with Pamela Guth (R).
In each issue of our newsletter, we will highlight the impact of our AmeriCorps and VISTA members serving the people of South Central New York.
Marathon, NY
AmeriCorps Member
Health Care Access Associate, RHN
As an AmeriCorps member serving at the Rural Health Network in Whitney Point, New York, Maranda is an effective advocate for those individuals and families who need health care services. 


In her first three months of service, she has helped more than 170 individuals to access affordable, quality health care services.  Maranda works with each person to identify his or her health-related needs, prioritize those needs, and connect them with appropriate resources and programs.  


Maranda has said that that her service experience is broadening her perspective on career opportunities in the human services field.

Albany, New York  VISTA Member  Health Care Access Associate, RHN  

Zach is a VISTA member, also serving at the Rural Health Network in Whitney Point, New York.  As a VISTA, he is helping the organization build its capacity to provide more effective and efficient services with a special emphasis on the impact of health care reform in the region. 


Since beginning his service in September, Zach has interviewed and surveyed those in need, trying to understand the obstacles that rural residents face when they look for health insurance. He is working with staff and community partners to ensure that underserved, rural residents can access the health insurance benefits now available to them.  Zach has been instrumental in keeping all stakeholders informed as health care reform is implemented in New York State.  He has been called the "in-house New York State of Health Marketplace expert."
Among his achievements, Zach has arranged for health insurance navigators to provide on-site assistance at Rural Health Network for residents of rural Broome County.  Reflecting on his activities, Zach said, "Knowing that my work is helping people secure health insurance, some for the first time in their life, is very rewarding to me."  

Rural Health Service Corps (RHSC) is an AmeriCorps national service program administered by the Rural Health Network.  RHSC provides meaningful service opportunities for people committed to improving the health and lives of those living in South Central New York.


Click on Rural Health Service Corps for more information about the program, current members, open positions, and more!

Connection to Care

A New, Non-emergency Medical Transportation Resource


With grant support from Ascension Health, the GetThere Transportation Information Call Center has initiated Connection to Care, a service that provides non-emergency medical transportation assistance. Connection to Care is available to rural residents of South Central New York, based on financial need.  


In addition to assisting with transportation related to medical appointments, Connection to Care can also help with transportation to pick up prescription medication or medical supplies. GetThere staff work with the callers to identify transportation options, determine the extent of financial need and develop transportation plans that will get the callers to their medical appointment(s).


The GetThere Transportation Information Call Center Staff: Victor Bushlyar, Mobility Management Advocate (L) Nick Cecconi, Coordinator of MMSCNY (C) Emily Balmer, Mobility Management Advocate (R)


Here is an example of how Connection to Care works:


Fuel Card Case Study: A woman from rural Chenango County called the GetThere Call Center in late December. She needed to get to her chemotherapy appointments in Binghamton for the next five weeks. Through the intake process, staff learned that the woman did have a car, but she could not afford all of the gas she would need to make the trip five days per week, over five weeks. GetThere staff sent her fuel debit cards to help cover the cost of gas for the first week. A staff member then followed up periodically over the next four weeks, to confirm that she was receiving treatment and to provide the additional fuel debit cards needed. The woman said that she appreciated the support she received from Connection to Care, which allowed her to get to her appointments.


In addition to fuel debit cards, Connection to Care can provide public transportation passes. It also can provide some private transportation in select situations when other options are unavailable or inappropriate. Connection to Care has entered into agreements to support four volunteer organizations that provide non-emergency medical transportation in Tioga and Broome Counties. To learn more about Connection to Care, call the GetThere Call Center at 1-855-373-4040.

Everyone is a stakeholder when it comes to healthy, locally grown food!


Through its collaborations and projects, the Food and Health Network (FaHN) has supported community garden development, farm-to-school programs, farm-to-institution education, healthier food procurement through state agencies, the publication of the first ever Food System Assessment for our region, and many educational events for our local and regional community.  A non-profit coalition with limited resources, the success of FaHN depends on community support and participation.


Check out the FaHN 2013 Year in Review for accomplishments and success stories.


Consider joining us as an organizational or individual member or sponsor today! As a FaHN member or sponsor, you pledge your support for a food system built on healthy environments, economic vitality, farm to consumer connections and healthy people.  Join here.


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