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Anaheim Hills
5310 E. La Palma 
Anaheim Hills, 92807
Preschool-8th Grade
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Anaheim Hills Campus Newsletter
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Boxes of Love!
We are kicking off our annual "Box of Love" Drive from Monday, October 12 to Friday, November 2.  Every year Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus is the #1 school to support Canning Hunger in their effort to feed the hunger of Orange County.Box of Love

This year, with help from generous people like you, we will collect and distribute "Boxes of Love" and putting them into the hands of thousands of hungry kids and their families here in Southern California. Each family will receive a traditional holiday meal of potatoes, rice, pinto beans, corn, green beans, soup, bread, fruit, juice, dessert and more.

"Box of Love" is an opportunity for you to help the hungry, homeless, widows and orphans. Your gift of a complete holiday meal for a family of 6-8 people is wrapped up in a simple cardboard box and will provide hope and warmth to those that are in need. 

Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week will be from Monday, October 22 through Friday, October 26. The themes of the week will be:

Monday: Wear RED....all the RED you can wear!

Tuesday: "Let's put a cap on drugs"  wear cap or hat
(wear uniform)

Wednesday: "Smarties don't do drugs" everyone gets smarties!
Wear uniform - school picture re-take day

Thursday: "Stay in the game" wear a favorite team jersey or any sports jersey (free dress)

Friday: "Drugs make you crazy" crazy hair and crazy socks! free dress

School Picture Re-Take Day
Wednesday, October 24
Please remember to have your child wear their WHITE shirt
If you are having your child's school picture re-taken please send the original package back to school as your child will need to give it to the photographer to have a new photo taken. If your child was absent and you are having their picture taken for the first time, please make sure to send their payment/order envelope.  

Understanding Accelerated Math
Please join us on Thursday, November 1, 9:00am and 6:00pm to learn more about our Accelerated Math and Math Facts in a Flash program.

Fifth Grade teacher, Ashleigh Swiatkowski, will discuss the assignments and methodologies associated with Accelerated Math. The meeting will also discuss the Home Connect function of the program. Finally, there will be a question and answer session for any AM needs. 

Parent Conference Month
It is our belief that a friendly and cooperative relationship between home and school is important to your child's growth and development. Because of this, we urge each of you to attend parent teacher conferences during the month of October. These conferences will be held before and after school during the entire month. Some conferences will be scheduled on Friday, October 19th, our Parent Conference Day.  Please try to keep the scheduled appointment as it has been made with special consideration in mind. Please keep in mind that there is no school on October 19th. Child care will be provided only during your scheduled conference. Thank you.
Cooler Weather Approaches
Please remember that ONLY True Grits outerwear is allowed. In this transition year, we will allow all previous Fairmont sweatshirts/coats as well as the new uniform sweaters/fleeces/coats. You can PRE-ORDER sweaters/fleeces and coats from True Grits and they will be delivered by October.
Feature Article  Feature
Red Ribbon Week 

Fairmont Private School participates in Red Ribbon Week in an effort to help educate our students about the dangers of drugs in society today.
Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon Celebration (October 23rd-31st) brings millions of people together to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and encourage prevention, early intervention, and treatment services. It is the largest, most visible prevention awareness campaign observed annually in the United States.

The Enrique S. Camarena Foundation was founded by Enrique Camarena's widow Mika, their son Enrique Jr. and several DEA and Border Patrol Agents who knew Agent Camarena in order to honor this American hero.

The National Family Partnership (NFP), the national Sponsor of the Red Ribbon Campaign, provides information, resources and merchandise for school and community agencies. Every year, a new theme is selected through a National Contest, sponsored by NFP. The 2012 theme, created by Debbie Stewart in Van Vleck, Texas is "It's Up To Me To Be Drug Free."

We are hoping that you will take advantage to talk with child about what they have learned this week, and re-enforce the dangers of drugs. 

Scoreboard Score

Tri-Way Volleyball defeated Oakridge  25-7 25-15
Tri-Way Football defeated Oakridge 13-6
DSL Football lost to Oakridge 0-32

Tri-Way Volleyball defeated Heritage Christian 25-6 25-21
Tri-Way Football defeated Heritage Christian 12-0

tw fOOTBALL Schedule:
Tuesday, October 23
-DSL Volleyball vs Historic Anaheim Campus AT PREP ACADEMY 3:00pm
-Tri-Way Volleyball vs Historic Anaheim Campus AT PREP ACADEMY 4:00pm

Wednesday, October 24
-Tri-Way Football/Volleyball vs Pegasus  3:00pm
-DSL Football/Volleyball vs Pegasus 4:00pm

DSL Football/Volleyball Schedule 


DSL Volleyball: 

   Coach Marcus Arias


Tri-Way Volleyball:

   Coach Marcus Arias


DSL Football:

   Coach Wes Faust


Tri-Way Football:

   Coach Keegan Lewis


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Dates to Know Date
Monday, October 22Dates to Know
Red Ribbon Week starts!  Wear RED today (free dress)

Tuesday, October 23 
-Red Ribbon Theme:  "Let's Put a Cap on Drugs"
Wear a cap or hat (wear uniform)
-Fourth Grade "Walk Through Calfiornia" Program
-DSL Volleyball vs Historic Anaheim Campus
        AT PREP ACADEMY 3:00pm
-Tri-Way Volleyball vs Historic Anaheim Campus
        AT PREP ACADEMY 4:00pm

Wednesday, October 24 -Red Ribbon Theme:  "Smarties Don't Do Drugs!"   -School Picture Re-Take Day  Wear WHITE shirt and bring picture packet -Tri-Way Football/Volleyball vs Pegasus  3:00pm
-DSL Football/Volleyball vs Pegasus  4:00pm

Thursday, October 25
-Red Ribbon Theme:  "Let's Team Up Against Drugs"  wear a favorite team jersey (free dress)
-Cookie Dough sales kick-off!

Friday, October 26

-Red Ribbon Theme:  "Drugs Make You Crazy" 
      Crazy Hair/Crazy Socks   (free dress)

-Cougar Coffee at 7:45am-8:30am  


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