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Anaheim Hills
5310 E. La Palma 
Anaheim Hills, 92807
Preschool-8th Grade
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Anaheim Hills Campus Newsletter
 The pink ladies!

Thank you Kristin and Marci!
  Denim 1
 Real men wear PINK!
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Boxes of Love!
We are kicking off our annual "Box of Love" Drive on Monday, October 12 to Friday, November 2.  Every year Fairmont Anaheim Hills Campus is the #1 school to support Canning Hunger in their effort to feed the hunger of Orange County.

This year, with help from generous people like you, we will collect and distribute "Boxes of Love" and putting them into the hands of thousands of hungry kids and their families here in Southern California. Each family will receive a traditional holiday meal of potatoes, rice, pinto beans, corn, green beans, soup, bread, fruit, juice, dessert and more.

"Box of Love" is an opportunity for you to help the hungry, homeless, widows and orphans. Your gift of a complete holiday meal for a family of 6-8 people is wrapped up in a simple cardboard box and will provide hope and warm to those that are in need. 

Denim Day--Pink and Denim Rule!
Denim Day was a wonderful success.  It was so amazing to see all the pink and red in the halls. Thank you so very much to fourth grade teacher, Marci Schafer and sixth grade parent, Kristin Davtyan for coordinating  this philanthropic effort. Over $2,500 has been raised--thank you to all our amazing students and parents for supporting Breast Cancer Research!

Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week will be starting on Monday, October 22 through Friday, October 26. The themes of the week will be:

Monday: Wear RED....all the RED you can wear!

Tuesday: "Let's put a cap on drugs"  wear cap or hat
(wear uniform)

Wednesday: "Smarties don't do drugs" everyone gets smarties!
Wear uniform - school picture re-take day

Thursday: "Stay in the game" wear a favorite team jersey or any sports jersey (free dress)

Friday: "Drugs make you crazy" crazy hair and crazy socks! free dress

School Picture Re-Take Day
Wednesday, October 24
Please remember to have your child wear their WHITE shirt
If you are having your child's school picture re-taken please send the original package back to school as your child will need to give it to the photographer to have a new photo taken. If your child was absent and you are having their picture taken for the first time, please make sure to send their payment/order envelope.  

Understanding Accelerated Math
Please join us on Thursday, November 1, 9:00am and 6:00pm to learn more about our Accelerated Math and Math Facts in a Flash program.

Parent Conference Month
It is our belief that a friendly and cooperative relationship between home and school is important to your child's growth and development. Because of this, we urge each of you to attend parent teacher conferences during the month of October.  These conferences will be held before and after school during the entire month. Some conferences will be scheduled on Friday, October 19th, our Parent Conference Day.   Please try to keep the scheduled appointment as it has been made with special consideration in mind. Please keep in mind that there is no school on October 19th. Child care will be provided only during your scheduled conference. Thank you.

Parking Lot
The FRONT parking lot is reserved for Pre-School parking only.
If your child is JK-8th grade please park in the EAST parking lot or use our drive-through pick-up and drop off.

Please slow down in the preschool parking lot and in the EAST parking lot. We know we are all in a hurry all the time but our children's safety is truly the most important. PLEASE SLOW DOWN.

Please hold your child's hand in the parking lot, quite often we see children running ahead of their parents as cars are driving in and out and backing up.

Book Fair
Fall is in the air and so is the BOOK FAIR!  We invite you to visit our Scholastic Book Fair and experience a celebration of reading that provides families the opportunity to get involved in a universal mission: encouraging kids to read every day so they can lead better lives.
Our Scholastic Book Fair theme this year is "All-Star: Every Reader is a Star!" This is part of an exciting reading event that brings to school a wonderful selection of fun, engaging, and affordable books kids want to read. Giving kids access to good books and the opportunity to choose their own books will motivate them to read more. And like most acquired skills, the more kids practice reading, the better they'll get.

Dates:  Friday, October 12-Thursday, October 18
Hours: 7:30am-8:30am 3:00pm-4:00pm
Special Extended Hours: Tuesday, October 16, 3:00pm-6:00pm
Pre-school Shopping Special Day  Friday, October 12, 12:00pm-12:30pm

If you would like to volunteer to work at the Book Fair, sign up outside the Library.

Cooler Weather Approaches
Please remember that ONLY True Grits outerwear is allowed. In this transition year, we will allow all previous Fairmont sweatshirts/coats as well as the new uniform sweaters/fleeces/coats. You can PRE-ORDER sweaters/fleeces and coats from True Grits and they will be delivered by October.

9th Annual College Fair at Fairmont Prep  
Mark your calendars! The 9th Annual College Fair at Fairmont Prep is coming up on Tuesday, October 16. Representatives from over 60 colleges and universities will be on campus to talk with parents and students about their schools. It's never too early to start thinking about college and learning more about the college admissions process. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity! While you're on campus, you can also stop by Fairmont Prep's Community Open House to tour the campus and learn more about the school. Click here to RSVP and see the full list of attending colleges.   

Feature Article  Feature

How To Maximize Your Parent/Teacher Conference

Few things make a parent beam with pride more than a glowing review from a teacher. We love to hear that our children are bright, hard-working and responsible, and, chances are, that's just what you'll hear at your upcoming parent/teacher conference. Keep in mind that it is also a valuable opportunity to dig a little deeper and find out areas where your child may need support.

In order to make the most of this experience, it helps to do your homework. Think ahead about any concerns you may have and be prepared to share them with your child's teacher in an open and non-threatening way. Share important details about your child that the teacher may not know and that could help maximize your child's success in the classroom. Take advantage of the teacher's unique perspective to get a well-rounded picture of how your child is doing socially and emotionally as well as academically.

Let these tips from Scholastic be your guide and you'll be on your way to a productive parent teacher conference.

Before the Teacher Conference
Start preparing early. Don't wait until the night before to get organized. Create a folder at the beginning of the year in which you store test scores, big homework assignments, and your notes (about things your child has told you or any other topics you want to address).
Talk to your child. Ask how he or she's doing in class, what's going on during lunchtime, recess, and when he or she goes to special classes like music or gym.

During the Teacher Conference

Arrive early. With only a few precious minutes to spend, you don't want to be late. It will shorten your time with your child's teacher and affect her day's entire schedule.

Enter with the right attitude. The goal of both the teacher and the parent should be the success of the student, but sometimes parents have a hard time discussing tough issues. Rather than put the teacher on the defensive, arrive with a compliment to start the conference off on the right foot. ("My son is really enjoying the unit on space" or "We had a great time on the field trip.") Then address any concerns in a respectful way.

Find out the communication protocol. Don't let this be the only time you talk to your child's teacher. Ask how he or she likes to communicate, whether it's by e-mail, notes passed through a folder, or phone calls.

After the Teacher Conference

Follow up. If the teacher brings something to your attention that needs to be addressed with your child, take steps to put the plan in motion, whether it's helping with organizational skills, getting extra help, or addressing a social issue.

Update your child. Start with the positive things his or her teacher had to say, then fill him or her in on any concerns you and the teacher discussed. Explain how you can all work together to ensure your child has a successful year.

Contributed by Danyelle

Scoreboard Score

tw fOOTBALL Schedule:
Monday, October 15
-Tri-Way Football/Volleyball at Oakridge  3:00pm
DSL Football/Volleyball at Oakridge  4:00pm

Tuesday, October 16
Tri-Way Football/Volleyball at Heritage Christian  3:15pm

Wednesday, October 17
Tri-Way Football vs Historic Anaheim Campus  3:00pm

Thursday, October 18
-DSL Football/Volleyball at McDowell  3:00pm

DSL Football/Volleyball Schedule 


DSL Volleyball: 

   Coach Marcus Arias


Tri-Way Volleyball:

   Coach Marcus Arias


DSL Football:

   Coach Wes Faust


Tri-Way Football:

   Coach Keegan Lewis


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Dates to Know Date
Monday, October 15Dates to Know
Book Fair starts  7:30am-8:30am and 3:00pm-4:00pm
Special Tuesday, October 16 hours  3:00pm-6:00pm 
-Boxes of Love Food Drive begins
-Tri-Way Football/Volleyball at Oakridge  3:00pm
-DSL Football/Volleyball at Oakridge  4:00pm

Tuesday, October 16
-Tri-Way Football/Volleyball at Heritage Christian 3:15pm

Wednesday, October 17
-Tri-Way Football  vs Historic Anaheim Campus  3:00pm  

Thursday, October 18
-DSL Football/Volleyball at McDowell  3:00pm

Friday, October 19

Parent Teacher Conference Day  



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