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We are happy to present you with the New York State Emergency Nurses Association's latest electronic newsletter. It's packed full of information and many opportunities for our members.  As always, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions!



It's Ground Hog Day in Upstate NY. This year Phil is predicting 6 more weeks of winter, not that unusual if you think about it. The delay in warmer weather's arrival just allows more time for introspection, a review of resolutions made January 1 and probably forgotten by January 3, and thoughts about the upcoming year. 2014 ENA President Deena Brecher urges us to find a commitment to each other and to work toward an environment which cultivates teamwork and patient safety. I ask that you examine your local chapter and see if there is the commitment from your members to work together to promote emergency nursing. If not, what can you, as a member at that local level, do that will encourage their participation and support? "Active membership" does not just mean paying your yearly dues and receiving JEN, but also attending chapter meetings, coming to council even if not a representative for your chapter, and actively supporting the activities at chapter and state level.


 My plans for the year include our use of electronic meetings which will allow many more of our members to participate at council meetings. Thus far we have only succeeded in blowing up several internet systems but I know Sue will persevere and there will be a successful webinar before the end of the year! As a council we will be working with national ENA to support the use of ENPC as the pediatric requirement for ED nurses in NYS. I look forward to starting a blog as soon as it can be set up; knowing I am in the 10th percentile for computer literacy may make this interesting, stay tuned for further updates.


 I know everyone will be glued to the big game today, not sure for whom to root, but know it will be an exciting game as everyone tries to stay warm and hang on to the ball. Both teams are already winners for just getting this far. Every ED shift is like a Superbowl game- some days you drop the ball, some days every patient is a touchdown. As long as we work together, support our "team", and don't kill the coach, our patients will be safe, we will be safe, and tomorrow is always another chance to win. See you in ROC in April!

State Bytes - What's Happening in Your Chapter?

This section lets you see what is happening with other New York chapters around the state. We ask each chapter to write a little something of what they are working on, any questions they may have for other chapters, and can post any events.

Genesee Valley Chapter #276


On a cold and snowy Saturday, January 25th in Binghamton NY, the Genesee Valley Chapter ENA was well represented at the quarterly New York State Emergency Nurses Association (NYSENA) council meeting.


Representatives for Genesee Valley Chapter were:

  • President - Dawn MacMullen  
  • Treasurer Elect - Sue Chalupa- Breese
  • Member - Current New York State President Ginny Hebda
  • Immediate Past President - Shari McDonald (NYSENA conference speaker 2015)
  • Secretary - Monica Seaman
  • Member - Wende Ryan (NYSENA conference vendor chair, conference chair 2015)
  • Members - Mary Mahler and Gwen Williams

Pre session on Friday, January 24th was attended by multiple members from around New York State


An overview of Robert's rule was given by Sue Chalupa Breese     


Strategic planning and brainstorming was led by Ginny Hebda, JoAnne Fadale, Mickey Forness, and (NYSENA) Immediate past President Kathy Conboy

- Submitted by Sue Chalupa Breese



Suffolk Chapter #038


On February 7th and 8th Suffolk county ENA held a 2-day CEN review course at John T Mather Memorial Hospital in Port Jefferson. A nominal fee was charged. Chapter members Maureen Chernosky and Marina Grennen coordinated the program, featuring instructors from the chapter: Phyllis, Elise,Cristy, Connie and Barbara. Thirty-five emergency nurses from Suffolk County, Nassau and the Bronx attended representing nine different hospitals.


CEN certification success within 3 months will be rewarded with a return of the conference fee.

We are looking forward to increasing the number of certified emergency nurses!!!



Tell us what's happening in your chapter!


The location will be at RIT Inn and Conference Center 5257 West Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY 14467 on Thursday / Friday - April 10th and 11th.2014 


Please make your hotel reservations using code ENA, for discounted rate $129.00 nightly (single or double occupancy) - phone number 585-359-1800   


Complimentary shuttle bus service to & from the airport-Rochester- as well as to & from any point of interest within a 5 mile radius of the hotel- there are many to choose from.  


All are welcome to attend the New York State Council on Saturday, April 12th at the RIT Inn and Conference Center!   


For more information, please visit website WWW.NYSENA.org

- 2014 Conference Chair Sue Chalupa Breese




Contact Dawn MacMullen enadawn@gmail.com
Or Tammy Ophardt 911rnsgt@gmail.com

Register Online at: RaceSignUp.com


Mar 5th - 9th     - Leadership Conference

                          Phoenix, AZ
                          Phoenix Convention Center


Apr 10th & 11th - Setting the Pace                        


                         Rochester, NY
                         RIT Inn & Conference Center

April 11th         - NYSENA Setting the Pace 5k run 
                         Rochester, NY                      

                         Monroe Community College


Apr 13th           - NYS Council Meeting 


                         Rochester, NY
                         RIT Inn & Conference Center

July 25th & 26th - NYSENA Council Meeting - Delegate Orientation
                           Binghamton, NY
                           Doubletree Hotel


Oct 8th & 11th   - ENA Annual Meeting/Conference

                          Indianapolis, IN 

                          Indiana Convention Center

Oct 24th & 25th - NYSENA Council Meeting - Election of Officers        
                          Middletown, NY

State Council meetings are open to all members. 

For council meeting info, contact our President at: 585-775-9088

Board Liaison Assignments for 2014

Any questions you wish to ask the Board, these are your liaisons:


President - Virginia Hebda: Western, Nassau/Queens, Mark Twain


President-Elect - Sandi Tetler: Manhattan Bronx, Lower Hudson  


Immediate Past President - Kathy Conboy:  Chatt, Central


Treasurer - Mary Ellen Jennison:  all chapter treasurer liaison


Secretary - Dan Dennison: Adirondack, Mohawk, Central


Director at Large - Jacquie Glendinning: Mid Hudson, Suffolk


Director at Large - Ivy Budai-Henry: Genesee, Brooklyn










NYSENA in Nashville



April 2013                     Mid Hudson                          Mohawk

August 2013                 Nassau/Queens                    So. Tier

October 2013                Suffolk                                 Western

January 2014                Brooklyn/Staten Island           Adirondack 

April 2014                     Central                                 Chatt

August 2014                 Genesee Valley                     Lower Hudson

October 2014                Manhattan/Bronx                   Mark Twain


Overview of the Proposed Nurse-Patient Staffing Mandate for New York State

By Daria Waszak, RN MSN COHN-S CEN


In the fast-paced emergency department (ED), RNs must be available for their patient's acute and critical needs, but that becomes a challenge with understaffing. According to the New York State Nursing Association (NYSNA), some emergency nurses are assigned over 10 patients each and up to 15-18 in some very busy hospitals. Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality studies show lower nurse to patient staffing levels have been associated with one or more adverse patient outcome, such as shock/cardiac arrest or failure to rescue (Stanton, 2004).

The Safe Staffing for Quality Act   


If approved, the Safe Staffing for Quality Act would amend public health law requiring acute care facilities in New York State to provide certain minimum nurse-patient staffing ratios by unit, for example: one to one for the ED, one to one for trauma emergency, and one to two for emergency critical care. It would also require facilities to provide plans and records of staffing. NYSNA issued a memo of support for the bill because it can "save lives, reduce adverse outcomes, reduce costs, and improve nurse retention" and explained it was supported by the NY Assembly, but is currently held up in the Senate.   


If you would like to help support the Safe Staffing for Quality Act, join NYSNA for their Lobby Day event in Albany on March 26. For more information, go to www.nysna.org

Click Here to read the entire article in the NYSENA News Archive 




Please submit any suggestions or articles to: 

Dawn MacMullen at  enadawn@gmail.com 

Or NYSCENA.Newsletter@gmail.com

2014 New York State Officers

President - Ginny Hebda, Genesee Valley President@nysena.org 


President Elect - Sandi Tetler Lower Hudson PresidentElect@nysena.org 


Secretary - Dan Dennison, Central Secretary@nysena.org 


Treasurer - Mary Ellen Jennison, Southern Tier Treasurer@nysena.org 


Immediate Past President - Kathleen Conboy, Southern Tier ImmediatePastPresident@nysena.org 


Director at Large - Ivy Budai-Henry Board1@nysena.org 


Director at Large - Jacquie Glendinning, Chatt Board2@nysena.org  


Thank you for spending some time with us today.