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We are happy to present you with the New York State Emergency Nurses Association's latest electronic newsletter. It's packed full of information and many opportunities for our members.  As always, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions!




Wow, has summer really flown by!!

I hope you all had time for family and fun.


Congratulations to our 38 delegates and 1 alternate who will be attending the annual meeting in Nashville Tennessee!


NYSENA has been busy as well.

  • We are going to be testing our virtual meeting system in October (this is still a mandatory meeting for all 2014 chapter and state officers as we transition and install new officers)
  • We will continue to monitor and fact find about the patient safety initiatives introduced in the legislature this year.
  • We are moving ahead with our networking plan for our campaign against violence in our emergency departments
  • We are working to increase TNCC and ENPC instructors to meet the new requirements for trauma designated hospitals in New York State.
  • We are planning for Setting the Pace 2014 in Rochester, New York in April with an increased number of lectures and pre sessions for you to choose from.

  • Our delegates will vote on line before our meeting for officers for 2014.
  • We will be actively outreaching to corporations in NYS to help us reach our goal of $100,000 for the 9/11 Scholarship.
  • And we seem to be always looking at our procedures and policies and Web site for better service and support to our members.

I have mentioned these topics, but there are other activities as well - all carried out by our committees. I have challenged the various committee chairs to schedule an online meeting sometime before October. Look to our web site as we will open these meetings to members once you have contacted the chairperson.


My goals for NYSENA this year were to increase participation and decrease the workload of our council. It is a work in progress. Please let me know your ideas and needs. We are going to spend some time in October on strategic planning, as we hope to prepare and position NYSENA for the future!!!

Sincerely your 2013 President,

Kathy Conboy RN, BS, CEN   

Genesee Valley Chapter Member Receives A Very Special Award   

The MLREMS Council Awards were presented at the Monroe-Livingston EMS Day in the Park. This was an opportunity to recognize the very special talents of EMS providers and the contributions they have made to the improvement of prehospital care in the Monroe-Livingston Region. Thank you to our providers who go above and beyond to truly make a difference in our community - we appreciate you!

Registered Professional Nurse of Excellence - Dawn MacMullen, RN CEN

"Dawn has given advice and received it, while maintaining the "we work together" for the care and safety of the patient with the EMS community. Dawn's compassion and passion about emergency nursing and pre hospital care is infectious to all who come in contact with her. Dawn continues to strive for the patient/EMS/Nurse triangle of care and to ensue whoever comes her way, she gives back to the EMS community."



ENA Genesee Valley Chapter members help Dawn celebrate her award.

(Pictured L-R)Gwen Williams, Ginny Hebda, Dawn MacMullen, Sue Chalupa Breese, Tammy Ophardt


Submitted by Sue Chalupa Breese


What's Happening in Your Chapter?

This will be a new section in each newsletter to see what is happening with other New York chapters around the state. We are going to ask each chapter to write a little something of what they are working on, any questions they may have for other chapters, and can post any events. Only a small paragraph or 2 will be required. If you have anything you would like to post to Facebook, please include it.




Genesee Valley Chapter:


Tammy A. Ophardt, Secretary: The Genesee Valley Chapter is getting excited to hosting the site of the "2014 Setting the Pace Conference" in Rochester, NY. We used our 2 summer meetings off from regular meetings to have meetings just for 2014 Setting the Pace. Things we are throwing around for ideas are having a carnival-like Welcome to Rochester party with Cow Patty Bingo, game booths, and country music. We are also thinking of hosting a 5K race to support the 9/11 Foundation. We are getting information also for local attractions in the area for out-of-town visitors.


GVNA just held a class for new ENPC and TNCC instructors and we hope to get them teaching soon!


Suffolk Chapter:


Phyllis Parker: Had a great chapter meeting in Southampton on August 13th with Dr. Wiggins presenting "Doorway Diagnosis".


Tell us what is happening for your chapter!

Save $10 -- Save $10 -- Save $10   

By Jacquie Glendinning

How would you like to save your members $10!!


ENA offers a group discount, you can choose from 2 different options. It is easy!! Just obtain 5 new or a combination of 10 new/renewals, obtain an authorization letter from Lisa Sparacio, Member Liaison, mail your new/renewals along with each individual check to ENA 915 Lee St. Des Plaines, IL 60016 Attention: Lisa Sparacio, INCLUDE the authorization letter with applications. Group membership applications MUST be submitted together and all checks must be attached to the proper application before mailing.


You can contact Lisa via email at lsparacio@ena.org or by calling 1-800-900-9659, Ext. 4012.


Also, all renewals don't have to be from the same chapter, you can contact other chapters in an attempt to get to your 10 renewals or 5 new applications. How cool is that!!

Nurse Perceptions of Care in the ED - Just a thought . . .    

By Tammy A. Davis, RN, BSN, CEN, CCRN


I was out with my nurse friends the other night and we all have different work experiences from small EDs to large volume EDs in different areas of NYS. The conversation led to our perceptions of patient care safety in the ED's. I tried to look up some research articles on the subject and all I could find was patient perceptions of care.


How safe do you think your ED is for patient care? Do you have enough staffing? Are you often overwhelmed with too many patients even for adequate staffing for the rooms? What do you feel about patient care in your ED from a nurse perspective?


One example of a staffing concern was an ED with only 2 nurses, having 27 beds full, and still being open for trauma. Another concern was hallways being filled with patients and not enough staff to help those patients in addition to the patients in the rooms. What can we as nurses do for our patients when there are too many patients to be cared for adequately by the staff that is available? I remember back in nursing school when our instructors told us that if an assignment is too much for us to handle, we need to make it known because the staffing level is unsafe for the patients. I am sure many of us have gone to our charge nurses or managers and said something. To look at things from a manager perspective, there is usually an issue of finances and the inability of being able to afford additional nursing staff or patient techs due to budget constraints. When mangers, "send up a flare" to administration for help, many times there is not enough extra staff in the hospital, to come to assist nurses/patients in the ED, when there is absolute chaos to lend a hand. Can we refuse patients added to our assignment like I was taught in school, usually not! As nurses, we care about the welfare and needs of our patients; we are concerned when we feel we cannot deliver the quality of care that our patients need.


How can we resolve this perception? Is there a remedy? I know I don't have the answer to this question; maybe some of you do. What do I do? I plug along and handle one patient at a time and take care of crises when they arise. I am one person. Do I feel pulled to the end of my rope some days? Sure. Do I do what I can for my patients? Yes. I advocate the best that I can with patient care and getting care for the patients I am unable to care for if I am busy.


What do you think about your ED? What perceptions do you have? Post your ideas on our  NYSENA Facebook page

Assault in the 2nd Degree...Nurses continue to be assaulted while working...  

The"2009 Emergency Department Violence Survey" conducted by the Emergency Nurses Association collected data on violent incidences on emergency nurses across the nation. It found that physical violence and verbal abuse rates were as high as 54% but that 64-87% of assaulted nurses did NOT file a report. Reasons given for not reporting included fear, lack of support from hospital administration, as well as lack of support from law enforcement. When physical assaults had been reported, 23% of assailants were only given a written warning and in 44% of the cases, no action was taken whatsoever. Only a small percent of ER violence is ever prosecuted.


NYS Penal Code 120.05 part 3 defines assault on police and fire officials, and now, nurses as well, as a class D felony punishable by a sentence of 2 1/3 to 7 years in prison. The crimes were previously charged as misdemeanors, but the Governor and state legislature, recognizing an increase in assaults against nurses, instituted the changes in hopes of reducing such assaults. Unfortunately, nurses continue to be assaulted while caring for their patients. Violence in the ER not only disrupts care of patients, but endangers them as well as the medical staff and those around them.


In August of 2010, 2nd degree assault laws, previously covering law enforcement and firefighters performing their duties, were changed to include registered nurses and licensed practical nurse to the occupations protected under the law. The change in the law recognized the severity of violence against nurses. Despite this change, assaults on nurses continue with low report and arrest numbers creating difficulties with prosecution. One factor may be a lack of awareness of the changes in law. Better awareness of these changes by law enforcement and awareness of the difficulties ER nurses face will improve enforcement and thus decrease occurrences of violence in the ER.


Click here to

 NYS Council ENA Meeting Agenda October 18 &19, 2013



1300-1700  Orientation (Mandatory for all 2014 Presidents and Treasurers)

                                  Strategic Planning


            0700-0800       Coffee/ Chapter Meetings

            0800-0930       Professional Issues and Practice

                                  Professional Education and Development


            0940-1030       Communication

                                  Membership and Fund Development


            1045-1215       Call to Order

                                  Establish Quorum

                                  Approve Minutes

                                  Officer/ Board Reports

                                  National Liaisons

            1215-1315       Lunch & Installation of Officers

            1315-1430       Committee reports

                                     (Typed report submitted via e-mail within 1 week)

            1430-1445       Old Business

            1445-1500       New Business

            1500-              Privilege of the floor


General Assembly Dress Code



What to wear for General Assembly

Day One:

Tan Bottoms & Navy Blue Shirt

Day Two:

Black Bottoms & French Blue Shirt


2013 NYSCENA Commitee Chairs   


Professional Issues & Practices                      Deb Taylor (Coordinator) ProfessionalIssuesPractice@nysena.org

EMS Liaison 
                                                  Coleen Vesely

Injury Prevention                                            Judy Jax

Prof. Development, Education & Research    Sue Breese (Coordinator) ProfessionalDevelopment@nysena.org

Conference                                                     Sue Breese

TNCC Chair                                                     Mary Ann Teeter

ENPC Chair                                                     Joanne Fadale

Communication                                              Dawn Mac Mullen

Membership & Fund Development                 Mickey Forness

Awards                                                           Ginny Hebda

Nominations                                                   Audrey Sealey


Sept 17th - 21th - ENA Annual Meeting/Conference

                          Nashville, TN
                          Gaylord Opryland Convention Center

                          General Assembly - September 17-19

                          Educational Sessions & exhibits 19-21 


Oct 18th & 19th - NYSENA Council Meeting

                          Election of Officers  




Mar 5th - 9th     - Leadership Conference

                          Phoenix, AZ
                          Phoenix Convention Center


Apr 10th & 11th - Setting the Pace
                         Rochester, NY
                         RIT Inn & Conference Center

Apr 13th           - NYS Council Meeting
                         Rochester, NY
                         RIT Inn & Conference Center


Oct 7th & 11th   - Annual Cinference

                          Indianapolis, IN 

                          Indiana Convention Center


Please submit any suggestions or articles to: 

Dawn MacMullen at  enadawn@gmail.com 

Or NYSCENA.Newsletter@gmail.com

2013 New York State Officers


President - Kathleen Conboy, Southern Tier  President@nysena.org  


President Elect - Ginny Hebda, Genesee Valley  PresidentElect@nysena.org

Secretary - Sandi Tetler, Lower Hudson 


Treasurer -  Mary Ellen Jennison, Southern Tier  Treasurer@nysena.org     


Immediate Past President - Audrey Sealey Brooklyn-Staten Island  ImmediatePastPresident@nysena.org    


Director at Large - Sue Chalupa-Breese, Genesee Valley  Board1@nysena.org 

Director at Large - Jacquie Glendinning, Chatt  Board2@nysena.org


Thank you for spending some time with us today.