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We are happy to present you with the New York State Emergency Nurses Association's latest electronic newsletter. It's packed full of information and many opportunities for our members.  As always, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions!



What a beginning to 2013 we had at the first council meeting in Binghamton!!! Chapter leaders and representatives from all 14 chapters -both experienced and those who are brand new to the council- participated in a spirited orientation session and meeting. Despite flu and excessive numbers of boarded patients in our work environments, those who came learned and shared and planned for a busy 2013.

As I have mentioned in the past, my goal is to make the organizational requirements for our council and chapters as easy as possible, so we may devote time to topics like violence, over capacity, core measures, nursing education, disaster planning, health care reform, and other issues that are affecting our daily practice. The chairs of our committees have much to accomplish this year.

Communication is the key!!! We are updating and enhancing our web site so you may access information and participate with our various committees who will begin meeting via conference calls in between out quarterly meetings. Audio and virtual meeting technology is also in the plan for this year.

I urge you to look to our web site and National ENA's site, for free CEs, Advocacy information, TNCC and ENPC course schedules, and the national meeting in Nashville. Did you know that members of ENA can participate in over 20 active list serves including educators, trauma, disaster, and managers? As an educator I can't tell you how valuable that information and those contacts are.

I plan to see you all at Setting the Pace 2013 in Tarrytown, April 11-13.

Sincerely your 2013 President,

Kathy Conboy RN, BS, CEN   

Setting the Pace 2013  

We are so pleased with our schedule and speakers for this year, based on your input and needs from last year's evaluations. And we have brought some fun and challenging speakers to deliver the message!!

If you have not visited the web site, I urge you to do it now. You can check the brochure, register on line, and link right to the hotel for your reservations. Remember the discount ends March 7, 2013.

Tarrytown is a new site for us and has lots to offer locally with its shops and restaurants. It also provides an opportunity for a quick train ride to the city to do some shopping or see a show. Our local members can help you explore all your options. The Doubletree by Hilton provides us the opportunity for more space, some great times at the opening and closing receptions, and easy on/off from the bridge!!

I hope you will share your time with us, to network, to discuss issues, to make new friends, listen to speakers and topics you have not heard in the past, and just relax and have fun

Jill McLaughlin



Our new name!  A very special thank to Sandi Tetler.

Sandi won the "Naming of the Newsletter" contest and a free registration to this years conference!

Remembering Our Roots...

Our roots are now buried but the root system of the Emergency Nurses Association set by the main stems Judith C. Kelleher, MSN, RN, FAEN and Anita Dorr, RN, FAEN are strong and healthy. 

January 24, 2013 was a sad day for the ENA and its members.  It was the day we lost the remaining main stem of the organization, Judy Kelleher.  Anita Dorr preceded her in death in 1972.

Roots absorb and transport vital elements from the soil to the tree.  These two women (our roots) shared a vision to have emergency nurses learn and grow. They wanted education, publications, meetings, conferences and networking.   At the time of their endeavors Emergency Nursing was not thought of as a specialty or respected as such.

Since the late 1960's, Judy began to develop the Emergency Department Nurses Association (EDNA).  It was organized when she was head nurse from Downey Community Hospital Emergency Department in Downey, CA.

At the same time, an Emergency Room Supervisor at the E. J. Meyer Memorial Hospital in Buffalo NY, Anita was forming the Emergency Room Nurses Organization (ERNO).  After much discussion, EDNA became the original chartered name of our organization in 1970.  Ms. Kelleher fought hard for this name. "I insisted on the emergency department.  I wanted us to have equal status with every other hospital department. I was tired of us being a stepchild of the hospital.  In 1985, EDNA became the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) which now encompasses all aspects of emergency care. 

We should feel very privileged in New York.  We have the honor of Anita Dorr beginning the national organization in the state of New York and the admiration of Judy's mentor ship for the forty years we lost Anita.  In writing this tribute I was trying to come up with a word that would describe Judy.  The word that is repeated over and over in my mind was a one that she used for the 42 years I knew her.  PROUD, Proud was her word and proud we should be that she had the vision and courage to have our organization become such a driving force in emergency care.

At every encounter with Judy, in person, on the phone, or filming a video she expressed her feelings of how proud she was of all the emergency nurses, the accomplishments they made and the growth and development of the organization.  Even if she did not know you personally she would tell you how proud she was of you becoming an emergency nurse and caring about your patients.  Her light hearted personality also allowed a joke or two and a good laugh.  Emergency nursing is very stressful, she would say and her humor helped heal that.

It is difficult to imagine how high the ENA tree has climbed and the size her heart grew.  She watched the development of our Journal of Emergency Nursing, the Annual Assembly, and the Certifications, Education courses, Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC), Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC) and many other endeavors of the Association.

As with a tree it is important to keep the portion above ground healthy to ensure an adequate food supply for the roots to continue their important functions.  Judy's support and encouragement kept our supply of   the development tools to grow and become the best in Emergency Nursing we can be.

The ENA's root system is strong, well developed, healthy and growing.  Be PROUD that you are part of ENA.  Judy and Anita started as the roots but I am sure that now they are the sun that will continue to help us grow.

Submitted by Joanne Fadale, RN, BSN, FAEN 


Suffolk County Chapter Holds TNCC Course for the Off Shift

Our members spoke out, so we listened and responded! Working the off shifts can make attending continuing education events a challenge. The nurse may have to take off an additional day in order to attend a class being held during regular hours. The Suffolk ENA chapter recognized that many nurses who are seeking TNCC certification are less inclined to do so because they work the off shifts, and scheduling plays a role in attending this two day course which is always offered during the day. Our answer, a night time TNCC class!

The Suffolk Chapter held it's very first off shift course on January 2nd and 7th, 2013 at Good Samaritan Hospital. The class schedule was 5pm to 2am, and was well attended by 15 nurses who were thrilled to be accommodated with this time frame. The feedback from attendees was excellent!

The TNCC Course is highly supported and promoted by the Suffolk chapter. We want to provide multiple opportunities throughout the year for emergency nurses to become certified. Based on the success of this off shift course, we now have a new option for even more nurses to do just that.


Emergency Nursing Advocacy Intensive Workshop

On January 11 and 12 2013, representatives from 32 states met for the first Emergency Nursing Advocacy Intensive Workshop. With many issues effecting emergency nursing, we must all become more aware of ways we can influence public policy and work to change or improve current legislature. Representing NYS ENA were Sandi Tetler, current secretary, Virginia Hebda president-elect, Martha Reid and Adeline Otero who are mentoring to be members of the government issues committee at the state level. After the Board meeting on Thursday afternoon, all attendees were invited to tour National headquarters, enjoy refreshments and speak personally to the board.

For the next two days we listened and met with experts who explained the process of making laws, at both the state and national level, and how each ENA member could work locally to influence this process.  Joann Lazarus, current national ENA president, used the term "advocatism", the process of advocating for our patients, which we do every day.   She urged that we also remember that advocacy is not merely influencing policy, but reminding others of our importance in the care of our patients by our attitude, our image in public and our behaviors among our peers. Nurses are the voice of the patient, for the patient. She also stressed that nothing should be written about us, without our input.

We were all pleased to receive information from many National ENA leaders- Lisa Wolf, director for ENA nursing research, Deena Brecher, national president-elect, Susan Hohenhaus, current Executive Director and Richard Mereau our new ENA Chief Advocacy Officer who will be representing the association in Washington.

ENA Public Policy statements include:

  • A safe emergency care environment
  • Directing Emergency Nursing scope of practice
  • Timely access to care

We were all urged to begin at the local level. Know who represents you at the state and national level. Learn their views on issues, know to which committees they belong, communicate with them by phone or email, and ask to meet with them in their local office. Let them know what our concerns are, offer to answer questions about health care, and most of all, do your homework; nothing speaks louder than correct data. Attend town hall meetings and ask questions. Be polite but be persistent. If you are unsure to which district you belong, the ENA website has an area under Government Affairs, Legislative Action Center to put in your zip code and it will list both state and national legislators.

It is difficult to put two days information in a short article; I think the most telling portion was an around-the-room canvass of attendees about what are the concerns in their state. None of us heard anything new: violence in the ED, mental health care, EMS regulations for volunteers, street drugs, texting and driving, difficult to get offenders prosecuted, moderate sedation issues. We are all working on the same concerns and are making a difference in how emergency care is given in the US.

May 14 and 15 2013 will be Legislative Days in Washington DC. If you are unable to attend this year, we urge you to become active at your local level, advocating for your patients and your practice. Remember, Polite Persistence!

Virginia Hebda 

2013 NYSCENA Commitee Chairs/Chair Elect  

Chair                                                            Chair Elect

Professional Issues & Practices                      Deb Taylor (Coordinator)

EMS Liaison                                                   Coleen Vesely

Injury Prevention                                            Judy Jax

Government Affairs                                        Adaline Otero

Prof. Development, Education & Research    Sue Breese (Coordinator)

Conference                                                     Jill McLaughlin

TNCC Chair                                                     Mary Ann Teeter

ENPC Chair                                                     Joanne Fadale

Communication                                              Dawn Mac Mullen

Membership & Fund Development                 Mickey Forness

Awards                                                           Ginny Hebda

Nominations                                                   Audrey Sealey


Feb 27th - Mar 3rd - ENA Leadership Meeting

                              Ft. Lauderdale, FL


April 11th - 13th - NYSENA Setting the Pace Conference                      

                          NYSENA Council Meeting         

                          Doubletree Hotel - Tarrytown, NY


July 26th - 27th -  NYSENA Council Meeting

                          Delegate Orientation 

                          Rochester, NY                         


Sept 17th - 21th - ENA Annual Meeting/Conference

                           Nashville, Tn


Oct 18th & 19th - NYSENA Council Meeting

                          Election of Officers  



 From the NYS Council Emergency Nurses Association  

It is once again time to look to your peers to find someone deserving of recognition for all that they do for ENA and/or their department! It may be education, EMS, or a special project they have worked on, send nominations to me by March 15 at  awards@nysena.org Winners will be announced at the Friday Luncheon in Tarrytown.

The awards are:


Recognizes an ENA member who has demonstrated excellence in the education of nurses or others in the area of emergency nursing.


Presented to an individual who has demonstrated commitment to NYSCENA and helps to promote the ideas of emergency nursing through various special projects.


Presented to an emergency nurse who is recognized by his/her peers for consistently being knowledgeable in emergency nursing and for presenting him/herself as a caring professional individual, reflecting the integrity and commitment of the woman in whose memory the award is given...the co-founder of ENA, Anita Dorr.


This award is given to an ENA member who promotes collaboration between prehospital care providers and ENA through various activities and projects.


Recognizes a NYSENA member of less than 4 years who has made a significant contribution or commitment to a chapter or the NYSENA council. One letter of support must be from a chapter president or member of the NYSENA council.

Sometimes we don't realize how much of a difference that nurse who works next to you really makes; Now is your opportunity to let him or her know that they are appreciated for what they do.

Remember, the deadline is March 15. Ginnie



Annual Basket Raffle!    

Once again it's that time of year to plan what donations each chapter will bring to the basket raffle at our annual Setting the Pace conference to be held in Tarrytown April 11 and 12.

We have had many exciting items in the past such as, a flat screen tv, a 3 year ENA membership, Ipod, and tickets to a Broadway play. This raffle supports part of our donation to the Emergency Nurses Foundation to sponsor our 9/11 scholarship. All items donated by chapters and members will be on display in the vendor area during the conference.  

We look forward to the fun and excitement the raffle brings to all. See you at the conference and enjoy this great event.
2013 New York State Officers


President - Kathleen Conboy, Southern kconboy@verizon.net   


President Elect - Ginny Hebda, Lower Hudson


Secretary - Sandi Tetler, Lower Hudson  enasandi@tetler.net  


Treasurer -  Mary Ellen Jennison, Southern Tier MaryEllenJennison@uhs.org    


Immediate Past President - Audrey Sealey


Director at Large - Sue Chalupa-Breese, Genesee Valley sbreese@rochester.rr.com     



Thank you for spending some time with us today.