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Volume 8 Number 07, May 23 2014
Giving credit where credit is due
"I think your sun is not working" comments Martha from Zimbabwe.  Martha and 15 other women from Africa and Asia have just completed their first week in the CCA Women's Mentorship Program (WMP) in Ottawa.  Although the Ottawa Spring weather has not been impressive, the first week of this unique professional development experience has.  
"It was a big eye opener for me, that Africa has these same problems and I have learned from their challenges" commented Noemi Tomas from the Philippines, adding, "I feel lucky, I'm learning a lot from them."     
This year's participants have already identified that it really is a small world. Victoria from Ghana leads the ladies through a rendition of the song (which happens to be the Ghanaian credit union anthem) as she explains it's about us all being here from different countries and how the credit union movement brings us together and has made the world smaller.
For over 12 years the Women's Mentorship Program has been offering women credit union managers from Africa and Asia this valuable career training opportunity.  This year the program is a little different, in Canada there are 16 women from 8 countries participating but also in Mongolia there are 12 women taking part in a satellite program at the same time.  Both programs include valuable lessons and the participants come with high expectations about what they will learn and the skills they will return to their credit unions with.  For the Canadian based program this includes both in classroom learning and placements with many credit unions across Canada.  


Our valuable credit union hosts are listed below so make sure you say hello if you come across a WMP participant in any of these credit unions next week: 


CCEC Credit Union - BC  


First West Credit Union - BC  

Interior Savings - BC  


Vancity - BC

G & F Financial Group - BC


Conexus - SK  

Pierceland Credit Union - SK


Foam Lake Credit Union  - SK

Cornerstone Credit Union - SK


Bruno Savings & Credit Union - SK

Lafleche Credit Union - SK


Rosenort Credit Union - MB

Sunrise Credit Union - MB


Steinbach Credit Union - MB

Copperfin Credit Union - ON


Motorcity Community Credit Union - ON

Valley Credit Union - NS  


Bergengren Credit Union - NS

Credit Union Atlantic - NS

CCA WMP Class 2014

Follow the participants journey in Canada and watch a group rendition of "It's a Small World" on CCA's website
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The Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF) has made it easy for you to show your support for this invaluable program.  By partnering with Aeroplan, the Beyond Miles campaign enables anyone to donate Aeroplan travel miles to the program.  These miles will be used to help cover the cost of flights to Canada and to credit unions within Canada.


For more information or to donate miles visit us here.

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